100 miles and 100lbs

Well here’s the victory post. Yesterday I completed the Velo Birmingham. A 100 mile ride on closed roads along with 15000 other riders. It also coincides with a 100 lbs weight loss since I started with MANvFAT back in January 2016.

Overall I’m really happy to have got round and enjoyed the experience. I got round in 7 hours 44 mins and did the first 80 miles without too many problems. I then struggled somewhat, largely down to nutrition issues. Had to sit down at mile 88 for about 20 minutes. After a toilet and water break I improved and gradually got back into the rhythm. But for a while there I thought I might have to give up.

Great atmosphere on the day with the riders and particularly from the crowds of people lining the streets. The numbers on our bikes also had our first names on so lots of people cheering and shouting ours names too. Lots of high fives to kids along the route as well.

A big thank you to those if you who have sponsored me. Quite touching to see people sponsor me when I’ve never actually met you. Some money still coming in but its looking to be about £1000 raised for the Alzheimer’s Society.

A big thank you to all the people who’ve been in MVFIA teams with me. Your support has really made a difference. I still have another 50+lbs to go so I look forward to encountering you again over the next 12 months. @JUMPY @CABLE @PIXEL @BLUES @ANGLE @AZWAD @DELPH @SMART @GROSS

To anyone who’s new to the Manvfat forum. I’m no special case. I’ve been overweight all my life. If I can loose weight and get fit, then you can too.

The most flattering photo below. Won’t dare show any of the others. I’m obviously the fat bloke in black and orange.



In no way shape or form are you a “fat bloke”. You are, to put it simply, inspiration. To people of your age and younger as well. Congratulations, mate!


Bravo, that takes real heart to get to that point and push through, I salute you Sir and raising £1k for the AS is superb. Well done.

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Brilliant work :tophat:

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Phenomenal work bud! Sure hope to see you in group soon!

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