10lb by Easter challenge week 3


New week lads keep it tidy

10lb by Easter challenge week 2

Morning all. Weighing in at 0.8lb down on last week which is an achievement after paddy’s weekend and loads of Guinness. I expect this to be down more this week as progress has been made since the weekend


1.7lbs for the week. I’ll take it as that’s 4.6 for the challenge with a month to go. I’ve been working from home for the last few days which means easy access to the snack cupboard…I’ve been good with the 16/8 IF but I find myself reaching for the fun-size Bounties by mid-afternoon. I’ll crack it for the rest of the week as there are no temptations at work.


Dreadful day yesterday, got tired, ate way too much, has given me a 1.4 pound gain for the week so about back to square one for the challenge. First gain of the year. Feeling frustrated but will be back on it from today, hopefully its mostly water weight and this time next week i’ll be posting a big loss.


A whole 0.1kg off. That’s 0.24lbs.
Every little helps I suppose.

Hence the battle plan I posted last night.:+1:


As suspected, stupidly high loss coming off the back of 4 high calorie high volume weeks.

Been losing a steady 0.5-1lb a week on 3500+ calories for the last 4 weeks while I finished up the end of a heavy training cycle.

This week it was back to 2200, which in the past has been a good steady 1.5-2lb a week number and I’ve lost 6.5lbs. As I said last week I expected a big drop then maybe a small gain this week while I settle back into routine but now I really want to drop 1.3lb this week to go under 200 for the first time in what feels like forever!

I don’t really do before and afters but when things start fluctuating like that I can get lost in the numbers and forget where it all started.




Could have been worse. That all go easy this week


Great work @Ruary what a difference.

I’m down 1 for the week. Currently sat icing my foot so hoping can get plenty of exercise in this week but over did it the weekend I think.


Not bad considering you’ve been away this week matey


Up a tiny amount. To be expected after fish and chips, toby cavery and shed load of choccy all through last week. Great day yesterday, reasonable so far today. Gotta keep this up for good result next week

Get on the scales lads and log result (no matter what) on the weigh in thread


Seems like a tough week all round. My stomach feels dreadful today, I need to save this feeling and remember this is what comes of overeating!


Actually doing alright today.

Tuna salad & yogurt later, already put in. Bacon omelette deluxe between work & football, already put in. Football & dog walk later, already put in.

Only minor deviations from ‘the plan’, includng a packet of 79 calorie french fries.

Edit: plans changed, gave away place in football tonight, ate slightly more than planned, went for a run. Still a decent day. Oh and agreed to play a 2 hour session of football this coming sunday.


B branflakes yogurt and fruit
L 2x bag of snack a jacks
T 1 and 1/2 rounds of cheese sammich, lentil soup.
Goin 2 the gym shortly.
Then probs hav a wee few biscuits

Still havin these hunger problems


I think @atb88 was right youre not getting much protein in that diet, try adding something like lentils for a good meat free option thats low calorie and pretty cheap. You can make a decent soup just by boiling up red lentils with some curry powder, or whatever spices you fancy, throw in some carrots and onions for extra flavour.


Oh aye nice 1, u notice i got some lentil soup in 2day that was me thinkin of me protein lol
Am not veggie or owt but always keen on meat free proteins cos tend 2 b less cals n i cannit afford loadsa meat


Smashed it again today, buzzing :muscle:t3:

Breakfast; porridge and an apple
Lunch; risotto type ready meal and pack of fridge raiders
Dinner; Chicken & Cheese with rice and a muller light for dessert
Snacks; A banana, pepperami and a babybel

Exercise; Half hour on the cross trainer.

About 1,500 calories consumed and 500 burned with exercise.


Another pound off at the end of Week 2, so things are going to plan so far.

I did the Bradford 10k on Sunday, my first official attempt at the distance. Finished 2,423/2,432 in a time of 1:41:17, but am happy with the outcome. Well worth the two days of stiff and aching legs so far.

I’ve not been posting too often in the challenge threads, but have been staying accountable via the MVFIA groups.


Evening, all. Gained at football tonight which was disappointing, but unsurprising. Had a great game, we won 5 - 1 on the pitch which was a surprise, but after getting back to the train station, I imploded. I bought a sandwich, a big bag of crisps and a chocolate milkshake.

Walking from the bus stop back to the hotel and I passed a garage craving a Yorkie. There was a sign on the door saying to go to the out of hours counter and I couldn’t be arsed, felt embarrassed going up to the counter just for a bar of chocolate. Same at the next garage, got back to the hotel and got one out of the vending machine.

It’s my own fault for starving myself before weigh in if I’m honest. This week ahead, I’ll be hitting 1,800 calories a day maximum and intend to increase the steps again now I’m injury free in order to guarantee weight loss for the foreseeable future. All is not lost and top scorer will be mine by hook or by crook!

B: N/A
L: Soup.
D: Banana, salt and vinegar chickpeas, 2 protein energy bars.
S: 2 chocolates, 6 boiled sweets, egg, tomato and salad cream sandwich, 80g bag of crisps, chocolate milkshake, Yorkie.
E: Man v Fat football (18.5k steps).
W: Over 4 litres + 1 black decaf coffee.

I’ve got all the cravings out of my system and I’m back on track starting tomorrow morning. No cheat day, just all out weight loss! Feel free to kick me up the arse if I look like I’m swerving.


You are swerving all over the road lad. Need to reel that in before you do go mad. Long way to go but a long way come in a year. Get the focus back.