10 hour football marathon

Hi all,

I joined Man V Fat in January as I wanted to lose some weight before I competed in a 10 hour Football Marathon on 24th March. I have lost a total of 11lb / 5kg in this period and my match fitness is getting better by the week.

Joining the lads at Portway Oldbury has really given me the determination to carry on the fight against fat beyond the football marathon.

If you guys can spare a couple of quid towards this fantastic cause I would really appreciate it.


Thank you in advance
Steve Leonard

Hi there,

Love the thought of this and I wish you all the best of luck.

How would it sound if we were to feature your story in the weekly news round piece?

That would be fantastic. I am trying to raise as much sponsorship for a fantastic cause!

Great news - could you drop amos@manvfat.com an email please.