10lb by Easter challenge week 1


Toast - probably 250 calories for a coupe of slices
Apples - probably 120-150 calories
Banana - probably 90 to 105 calories
Protein bar?

Bet even with the fish & chips you are sub 2000 calories. Don’t beat yourself up. I’ve had a creme egg or two this week & still have a lovely deficit built.


Protein shake with toasted Ezekiel bread slices(cinnamon)

grilled chicken wraps with honey mustard

Roast beef

Turkey and mashed potatoes

Hit all my calories and macros…cant wait to weigh in tomorrow!
ps.was going to hit legs tonight but saving it till tomorrow.


Having a rest day today . Feet and ankles a bit sore from the first week of walking .
Keeping Calories close to 2000 each day . Water intake each day 3 liters min with 4 on some days . Had two days of Sugar withdrawal headache . Feeling so much better now and as much as I am not pre diabetic I think keeping the blood sugar levels consistent instead of spiking with large sugar hits will pay dividends . Not unusual for me in the past to demolish a whole family sized chocolate bar in one go .
Well enjoy the weekend guys .


Now pickled onions are something I had forgotten existed ! I’m off to the supermarket .


I just buy the cheap pickled onions, 30p a jar, super low in calories too.
I don’t buy cheap beetroot though, it tastes too difference. Baby beets are the best. :slight_smile:


Pickled baby beetroot are the bollocks.


If we’re talking pickles I’m all about the pickled egg life.

Date night last night stopped eating when felt comfortable so although higher calories than would of had at home more sensible than normal. Couple of beers but walked over 25k steps


On the subject of pickles I LOVE gherkins. They’re my go to low calorie snack straight out the jar.


Gherkins, jalapenos, eggs, yeah most pickles to be fair. Except red cabbage, seem to have gone off that.


Well done DON !!! Hope you lose a bit more by Tuesday weigh in for the Easter challenge . Only 6lbs more to meet the challenge .


Tired after a quiet day of resting my leg and finishing a book.

B: N/A
L: Salad, salsa, onion and potato omelette, feta, spinach and sun-dried tomato quiche and 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
D: N/A
S: 4 x 5 calorie jellies.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres.

Hope you’re all good!


I’ll be weighing in late this week - 3 days away and I don’t trust the scales in the hotel. It’ll be Thursday morning before I get my numbers in.
I’m managing to stick to the IF - 16/8 means that I just have to skip breakfast and get to lunchtime on coffee and water. Weight has been steady over the weekend despite a great curry on Thursday night and some brisket last night. I do miss a long lazy weekend breakfast though;


Yesterday was my worst day of the week.
There was flash and a bang from the roof at 5pm & we were the only property to lose the electric.

Back on just after midnight after the national grid turned up with scaffold towers… a hole in a lead pipe, over time water corroded the rubber round the wires coming out of the attic until it went bang…

…anyway, I may have had a doughnut in the darkness, the day only saved by a long dog walk in the morning as my planned evening run didn’t happen.


What app are you using to track calories darren?


Havent been doing well this weekend, ending up a few hundred calories up each day, still in a deficit but behind plan. Will try to stay on track next couple of days but I have a feeling I wont post much of a loss this week.


I use LoseIt.


Had a weird few days due to me being ill, as it’s only going to come back out I thought I’d use it as a free hit (if this is way too much info for everyone let me know and I’ll tame it down a bit! :joy:). Yesterday all I had was a bacon bap for brekkie, a couple of chicken drumsticks and a fish finger sandwich. Today, I had a bacon muffin, a prawn sandwich and some Lindt chocolates, so far I’ve managed to keep it all down so should be business as usual tomorrow…


We all shit, mate. Don’t worry about it.


To be fair this is the one forum I feel like I can just be honest, like you say we’re all shit and we’re all blokes.


I didn’t say we’re all shit. :joy: