10lb by Easter challenge week 2


Ok i will try, am not here every day myself cos am not in no groups , takin it low key yea, i will if i notice tho


Set an alarm to remind you to post or get into a routine of posting just before bed. Take responsibility, mate, again, only you can make yourself post. It might sound condescending, it isn’t meant that way, but I hope you can find a way to your own happiness.


Kind of under ate last 2 days the trick 2day is not swing back 2 far. I bought some sh!t but not to much incase i just went mad n scranned the lot of somthing. Gonna hav burrito + chips 4 tea


Well today I stand a touch under the “NEMISIS” weight . Mind games ! On one hand happy that I am here on the other I am a little tired from the effort of watching what I eat and walking etc ( first world problem ) .
So today I have to rethink how this works . This is a mini milestone for me and I am trying to focus on the goal of 110kg by 1 June and not consider this in any way a time to relax.

I’m going to do things a bit different . In the past I have never set goals or rewarded myself along the way for achieving a milestone . So today I am going to reward myself by going and buying a new pair or training shoes.
Ahah ! but get this . I am not allowed to wear said new Trainers until I hit the next mini milestone which is 115kgs . (120kg is NEMISIS ) .
So what do you think ?
I do have permission from the “Minister for War and Finance” for the purchase by the way, she’s very proud of me :wink:


Thats a good idea rewardin urself . Am abit skint me but what i shud of done n gona start on is put away bit money i mite of spent of takeaways etc. Get summit nice, trainers is a good idea yea



Going back to the calories in cereal bars conversation.

This is approx 300 calories (my chicken salad tonight)

This is nearly 400 calories.(more for the missus than me, although I do like the odd oats & honey one as a treat.)

Which one will fill you up & which one will leave you still hungry?


Im not sure but right now id rather eat the salad one. I get sick of 2much sweet ones n eat the same food everyday


You know the answer really.

The big plate of chicken salad is far more filling.


Aye ill see about summit like that in the week. I do get bad side effects off 2much veg but them kind looks ok. I lived picjled onions n gerkins n that.
2day iv not ate v healthy, eg sausage rolls n sweets but it was a semi cheat day after not eating much. Try salads n that yeah save money lose lbs


Busy weekend involving plenty of steps. Avoided beer all weekend and only slip was a roast dinner including cheesy leeks tonight.

Running stuff set aside for tomorrow morning and switching my tracking to my fitness Pal.


@Chocoholic me and you back on it with a bang like you said tomorrow! We need to motivate each other as we both had a crap few weeks and it’s hard to get back on but I believe we can both do it.
@Biffa94 appreciate the support as always
@atb88 doesn’t sound condescending at all mate, I’m not stupid I know if I fail it’s all my own fault but for some reason I just don’t seem to care for small moments and let my cravings take over. The tracking on here isn’t the problem, I don’t need to set reminders, it’s making sure I track everything that goes in my mouth on something like MFP.


You know what to do then, mate. No more excuses, try sticking to a week of solid tracking, then 2 weeks, then 3 weeks… until it becomes habit and you become accountable to yourself.

B: Scrambled eggs, fried egg, mushrooms, beans, brown bread roll.
L: Cous cous with mixed vegetables, roast potatoes, steamed spinach, massive salad with cheese and potato salad. Extra cous cous with roast potatoes.
D: Veg risotto, potatoes, carrots, green beans, salad and cheese.
S: Grapes, small caramel biscuit.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres, 3 decaf espresso coffees, 8 alcohol free beers.

I’ve avoided the desserts at this hotel 2 nights out of 4, the 2 where I did have dessert, they were tiny. Sweet foods are my kryptonite so I’m happy with how I’ve done. Filled myself up with a plate of salad and a tiny bit of cheese instead of loading myself up with cream, chocolate, ice cream, cake etc.

Not sure I’ll get a loss this week as I’ve eaten a lot, the vast majority having been healthy, but exercise has been minimal and I’ve had a fair few alcohol free beers. Enjoyed myself though which is the most important thing. Fingers crossed the seatbelt on the plane fits on the way back! :joy:


The figures (based on 0.5kg target) suggest we should be hitting 0.8kg loss… not convinced I’m seeing it. Anyway, allowance dropped back down to the 1kg target, so 1796 is monday’s allowance.


I’ve changed the goalposts . So the reward for hitting under the Nemisis weight was to buy some new Training shoes and get to use them when I reach the next mini goal of 115kg .

Thats all good but I realised that to really have achieved that first mini goal I need to show myself that I can stay under it for a week . So this time next week when I AM under this first mini goal weight I can then go get that reward . Just keeps me on track and hopefully another kilo under where I am today .


@ANT short-term targets are a great way to tackle the weight loss. It can seem daunting when you have a lot to lose but broken into smaller chunks with rewards is a great way to do it. My target is 105kg/230lbs That’s 100lbs lost from 1st Jan. 28kg to go. I’ll break it down into 10lb/14lb/20lb chunks. Ultimate reward is a new full-suspension mountain bike. I could cheat and but it in parts at each milestone and then build it later!


Yeah short term. Or these challenges. I’ve become a wee bit too confident and falling off a lot easily. 30lb before Xmas then the last pancake one. My goal is to get below 220 so I can do a parachute jump over the palm in Dubai. Bmi 30. To be comfortable I’d prob need to be closer to 210/200. Every ten is a milestone. Every lb is practically one as I haven’t seen them since I was going up. I’d say 50 to go which I know I can do but we’ll aim for more. Trip to Ireland planned for summer and they haven’t seen me in a while.


Thought bout rewards Maybes i just need like milestone kind of thing. Bet av lost this week, kickin myself that i not weigh in last week


You should display your numbers all the time. Weigh in now or weigh in anytime. Just to keep a record for yourself. Guess work gets you nowhere. When you say about putting money away etc. Didn’t you say you wanted to do the mvf football at a point. Use it towards that. :+1:t2:


Oh yea i wud still love that. Just hope am not to thin by the time i get the money 2getha lol


Month to month I know if I saved what I used to spend on takeaways I could buy a share of mvf. Serious amount. Get your numbers on today and work from there.