10lb by Easter challenge week 1


@ant. If I was 190cm I’d have a fantastic BMI - only coming at 183cm and 135kg. Oct 1966 - apparently England were world champions at the time. Not sure I’ll see that again in my lifetime…
I’m getting my health issues under control after years of denial - always blamed rugby injuries, broken noses etc for my dodgy knee and sleep apnea. I know it’s all linked. As my weight drops my BP falls - 135/85 yesterday at my check-up. Once I get to target I’ll be doing a sleep study under controlled conditions to check if I still have OSA.
It’s tough being fat and 50. I’ve always been reasonably fit and could easily do a 10k blast on my rowing machine or 2 or 4 hours cycling. Hopefully once my knee is back to full order I’ll be doing that again.
Onwards for the next 10lbs


Only 1600 odd mate.


I’m in boys. Want to carry on the good work from the last challenge. Found it really helpful doing it as a group. Aiming for 5-7lbs.


Thats great, maybe we should all be having pies!


To be fair the pie itself was about 500cals so it was about making the right decision in other areas.


Thats the key isnt it, its good to have nice things and just make up for.them elsewhere


October 1966 ! wouldn’t have been the 20th by any chance ?


After indulging in pancakes yesterday was back on track today.

B -scrambled egg and brown sauce
L - bagel with chillis onion bhaji and salad
D - homemade chilli with a 50g portion of pasta

All in all just shy of 1700 calories. Managed 16000 steps and a 1000m swim today. Will skip in a bit too. Made lunch for tomorrow to take to work to avoid the temptations but being at work means lots of steps


Yesterday which is your today I did the following and ate as below .
Walked 5km with the dog in the morning , Exercise bike for 30 mins , then another 2km with the mutt in the evening .
I am tracking my food with MFP and came in at 1980cals .
I’m a bit wary of this figure and would prefer 1500 so will see what happens today which is your tomorrow :wink:


Pretty good day today, lunchtime weights session in the gym, stuck to 1800 calories for the day. One bad habit I’d like to kick is getting myself a snack on the way home from work, its not preventing me sticking my targets but I could have more healthier food for dinner if I didnt have it. Im going to aim for 1800 for the next two days to give me a bit of buffer for the weekend.


After messing up last week, this is the only picture I need to post.

Allowance set to lose just 0.5kg a week (safety net but aiming for more), already approx 2000 calories under that figure.

Edit: tonight’s dinner is a hybrid of chilli chicken & sweet chilli vegetables. Comes in at 512 calories but that’s a lot of dish.


B: 2 brown toast with peanut butter.
L: Soup, lentil curry with rice and naan bread.
D: Pancakes with Nutella, maple syrup, lemon and sugar, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
S: 2 crisps.
E: 14k steps.
W: Over 4 litres plus 6 alcohol free beers.


@ant - 16th.


Gotta respect my elders then .


HIIT training in the gym today, felt utterly drained all the way through. Made it to the end though. Been a good day eating-wise so far, just protein shakes and tomatoes.


Just dinner tonight to be added, maybe ryvita with cheese spread & cherry tomatoes before football tonight. #pissingit


Good work lads. Out tonight so I’ll report tomorrow when I rise from the dead.:facepunch:t2:


Struggling so far. Been exercising a lot still, but healthy eating has gone out of the window since Tuesday. Doesn’t feel right that we never saw how the pancake day challenge finished for everyone.


To be brutally honest, and don’t take this the wrong way, but to you it should only matter how you did. It shouldn’t affect your journey going forward how everyone else did.

That being said, I’m gonna put a spreadsheet together for the total losses which I’ll have done in the next hour. It’s on my phone which is why it’ll take so long.


I know what you mean but im into statistics and stuff, and just be good to see how our fellow comrades did and many pounds we all lost between us etc.

But yes I agree it shouldn’t affect my weight loss. Probably just a mental thing where ive relaxed my eating at reaching the end of the challenge. Time to get myself in gear for this new one then! :muscle: