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Want to talk about losing weight? Certain diet that you want information on or just want to chat general weightloss then this is the place!


Grub, glorious grub. If you've got something food-related stick it here - whether it's a recipe, #healthyfoodporn or a question about what to eat for lunch.

MvF Football

A 14 week league for men who want to lose weight. 98% of players succeed - JOIN NOW


Everything fitness, gym, sports, workouts.

Off Topic

What The Fudge? This is the place for anything off-topic - rants, shouts, incomprehensible news and anything that makes you slap your forehead with disbelief.


MVFIA - is MAN v FAT's Online Programme. It is a completely free, 30 day programme where you are put into private group on this forum with 9 other guys who want to lose weight.