10lb by Easter challenge week 1


6 and half week challenge to lose 10lb ending on good Friday These challenges run the same way as groups and are open to everyone. I’ll have a weigh in thread and we will start a new posh every week on the Tuesday.

Good luck all.

New challenge lose 10 by easter
In the beginning
Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1
Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 9

So is this our week one thread? Im starting off at 291 pounds, down two stone for the year so far, looking to get to 40 pounds down by Easter!


Week one. Starting off at 271.4lb. Easily my lowest for years and I want to be as close to the 260 as I can. Unfortunately I have big plans this month starting with a session this week. First in a long time. Date night :+1:t2: Then paddy’s day weekend and then end of month. This won’t be easy but we’ll see


Starting off at 260 hoping to break that 250 barrier. Date night Friday so will be planning around that this week. I get to choose the restaurant so will be looking at something not too bad. Still no mvf in my area and a long way off so will be hitting the pool and skipping rope


Hey all !
So I start at 271.8 lbs . ( yes I’ll work in old money terms for you guys in the old country )
To get to my goal at 1 June of 242.5 lbs I need to be at 253.5 lbs by Easter so that’s 18.3 lbs . Ooooer !
Rock On !


My tip for coping with restaurants is to look at the menu beforehand online (say right after you’ve had lunch) and pick something healthy to have. Its much easier to stick to that than picking at the restaurant when youre hungry.


Cheers for the advice. I’m going to make sure I do that for sure


I’m in for this one, and conveniently had a weekly weigh in today on one of the MVFIA groups, so can coincide the two. Start weight is 313.2lbs.


Something to keep track lads


Starting off at 337.75lbs! I probably won’t forget to track, but if I do, ignore it please. I’m half in, half out. :joy:


That’s what she said :wink:


Its not going to be the best first day, probably will end up around 2400 after protein shake, cup cake, bread roll and pancakes this eve. Will hit 1600 tomorrow to make up for it.


I had pancakes and ended at 1300 then decided I’d have a bottle of wine and 2 bottles of beer. You’ll be grand


Evening, fellas. Knackered after a good run around at football tonight. Snacked after the game which I didn’t need to do, but it’s all good.

B: 2 veggie sausages and beans.
L: Soup.
D: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, 2 protein energy bars, banana.
S: Chocolate scotch egg, 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, crisps, apple and peanut butter.
E: Man v Fat football (18k steps).
W: Over 4 litres.

If you’re knocking about Waitrose any time soon, Heston Blumenthal’s chocolate scotch egg is to die for - cheers for hooking me up, @Doug7923! Aiming for a big loss next week to hit 10% at football… fingers crossed!

Hope you’re all good!


@JPLANT Great weight loss. I’m 7lbs behind you and our goals and weights seem similar - 40lbs by Easter total weight loss is my goal too. Dont let me catch you up…


I’m in. The accountability on the Pancake Day Challenge was a great motivator. I’ll be working hard for this next 10lbs. I’ve switched up my diet a little after reading up on IF and getting some pointers from @Zero4 . I’m on 16/8 IF programme. I eat a healthy lunch at noon and then a good dinner at 19:30 ish. Then nothing but tea, coffee and water for the next 18 hours. I’ve just done it this week for 4 days and the results have been great. I’m finding abstention from food pretty straight forward during the morning. I’ll do 16/8 for this challenge and then try and push to 18/6 and then 19/5. 10lbs by Easter and then a further 20 by end June to make 60lbs loss for the year. I’ll keep breaking these goals down into smaller targets - next one is to get below 290lbs.


Hey @Bubba1966 !!! Tell me you’re 190cm ?. Have waited awhile to find someone same age and build as me . The kids in their 30’s here I can relate to but recovery/metabolism wise they have it on us olderish blokes :wink: I’m also a 1966 baby ( best year for everything ) . The IF worked well for me too but I found it unsustainable in the long run . Your AF is one thing I can relate to as well . I haven’t had an episode for a few months now . The Cardiologist said lose some weight and that will help . Google "Fatal Ventricular Fibrillation " my wife had one of these 3 years ago and it mentions that people with AF are at risk . Not a nice story . My wife lived through it but again not a nice story .
Let’s get this weight off hey .


I think like a few others here I treated myself to a pancake yesterday but certainly wasn’t disaster.

B - 2 eggs scrambled
L - onion bhaji salad
D - Bolognese
Pudding - pancake with small amount of Nutella.

Skipped for 10 minutes which is something started with last mvf 30 day group. And did 22000 steps.


Had a fairly decent day yesterday, managed to avoid the pancakes and went to the gym in the morning and got half hour in on the x trainer.

Breakfast; Porridge with Nutella.
Lunch; Sweet Chili Chicken Noodle Salad thing from Tesco
Dinner; Steak Pie (I know - went to football and was starving!)
Snacks; 1 x hot cross bun and a bag of sensations poppadoms.


Seems like a decent amount of food, what does that come out as calorieswise?