10lb by Easter challenge week 3


@Chocoholic - I’m going to be harsh here and ask WTF you are doing eating fish and chips when you’re on a weight loss journey? Carvery I can live with - plenty of protein and veggies, light on the spuds. Chocolate is always a temptation. I only buy 70% or higher now - it means I get my cacoa hit but cant eat too much (unlike a bag of fun size Bounties…)


@atb I admire your determination. You’ve come a long way and you’ll fall off the wagon every now and then. Recognising it and getting back to good habits is the key. No swerving - straight and narrow from here on in. I did actually have a packet of crisps in my hand last week and they nearly made it into the basket but I had a word with myself and put them back on the shelf.


Morning, gents. Feeling good, albeit a little bloated after yesterday. Plan of action today is omelette with beans for breakfast, whatever the vegetarian main at work is for lunch and a wrap and salad for dinner.

Exercise will probably be non-existent as I can feel my shin wanting to go again, so I’m gonna rest it up and make sure it doesn’t get worse like last time.

@Biffa94 - eggs are a great vegetarian source of protein, not sure why I forgot to mention them as I live off them!

Have a good day, gents, I’m hoping that by writing down my plan that it makes it easier to stick to it.


Not a great day yesterday. Started off well with porridge then had egg sandwich for lunch and cottage pie for dinner. But loads of snacking during the day that now seems unnecessary.back to it today though with a run and swim planned


Hopin 4 a good day n keep on top of hunger, not had breakfast cos early start, got lunch planned already tho.


Much better day for me yesterday, basically just skipped breakfast, snacked on fruit all morning, meal deal for lunch, protein shake in the evening, didnt feel hungry at all. Aiming for same again today plus a gym session at lunch.


Missus had week off work so we went for trips out in between my work. So it wasn’t a good week for eating, what with days and evenings out. As for fish and chips - was our first chippy of the year, was pre-planned with rest of my day’s food, and had a long windy walk along the quayside afterwards.

We both enjoyed the week and it actually strengthened our resolve to get back on track this week (which we have)


Nice one mate. Feels good to be back on track doesn’t it!


This might sound like a controversial thing to say mate, but a packet of crisps really won’t do you harm. If you want crisps, eat crisps, fair play for putting them down but for me personally, if i had the craving, I’d eat them, you can’t cut everything you like out otherwise once you get where you want to be (or if you have a bad day) you’ll eat it all and undo all your bad work.


Already added to my intake at breakfast with 2 veggie sausages and a protein bar. All good though, I’m in control.


100% mate. I feel so much better in myself now I’m eating well and exercising. Those few moments when you eat crap are really not worth it.


I have crisps every day. Always have.

French Fries are 79 calories a packet from a multipack. Frazzles something like 87. Space Raiders approx 58.

Just dont go for 150g share bags of any product.


Increasing the water intake at work this week.

When I first replace the fizzy pop, I was drinking 3-4 litres of water. Over time, started on the various flavoured green teas & 3 or 4 of them is a lot less fluid. And I probably don’t make up for it at home either. Even when I get back from a run, I literally only seem to have a mouthful of water…

…so another potential reason why things slow up.

At about 1.5 litres for the day so far.


At gym now. Chest and arms workout - getting ready for t-shirt weather! Determined not to look such a blob this spring and summer :muscle:


Loving this weather dining Al fresco for first time this year. 370 calories for this if I can finish it


Day is going pretty well so far, currently on 800 calories, got a couple of oranges for snack later and planning a protein shake this evening. Havent made it to the gym yet, will be taking a late lunch break.

UPDATE: made it to the gym, feeling shattered, hope that means it’s working :wink:


Been invited last minute to a family birthday party. Not really too happy as I was hoping to go to the gym after work. I will have to go tomorrow morning now and drag myself out of bed.

Have to avoid the cake at the party too.


I’m now actually craving a good fish supper…if anyone is familiar with Aberdeen something along the lines of the Ashvale Whale springs to mind. Takes a brave man to finish on of those.


Control is my problem. My wife always says that when it comes to eating I don’t have an off switch. A grab size bag of chips would never be enough, a few Pringles from the tube just aint going to happen. So my strategy has to be abstinence. If it’s not there I cant eat it. If its in front of me I’ll wolf down the lot.
This is my biggest psychological issue when it comes to food. I recognise it, my family recognise it and I have lots of strategies to combat this.
We never put the serving dishes on the dinner table anymore, I avoid buffets at all cost, I’ll sit farthest from the snacks when we go out, i use a smaller plate than everyone else. All works on keeping me under my calorie count.


Someone brought M&S chocolate biscuits into work. I can smell them.