10lb by Easter challenge week 2


Evening gents

B - scrambled egg beans and toast
L - egg salad
D - beef stroganoff

Not snacked all day. First day looking in the mirror and noticing a difference


Proteins = chicken, oily fish
Lots of vegetables
Some fruit
Count the calories and realise how much food you can actually have if you create a balance

You won’t feel so hungry or deprived.


Going for that run, my figures for the day will be

Football tomorrow night, always good for a big deficit.

Edit, here’s the run, I’m taking 3km because I reset after a minute as the dog stopped for a 3rd richard (ever think that the adult children in the house didn’t actually take the dog out when they claimed they did?) :confused:


Dad Dad can we have a puppy ? We promise to look after it . Dad Dad can we have a puppy ? We’ll walk it and feed it and pick up after it .

Pfffttt yep same old story here too.

Good walking companion though . Does his regular business pretty early on in the walk so apart from sniffing everything in sight he isn’t a bad training partner .


Our mutt is 8 year old now and still acts like a puppy. And she wants to run more than I do :slight_smile:

She makes a good pacesetter though, we probably run only about two thirds of the time shown.


2.9lbs lost for the week. Pleased with that. I’m getting on top of the 16/8 IF and have not found missing breakfast a struggle at all - I actually appreciate the extra time it gives me. It was tough at first but I’m a creature of habit and now that I’ve broken the brekkie habit I’m OK. I’ve not been counting calories for several weeks now, just eating smaller portions of healthy food and no booze.


Ok folks how are we getting on.
Big week for me where I hit a new low weight wise and I’m rocking along. Food is good and below daily limits. Except for tomorrow which is the start of paddy’s day weekend. Loving the food pics guys loads of ideas here for everyone.


Thought I would be a Johnny-come-lately and get involved. My start weight is 238 let’s see how I go!


Welcome. You’ll be flying along


Just back from 1 hour’s football & about to eat.

Here’s the figures for the day, nice deficit.


Tired, much better day. Back on it with relevant ease. I think fitting in the plane seat without an extension belt for the first time in 15 years has given me a massive boost!

B: N/A
L: Cheese toastie.
D: Soup, 3 small slices of margarita pizza, cauliflower, Chinese sauteed vegetables, mashed potato, spinach, cucumber, boiled egg, pickles.
S: 1 small chocolate truffle.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 2 alcohol free beers.

Night, gents, hope all is well!


Really struggling recently. The thing is I keep snacking on little things before I even realise how much I’m eating and for some reason I just keep forgetting to track, I could understand if I’m eating crap food but I’m not, it’s just I’m not having anything in moderation.

Also, I got half way through a bottle of what I thought was Coke Zero cherry before I realised that it was the full sugar stuff, I was not happy, many wasted calories. It’s so easy to pick up the wrong one accidentally when in a rush… which idiot at Coca Cola decided it was a good idea to make Coke zeros look like normal coke??? They used to be all black so you could tell the difference.


Can i ask is it more home or work or like just when ur out n about when it happens? Just askin so can try n think of suggestions 2 help


Ate loadsa branflakes. Tryna get on a cereal hype.

Pasta n tomato sauce 4 tea. Bit cheese on n a couple of slice of garlic bread. Wasnt very nice

1 flake bar

No particular exercise

I feel quite good about myself 2day. I think looking at the goals thread helpd me cos i seen about the different progress i done. Sumtimes u dont realise til u take stock abit
Funny cos less then a week ago i felt useless. I suppose am just emotionally unstable like that lol


You will get to the point where you realise it was all worth it.
Technically, I am still overweight by 13kg.

Yet because of where I came from, I feel slim, I love the way I look and whilst the past year has been more yo-yo, I’m quite happy & just love eating healthier, playing football at nearly 45 & even running a bit. I’ve said it before at 6ft 2, a size L that I am down to doesn’t look too bad, the last trousers bought recently were 6 inches smaller then when I started (now 38") & tbh I can already slide them off without undoing them.

Next, having played at St George’s Park in Burton twice with ManVFat, this May I will be playing at St James’ Park. Not a Newcastle fan but you can’t turn down that sort of chance.


Aye. I dunno how or when a moment comes exactly of thinkin its worth it or that life has changed or whateva but yes it can creep up on u. i do feel proud of the stuff i achieved. Not just weightloss but in general cos when u work on tryna do good things from exercise 2 different goals it feels good yea. It must b great 2 feel happy how u look. Great 2 go about without feelin self concious

I dont think other ppl exept on here is gonna hav an opinion or praise what i done but thats ok cos id probs say the wrong awkward thing if they did. Its enuf 4 me 2 kno i suppose

Nice one good 4 u…even if it is a mag thing ha j/k


It’s you who you are doing this for. It doesn’t matter about praise, in the same way it didn’t matter if anybody took the piss.


When I weighed in yesterday I failed to realise that I was just 1lb above the 21st mark. I am expecting to blow through that this week and then hit the 290lbs mark. Little targets getting knocked off regularly keep me motivated. 290lbs/130kg/280lbs are the next three. That’ll put me below 20 stone for the first time for many years.


This. 100% this.


Watching also as it wasn’t long ago I was targeting those same numbers.