10lb by Easter challenge week 2


Very similar targets to me, got that 130kg in my sights!


Poor day yesterday, forgot my keys so i had to wait for my wife to get home. Filled the time by eating, ending up around 3000 calories. Im going to have a big push next few days, aiming for 1000 cals today, 1500 tomorrow, back to 2000 Sunday and Monday. In future need to kill time by walking, also get back to healthier snacks.


Am havin a decent breakfast n lunch cos i wont b havin tea, just drink, on abit of a sesh later


Usually work mate tbh, I try not to have crap at home as if I have it I will eat it all at once. At work I struggle big time as in an office people are always bringing in treats etc and I can’t say no!!!

Also a big thing i struggle with is tracking stuff if it doesnt have a barcode like if the company put on like sandwiches or cakes or something or if i go to my mums i cant exactly ask her to give me every ingredient to track it…


Ah nitemare. Hav u tried bringing in ur own healthier snacks either just 4 u or put them out 4 every1? Just idea

I think when its stuff u cant track perfectly just estimate is enuf. Iv fell in2 the thing of imagining cos i cant track it it must nothing lol. I dont recommend it ha. Approximate track is better then ignoring it lol
Mebbes tell ur mam ur tryin 2b healthy so u prefer healthy meals n whatever? I dunno if it thats a weird thing 2do or not, or how she react but just an idea? Perhaps some other ppl hav ideas how u get round it when u visit ppl so cant track?


Tracking is good.
Tracking means I can have this for lunch today.

Homemade lasagne tonight and a run, numbers currently look like this:


Agree tracking is good just like tryna think how 2 advice @Josh what 2 do if ur havnt got the info for example if someone cookd u a meal. What u do in that situation?


When I track and I usually get something on the app I go for the most realistic one. Usually the highest option. Most are accurate enough anyway for everything. There’s nothing you can’t get through those apps. I wouldn’t be where i am without tracking as would most


Hav 2b honest mind i struggled abit with some.of the tracking apps cos i didnt kno which was true when u get all different versions or the portion seems wrong etc.
I dont track cals anymore cos i just found it to complicated, i realised that quite quickly. I only track in terms of food not cals


It’s been a challenge this week. Missus has been off work so ive been taking a few hours off each day. But its stuff chicks like to do, “coffee and cake”, “shops with break for lunch” etc. Plus couple of meals out in the evenings.

Started the week fighting the temptations for cakes, choosing salad instead of fries, but its got too hard and the last couple of days Ive eaten terribly. We spoke about it this afternoon and she feels sick of it too! So will be having a big push from monday, genuinely looking forward to it.

Been doing well with the exercise. 2 x weights sessions plus a body combat and lots of walking. Hoping to, at worst, maintain on tuesdays weigh in. Which means I must keep control of food intake better this weekend!

Hope you’re all having a good week


Managed to stick to around 1250 today, repaired some of the damage from yesterday. Also did a big weights session in the gym after work which was great as I hadnt been since Monday. Family pub lunch tomorrow, i’ll be having a salad, hopefully keep the calories over the weekend.


A lot of it is about making good choices isnt it?

We were going to have burgers tonight, with all the trimmings. Chips, bun, bacon, cheese…

But we’ve decided to slice and cook them on the griddle pan. Having NO bun, no bacon and no chips, just with salad. Saving hundreds of calories there :slightly_smiling_face:


So amazing to identify with nearly everyones weakness ( including Burger King ) .
Yep I rummage through the pantry late at night .
Last night I succumbed to two good handfuls of M&M’s and some Doritos . Good news is I TRACKED them . Yes i weighed both of them and logged them in my Loseit app .

Getting close to that Nemisis weight so very conscious of not letting off and going back to old habits . The weekends here so have to remind myself that its no reason to relax .

Have a great weekend all .


Evening gents

B- banana
Lunch - fahihta including wife’s homemade guacamole which was delicious
D - spaghetti Bolognese

Over 28000 steps.

Off to park run for 1st time in the morning any advice from anyone? Not done that sort of distance yet but looking forward to pushing myself. Will walk run it trying to build myself up steadily. Hoping for sub 40 minutes


Have to say that tracking EVERYTHING that I eat since joining this thread has made me make better choices, eat healthier, maintain better portion control and be more motivated


@Riffman117 is your man. @alanmonks2010 as well I’m sure.


That’s the right approach. There’ll be people walking the whole thing, as well as sub-17 minute runners, so just do it at your own pace and get a time in the books to build on.

There’ll be a welcome briefing about 10 minutes before the start for newcomers, so make sure you listen in on that, as it’ll include info about the course. Print off your barcode and don’t forget to take it with you. You only need it after crossing the finish line, but phone copies aren’t accepted, so make sure you’ve got a hard copy.

I’ve done 25 of them and haven’t broken 46 minutes yet. I’m on timekeeping duty tomorrow as I’m saving my legs for Sunday.

Enjoy it.


That wasn’t a weakness. It was accounted for in my calories.


Signed up last year, still don’t feel ready. Furthest I have done so far is 4km in about 28 minutes, 3km in 18 minutes… that is really one-third walking… so would hope for sub 35 minutes if I tried. Been nagged by a few friends but I’m not a runner, love sprinting in bursts playing football but it’s a different type of running.


Anyway, a few change of plans mean the day wasn’t quite as good as expected.

But it will do…