10lb by Easter challenge week 1


Sorry, I genuinely didn’t mean that, I did mean we all shit :joy:


Not a bad day, ate too much at the Chinese, but that’s all I ate for the whole day. Should hopefully get rid of all the salt through smashing water tomorrow and Tuesday.

B: N/A
L: 3 spring rolls, 7 pumpkin croquettes, vegan chilli duck with boiled rice, 4 pieces of veg tempura.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres + 2 black decaf coffees and a sugar free jasmine tea.

Went to Top Golf in Watford which was great fun, would recommend if you’re in the area. Hope you’re all good, gents!


Actually had a sunday roast today.
Went reasonable on the chicken, not too mad on the roasties or glazed parsnips, swamped the plate with peas & carrots & skipped the gravy, got away with about 700 calories out of the day’s 1905.

Feeling super confident that the week has been very good, nearly 4000 calories below the weekly allowance once exercise is factored in.


Similar to Daz Welch . Feeling good about a drop this week . Had a chocolate binge last night waiting for the first round of the Moto Gp to start . Back onto the good stuff now and keeping the Cals to around 2000 each day and walking 5kms with a 30 min spin on the exercise bike . The Mutt also gets to come on the 5km walk then he gets another ( so do I ) in the evening around 3-4kms . So in all a good balance . I may start a bit of body weight exercise this week . Push ups, squats, Dips etc .
Trying to keep carbs to a limit so not eating any bread, once a week for pasta and rice .
Looking forward to tomorrows weigh in .


I rarely eat bread, or potatoes.

I do eat ryvita though (sweet onion or black pepper) & potato wedges if I bake a batch of hunters chicken meals. Oh & tortilla as a pizza base or for fajitas. Chips not even once a month normally.

Eat rice 2 or 3 times a week. I like rice. You don’t need to limit carbs really, everything in moderation. Espcially chocolate.


I ended up with another poor day yesterday, this has been my toughest week to date motivation wise (10th week of the diet). Dont be surprised if I post a gain tomorrow, though I havent actually gone too far over in calories. Kicking on again from today, up early so I can hit the gym pre work, going to switch up what Im eating again to get back to what I was on a few weeks ago. Staying positive!


Few mixed results over the weekend it seems…mine was steady away but expecting a loss this week. Mrs and her mom m ordering Chinese tonight so I’m already have dinner made up separately for when I get home from work. To start the week off well already been for a jog this morning. Not run in years but started a couch to 5k today. First 20min interval in the bag by half 6!


I havnt been well n last nite was bad i nearly thought i had 2go hospital but i dont think so. Its making it abit hard 2 focus on the diet but am tryin 2 keep 2 the routines i startd foodwise over the last few months


Welcome back and hope all is good. Try not let it reverse what you’ve done but more importantly focus on the health. Get better and return with renewed focus. Alternatively you know we are all here for you


I’m in for this challenge. Already on the wagon. Thinking of trying vegetarianism!


I’ve gone vegetarian, made it a lot easier to avoid some of the unhealthy things i was eating like burgers and pasties.


Sorry for not contributing much to the group so far, as I’ve been continuing to post in the MVFIA group until it closes.

Had a decent week so far of staying within my target calories, even with a Pizza Hut takeaway added into the mix on Friday night, so hopefully will see this reflected in tomorrow’s weigh-in.

Exercise wise, I aborted parkrun on Saturday to prevent any further aggravation to my knee, as I’m running the Bradford 10k next Sunday and don’t want to jeopardise my participation. I’ve abandoned plans to do any runs this week to maximise recovery time, and will decide nearer the time to what extent I do MvF football on Wednesday. I might opt for longer than my usual 3.5 minute stint in goal, although that won’t do our team’s prospects much good!


Keep your head up, mate, hope you’re better soon.


Much better day today, good gym session in the morning pre work and have stuck to around 1250 calories to repare some of the weekends damage and hopefully avoid a gain come tomorrow. Motivation is back now and Im feeling strong!


Well happy to report an almost 5lb loss for the week . Yes good effort but nearing my nemesis weight of 264 lbs . I get there then I seem to get cocky and take the foot off the accelerator .
So next week when I am under this weight ( I better be ! ) I will need you guys to keep pushing me to member the goal and keep my foot flat to the floor .


B: N/A
L: Soup and salad.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap and salad.
S: Chocolate biscuit.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 3 black decaf coffees.

Weigh day tomorrow, fingers crossed!


Where do you get the pakora wraps from? How many calories?


It’s Tesco’s vegan range, mate. 547 calories I’m sure.


I couldn’t go veggie, but I am happy enough to have a vegetable only based meal to keep the calories for other things.

Nearly always turns into a mushroom, pepper, tomato, beansprout in some sauce affair…

1858 calories so far today, the main bulk was this evening’s jacket potatoe, with 50g of lower fat cheddar and a whole tin of BBQ beans. Came in at just under 700 calories.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…


I went veggie just over a year ago. Watch out for cheese, so calorific, but so good!