10% lost in 9 weeks - feeling great!


I have been overweight for the past 10 years (since a serious football related knee injury) and have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight whilst actually gaining year on year. I went from 13 Stone to over 23 Stone.

I heard about Man vs Fat on the radio on my commute to work and it sounded like something that might actually work for me so I signed up more out of hope than expectation.

9 weeks later I have lost over 17kg and made my 10% last night. I have gone down 4 trouser sizes and my waist is 17cm smaller! I am amazed by how easily it has happened. Thank you to all my team mates, work colleagues, friends and family who have supported me so far.

Here’s to the next 10%. I still have a very long way to go!

Good luck to those beginning their journeys. Get through the hard days and keep talking to people. It is definitely worth it. I love the constant question ‘have you lost weight?’ My 7 year old autistic son said today. ‘I’m pleased you have lost weight daddy. It means you won’t die and I can cuddle you easier!’ I can’t put it any better myself.


Those last couple of lines of that bought a lump to my throat.

Keep fighting the good fight, great work :+1::+1:


That is a victory worth celebrating, well done :+1:


And that, in a nutshell is what I keep trying to tell people.
Losing weight IS easy, if people actually try.

Well done & I am already convinced that your next 10% will come just as easily.


Bloody onions.

Great work mate and regardless of how far you’ve got to go, be proud of your achievements at this point. You can look at the rest of the journey with excitement - you know you can do it, think of how wonderful hitting that finish line will be.


Well done. I am starting this journey (again), so I am pleased to hear your success story. Great that your son shows he cares too. :slight_smile:


I love hearing every one of these stories and I was another one that felt like the hay fever really got to my eyes this morning!!!

Fantastic work and keep it going - it is a long journey (I am over half way there myself having lost 7 stone with MvF Luton) but it is a fun journey and with all the positive comments you will be getting from people about your weight loss, it will be a breeze - ENJOY!!


Amazing work well done


Thanks for all the encouragement. Still lots of effort ahead but ManvFat has given me the kick start I needed. These photos tell the story so far (9 weeks apart!)


1 week of season 1 left. I’ve lost over 3 Stone now and am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years! Bring on season 2!


@atb88 saw this link pop up and thought of you.
10% in 9👍🏻


Now 9 weeks into season 2 and over 5 stone in total lost. I have now lost weight for 25 consecutive weeks and feel great! I am on track to hit 25% total loss within the next couple of weeks.
I can safely say ManVFat has saved my life! Keep at it everyone. It is worth every ounce of effort!


This is amazing, cheers @Greenballs.

Loving this, @NJR, I too have just hit my 10% in week 9. Your continued success is truly inspiring! Keep up the great work and please keep us all updated.


@atb88 congratulations! That’s a fabulous start. Keep up the effort. It is totally worth it. You’ll feel like a new man in next to no time I’m sure!


I hit my 10% in week 106😂


Pictures from week 0 and week 25! 4xl Jacamo shirt to XL Asda one!