10lb by Easter challenge week 2


Check it out . Tastes great and took about 30 mins to prep and make . made about 2 kilos worth divided into 4 batches ready to heat and eat . 300 cals per serve but I think that may be overestimating . Just wish we could get the " Chinese Chip Shop " over here although once a Chip shop has been taken over by Chinese its generally the end of it . Greeks are the best at it .


Theres a great chinese chip shop outside goodison park.


Don’t tell me that. :joy:


If anyone is looking for something good for lunch i just tried a tesco air wrap, in the meal deal, 100 calories less than a normal wrap, tasted great!


I just found out its national no smoking day well its a good thing i beasted it as per usual. Still time yet but i cant think of ne reason id end up having a fag 2day, i dont even hav non
This dr bloke who runs it said ppl who smoke shud give up at least once a year. Well iv giv up at least once a week i always hit my goals.
Iv said it before but i think not smoking and weightloss can go hand in hand. Ppl mite think its hard 2do both but u mite just find a change in diet n routine makes u not rly want 2 smoke

Food wiise iv had 2 bananas, 2 cereal bar, tomato soup + breadbun. Probs hav pasta 4 tea


Also gona say, soz off topic, the unexpectd downside of cuttin down on the fags is now my mouth dont always taste of smoke i can taste my own digusting breath, its like when the smoking ban come in n ppl was on about how now all the pubs stink of farts.
Next step of self improvement mebbes i need 2 brush my teeth more/better


Chinese chicken curry: chicken & beansprouts & mushrooms in the sauce described above (sauce has onion & peas in it).

Comes in at approx 437 calories including the rice.


Bought a box of cereal bars. Meant 2 hav half 2day half 2moro. Scranned the lot. Nitemare. Wi hav 2get less nice ones next time👍


Went slightly over today 2250, couldnt resist a creme egg on the way home. Feeling good about how the week is going though


Yeeesss the Ol Creme Egg. Have been in supermarkets now since Boxing day :wink:


Am fckin CLAMMIN me am sick of bein hungry, just wanna hav a decent scran, keep it healthy but like loadsa of it. Then start 2moro how i dinnit wake up starving


Personally, I think if you are feeling that bad it is because you are eating the wrong things.

Cereal bars aren’t healthy, full of sugars you don’t need. What were they, 200 calories a pop?

You could have a tin of tuna and a load of salad for the same, a whole dinner plate full of food.

Now add in the fact you ate half the box… they are not food that assists with weightloss.
I know I say people can eat anything within their calories but in this case, that’s your problem.


Aye am not gona buy them cereal bars again, i dont hardly even like them, get sickly after abit, just got a thing in my head they healthy. Am gona start on normal cereal not cereal bars, thats better. Brown bread n all that. Veg but not 2 much. All of that


@Biffa94 . You’re not a Pirate by any chance are you ?
Mate lay off the Cereal and bread , spaghetti and stuff like that . Get into eating Vegetables and meat ( actually @atb88 would say just veggies ) . Unprocessed food will be best, you will feel massively better in just a week of eating “Clean” . You’ll probably get a sugar headache from going off sugar but if you really want to change then you have to change . Bloody hard as all of us here know but very very worth it . Good luck and fantastic how you are honest in what you’re doing and feeling .
Now where’s that Dictionary ?


Cereal bars are shite, @Biffa94. Foods high in protein keep you fuller for longer, adding veg also bulks up your meals by not adding too many calories.

Hard one to admit this today, gents. Went a bit nuts:

B: 3 egg cheese and onion omelette, 2 veggie sausages, beans.
L: Soup, veg tikka masala, rice and naan, fruit and nut flapjack.
D: Falafel and hummus wrap, salad, pack of Big Hula Hoops, Krispy Kreme salted caramel glazed doughnut.
S: Chocolate doughnut, jam doughnut, 2 chocolate Hobnobs, white chocolate cookie, handful of Doritos, handful of Kettle Chips.
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres, 500ml 7up free, black decaf coffee.

Off to Spain in the morning for a long weekend. Aim to be below 2,000 calories a day until Tuesday, or thereabouts, to ensure a 1lb loss for the week. Hopefully I don’t feel too hungry tomorrow and get tempted as it’ll make bingeing easier.

Have a good one!


Mate thats amazing and you know what , I am really impressed that you have been honest and open . Next you’ll post about eating Rib Eye steak on the sly :wink:
1 blow out in 7 makes for a pretty good week remember .


Yea am sackin off them cereal bars, over them

Ooops shit happens tho yea, we all had them binge days u cab get thru it cos ur a strong peraon…hope u enjoy ur holiday


Noo ??

Ah yea i like veg n that just am aware what 2 much does 2 me digestion, nitemare

Defo think am gona quit the cereal bars, reckon with tryna b healthy iv lost the taste 4 sugar, all that sh!ts mainly 2 sweet nowadays (i reserve the right t make exeptions cos i do)


Getting back to your complaint of being hungry. I eat lots throughout the whole day.

Take today:
Breakfast. Porridge with a spoon of peanut butter.
Elevenses. Apple, banana & a boiled egg.
Lunch: Tin of spring vegetable soup, a layered greek yogurt with honey, packet of french fries crisps
Afternoon* cake at work lol
Got in from work: 2 slices of nimble dansh bread toasts with 25g grated cheese
Evening meal: chicken & veg in chip shop curry sauce with rice. Another greek yogurt.

All this comes to 2300 calories. 6 times where I have had food. You just need to look at your choices.

*Although I would have ended up nearer to 1700 calories but because of the cake that the chef at work cooked, I didn’t lol. Oh well, such is life, but still just below my daily allowance. Might go for a late run to wipe out 300 calories shortly.


Sounds good. See iv always gone the opposite way, higher cal food but only eating like twice a day, fasts etc. An that work quite good for a time but its not been so good recently, time 2 change it up