10lb by Easter challenge week 2


I just checked mfp. I’ve tracked now 210 days in a row. And lost what I’ve lost. Get into the habit and you’ll fly along. Happy enough to give you a nudge also


Mind am on about treats, did get meself a new jacket cos the old one was abit big (thats the downside of weightloss lol). Cudnt splash out on a nice north face 1 like i want tho just had 2go 4 cheapest 1 i was happy 2 wear lol, shame i got expensive tastes ha


Good point that! We’re losing lbs whilst gaining £’s! lol

We were having 1 takeaway a week, sometimes 2 but we’ve only had around 1 a month since start of the year. Must have saved a fair bit of money. Plus all those choccy runs to the shop I used to do, 2 or 3 times a week at least. Down to 1 trip at most.


Just at the airport, bought sweets and chocolates for colleagues and I’m gonna struggle to make them last, the chocolates especially!

That being said, I’m skipping lunch after having a massive breakfast and may even skip dinner. Not hungry in the slightest and got 1.5l of water to keep me full for the flight home at least.

@Josh - how are you getting on? Make sure you’re tracking everything. Might be worth adding everything you plan to eat into your tracker before breakfast, that way you have to add things in if you’re going to go overboard and it might stop you?

Hope everyone else is doing good. Feeling like I’ll be a gain tomorrow, hopefully a loss, but maybe a maintain. We’ll see! Whatever happens, I’ll be fine going forward. Hope you’re all shitting yourselves for the scales in equal measure! :joy:


Afternoon all, apologies for the lack of posts for a few days, Ive had a load of family stuff over the weekend. Havent been perfect in terms of calories, around 2250 Sarurday and Sunday, still well in a deficit but off target. Im expecting a reasonable loss this week regardless as I’ve been mostly on track. This weeks target: try to get back into good habits e.g. exercising daily, 5 fruit and veg a day etc as Ive let things slip a bit.


Thanks for checking up on me mate! Yeah I’m fine so far, just had my porridge, will have my lunch soon. Got football and weigh in tonight so will see. Usually on weigh in day I’m fine but it all goes downhill from there…


End of week 2 and I’m down a a touch over a lb . Not that excited but I should be happy that its going right direction .


Had a great day back on it today.

Breakfast; Porridge and a banana
Lunch; fish and rice and a banana
Dinner; Sausage and mash ready meal
Snacks; Dried strawberries and a banana

Football today, nice win on the pitch and a slight loss on the scales which was unexpected


Been SOOO HUNGRY again 2day
Had loadsa branflakes yogurt n fruit 4 breakfast
2 bag of salt n vinrgar snack a jacks at lunch
Homemade potato wedges n half a pizza 4 tea
One of them tiny wee cadbury dairy milk u kno like the geet skinny one


You need to add protein to your diet, mate. Will keep you fuller for longer. The only protein I see in what you’ve eaten today is the yoghurt and the pizza.

I’ve been hungry today as well, probably because I’ve eaten such big portions over the weekend that it’s either stretched my stomach or I’ve mentally adjusted to the huge portions and now my brain is telling me I want all the food. Maybe after your treat day yesterday you’re going through something similar?


Aye mebbes. I need to look in2 what is protein especially meat free. Hope u enjoyed ur holiday


Well, I am going to really crack down this week, so I have wheeled out my old table plan.

The NHS BMI page says I need between 2344 & 3014 calories, with the lowest figure being for weightloss. As I always suggest, another 500 needs to come off that. This gives a daily allowance of 1844 (slightly higher than lose it 1796 for same weight figure.)

Then I made my plan, and factor in exercise & the figures at the bottom are the overall deficit.
Only worked out Tues to Fri so far.

Obviously I will recalculate the values after tomorrow’s weighin, a loss means less calories available (mine drops 13 calories per kg lost, so it’s a slow progression.)


@Biffa94 sometimes it’s easier to visualise if you write it down & plan ahead.


Best day for me since 2 weeks ago (the final day on the pancake day challenge).

B: porridge with almond milk and blueberries
Sn: protein shake and banana
L: veg soup, pom bears, 1 small coconut macaroon. Apple
Sn: cereal bar
D: gammon, egg and veg
Pud: 2 squares dark choc

Exercise - 2 dog walks and 1 hour body combat class


Hope you get the results you deserve with your prep and planning mate :muscle:


It’s more a case that I have a tendency to not be as disciplined as I was in the early months.
There’s a reason why I lost the best part of 5 stone & then not much more :smile:

Take the other week when I was baking & kept the ones that I wasn’t happy with. I didn’t need to eat any of it, but I wanted it.

So, I aim to do this for a couple of weeks, see where I am on 2nd April (45th birthday) & then go from there… sub 100kg would be nice, although slightly ambitious.


Evening, gents. Went a bit mental on breakfast this morning as I’d planned no lunch. A look at the scales tonight worried me slightly, but we’ll see in the morning!

B: Scrambled egg, fried egg, beans, bread roll, hash browns, fried bread, mini Belgian waffles, churros, chocolate sauce.
L: N/A
D: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, nutty cocoa bircher.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres + 3 black decaf coffees.

Fingers crossed we all get good losses tomorrow!