10lb by Easter challenge week 1


Ive also found it hard to get mptivated for the new challenge, but Ive stuck to it so far, Im sure come the next weigh in we will have all the motivation we need.


Evening all, bit annoyed, got a bad feeling I’ve got shin splints in my right leg. It hasn’t been right since yesterday so I’ve rested up today. Still managed 9k steps but it doesn’t count.

Wanted to get something extra for dinner tonight, like a couple of eggs or falafel and hummus or a bar of chocolate. Didn’t bother as I’m aiming for a big loss next week. Feeling in control of food which is always nice.

B: 3 egg cheese and onion omelette with beans.
L: Soup, 2 arancini rice balls with salad, tomato sauce and cheese.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap with salad.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres, 2 black decaf coffees.

Hope you’re all good, gents.


Difficult day today for me, ended up working pretty late and wasnt feeling good. Very nearly bought a cheese and onion pasty on the way home but managed to resist. Ended up on 2000 calories which is great but was a struggle. I think i need to change when im eating as by the afternoon early evening im feeling tired and hungry.


Evening gents tough day at work! Managed to eat healthy and get over 16000 steps but feeling pretty flat…pick myself up and go again tomorrow


Had the ryvita and cheese earlier, as well as another banana, decided to double up on chicken sofrito after football, but skip having rice.

Even had rolo dessert for pudding.

Numbers now look like this:

Steps always look good on a football night, 3.55km covered on the pitch yet I thought it had been a poor night.


Been feeling good, Hitting my total cals/protien. Going to hit back and biceps after I get off of here. Making something with organic ground beef tonight lol After I was dem dishes.


2000 Cals or a touch over is woking for me it seems . Will be interesting to see what weigh in will be on Tuesday morning . Exactly 12 weeks before family and I board the A380 to visit you lot in the UK.
Today like each other day I walk about 4.5km then exercise bike for 30 mins then walk again for a couple of Kms in th evening . Both times the Mutt who is to lose 8kg ( Vets instructions ) comes with me . Get this , his harness has become loose and he has lost 2kg ! Champion !


This is the best news on here.


Count me in. New here and looking for some motivation ! Starting at 224lbs


Cheeky peek on the scales this morning, all is good.


Been really ill past few days. Yesterday I was awful, let’s just say a lot of weight must have come out of me (I’m sure that’s all you need to know). All I ate yesterday was a banana, a slice of toast and some jelly.
Today my stomach is killing me and I’m really dizzy, I feel really empty and like I have to eat everything!


Needless to say, target proteins today to make you fill fuller & less likely to eat everything in sight. :+1:


Cheers mate. I’m trying to watch what I eat just because I don’t want it to come back out again (sorry, I can’t find a nicer way to put it!). So far since 5am I’ve had 2 slices of toast, a banana and an apple


You know the drill. Chicken, oily fish, veggies, bit of fruit, you can easily keep things pretty low calorie wise.


So confident already that I treated myself to sweet chilli chicken & salad bap from the nearby butchers shop.

£3.20 of bliss.


Really struggled for motivation again today but managed to stick to plan. Im quite pleased that whereas a couple of weeks ago when i got demotivated I went of track, at least now Im staying with it despite not enjoying it.


Tuna salad for dinner, to offset the earlier 500 calorie bap.

Another good day and this means we are about 3600 calories under the 0.5kg allowance already this week.

Theoretically means we should be hoping for 1.5kg or more loss by next week. :+1:


Quite hard to comment on me today. Up until 8pm all i’d eaten was a toast, protein bar, 2 apples a banana and some chicken. I then thought I’d treat myself to what I’d been craving after I could actually eat so had fish and chips from the chippy.


Motovation fluctuates…the way i look at it is just do it anyways, not doing it will not get you any closer to your goal. Just go to sleep early youll get it back tomorrow :wink:


B: N/A
L: Vegan burger patty with salad.
D: Vegan salad, mixed vegetable tortilla, apple with peanut butter pot.
S: N/A
E: 16k steps.
W: Over 4 litres + pint of orange squash, glass of lime squash with soda.

Shouldn’t have walked so much, my shin’s in bits. Doctors soon if it doesn’t heal soon.