10lb by Easter challenge week 2


Evening, gents. This looks like I ate loads… because I did, but the vast majority was healthy and I limited myself to small portions of higher calorie items.

B: Scrambled egg, 1 fried egg, beans, buttered brown bread roll.
L: Pasta, tomato sauce, salad, cheese.
D: Salad, cheese, coleslaw, one small slice of pizza, handful of fries, small chocolate pastry with custard, small chocolate filled with strawberry cream.
S: Handful of nuts, small handful of crisps.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres + 7 alcohol free beers.

Alcohol free beers are 80 calories a pop so need to reign those in slightly I think.


Hey @atb88 , aren’t you in Spain right now ? That doesn’t seem like Spanish food .


Yeah I tell myself that one too :wink:


Yep, I’m vegetarian and the options are very limited unfortunately.


Just enjoy it mate. Great experience. Bit late now but do a walk of some the course beforehand, ideally the day before and if your going to walk/run pick your points to run to. Good luck mate, let us know how you got on.
Mines been cancelled due to the high winds :pensive:


So just back from parkrun. Have to say I loved it. Had set up intervals on my phone but they stopped working. Ended up pushing myself but not over the top. It was around York racecourse so an easy track. I ran first 2k walked 1 then ran last 2. Was definitely under 40 minutes but will have to wait to see official time.


Only had egg sandwich, 4 digestive n 4 cans of lager yesterday. My belly feels starving but my mouth doesnt fancy anything if that makes sense


Quick way for anybody to cook something low calorie in batch.

Bag of beansprouts
Half a tub of cherry tomatoes
Half each of red/green/orange peppers
300g mushrooms (frozen or fresh)
1 onion

Any jar of sauce you want.

Cook the mushrooms, onions and peppers in a pan/wok, add the beansprouts and tomatoes, cook for another 4 /5 minutes stirring then add your sauce.

Gone for 1 lot of hunters chicken sauce & 1 of chip shop curry.

Divided each one by 4.


I have one of these each day, making sure my other daytime main meal is more protein based (ie has meat in it.)


Done, that’s next couple of weeks lunches sorted, in between the odd soup or salad.


Oooh was tryna think what i fancy 4 tea, think ill go something like that looks lush


The curry sauce veg is only 170 calories.
The hunters sauce veg is only 136 calories.
(Brand of sauce can make slight variations to the figures obviously.)

Alas, I made chicken tikka masala for 3 this evening, with half a large naan. 595 calories as pictured, not bad.

I didnt have elevenses or lunch as I was out until nearly 5pm…


Not had much appetite just had some toast then omlette. Barely moved. Knackered. Stopped in til the coast was clear of farage ppl knockin about. Off 2 bed soon


B: Pepper and cheese omelette, fried egg, sliced tomato, bread roll, 4 small Belgian waffles, 2 small churros, chocolate sauce.
L: Soup, bread roll, 2 small baked potatoes, Italian tomato sauce, shredded cabbage, 2 boiled eggs, salad.
D: 1 small slice of pizza, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sprouts, Italian tomato sauce, salad, brie, manchego, pasta, chocolate mousse, fruit tartlet, tiny apple pancake.
S: 3 crisps.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres, 3 alcohol free beers, 2 small decaf espresso coffees.

Been to the hospital, redness from a mosquito bite on the tip of my finger has travelled down my hand and up my arm. On antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and antihistamines. Yay holiday.

Hope you’re all good.


Had an awful week. I know I said that last week and managed .5 loss but really can’t see it this week. 100% back on it tomorrow though. I will track everything, if I slip up and miss a day please feel free to give me any constructive abuse, maybe that’s what I need (and signed up for in this group!!)


No worries, mate. Just remember you’re only letting yourself down. It won’t have an impact on anyone else here how you do, so remember that next time you feel like going off the rails.


Sneaked a peek on the scales this morning & a fraction up.
Haven’t done anything different this week, still allowing 2300 calories a day.

Which shows;
a) Last weeks loss really was a rebound from a carb overload the week before.
b) I should probably drop back down a little next week

Still, 2 days to weighin, anything can happen…


Yeah, I know mate but for some reason I just get tunnel vision and allow myself to just go on a downward spiral and not even consider the end goal, I really need to sort my priorities out.


Owt we can do 2 help?

Me am.havin a slightly cheat cos i ate v v little fri and sat so i think i can get away with it i dont mean go mad or whateva had a couple sauasage rolls n i got some.sweets 4 later was propa craving them which was unusual


Not much you can do mate. As @atb88 said only I am responsible for the choices I make. If I don’t post on here for a day or whatever though would appreciate a tag or something to at least get my mind back into it


@Josh I’m back with a BANG tomorrow after couple of weeks stuffing my face (week 1 intentional. Week 2 not so much!) You can do it too. Still plenty of time to smash this challenge with some willpower and dedication! :muscle::muscle::muscle: