10lb by Easter challenge week 3


Mirdif👍🏻 I’ve actually thought about fish and chips next week. Wife will be working nearby. Closest to home as I’ve seen


The only ones we buy at Christmas. Especially the Belgium selection.


Resisted all the bad food today, proud of myself, especially as the cakes in the canteen looked incredible and the biscuits smelt unreal!

B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette, beans, 2 veggie sausages.
L: Sweet potato curry, rice and naan, with salad and chutney.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap and salad.
S: Protein bar.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 3 black decaf coffees.

I’ve gone over what I planned by 2 veggie sausages and a protein bar, all in all a good day. My shin feels better but my hip has been at me all day, hoping it’s just soreness from football and that today’s rest sorts it out.

Hope you’re all having a good one!


After posting last night I got peckish and ended up at 1460 calories consumed.

Tonight is at 1420 but I am only just about to have a mackerel salad followed by yogurt (already in the total.)

I think 1400 to 1500 calories is the lowest I can cope with so we shall be happy at those levels now (will add a late night snack to the plan & add something to lunch.)

Add in exercise & it’s still a good start to the week…


Had a good day today. Decided to try something a bit different though, some people might not agree with this but a friend of mine recommended it as it worked for him. So I’ve worked out that if I consume 2,000 calories a day I’m on track for a 2lb a week weight loss. Ive decided to set my calorie limit on MFP as 1,500 and then I won’t count any calories from fruit & veg. I’m unlikely to go over 500cals in these so then this way by not counting the fruit and veg it makes me less likely to go for a chocolate bar as the fruit is essentially a “free hit”. What do people think of this idea? Tell me if it sounds stupid but I think it might actually work…


Sounds good to me mate. A sensible way to lose weight with some science to it too. @Darren_Welch is using a baseline calorie amount and tracking his foods too. MFP is good. I use it every now and then to make sure I’m not eating more calories than I think I am.

2000 calories is actually quite a lot of healthy food too. Just stay away from my nemesis - choc and sweet stuff or it will soon add up!


If it works for you, great. If you eat 1,000 calories of fruit and veg a day, you may as well have a chocolate bar or 4 though. Naturally, the best way is to track everything, but if it works for you, happy days!


So the 1500 calories will just be for meat and any other (non fruit and veg) carbs then?


I couldn’t cope with that amount of cals each day, I’d be screaming for crap food if I did that! You’ll be dropping the pounds quickly though is you stick to intake that plus all the exercise you do


Literally everything but fruit and veg mate


Fruit & veg keeps you fuller for much longer though. I can have an apple at say 11 and it’ll keep me satisfied for a few hours until lunch, if I eat a chocolate bar, I’ll just want another one!


Honestly? Fruit does nothing for me, if anything, it makes me hungrier. Lucky bastard! :joy:


Genuine! Stuff like oranges do nothing for me, bananas I need to have with something and I could eat a whole punnnet of grapes in one sitting but apples seem to fill me up big time for some reason


I had crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast this morning. Was absolutely starving an hour later. When I have (my usual) porridge with almond milk and fruit that fills me up for a lot longer


That’s why my elevenses always includes an apple & a banana.


Not saying its the fruit, I mean the meal generally is more filling


The current level LoseIt allows to lose 1kg a week at my weight & height is 1796.

It’s not that much effort to live on 1500 calories.
(Although the weeks when I have been eating 2300 seem like banquets ha ha). You just cut calories in obvious places like not having a spoonful of peanut butter in porridge…

Changed my mind about mackerel salad & had 2 poached eggs with half a tin of baked beans, on 2 slices of toast from a warburtons danish loaf.

B porridge
E apple, banana
L soup, liberte yogurt, seabrooks lamb & mint crisps (tut, tut)
D egg & beans on toast, yogurt, french fries crisps
S BBQ dairylea dunker

The above comes in at 1434 calories & I’ve eaten a fair bit of food including some junk.

Fluids now at about 4 litres

Did a 3km run this evening.


Jack’s Plaice in Sports City is apparently not bad.


Morning lads. Havin me cereal n yogurt. Gonna giv greggs new soup a blast at lunch. Think its spicy chicken. Only 135cals ago. Veg stir fry 4 tea. Got it all planned see


Stuck to my word and went to the gym today. Did more than I planned and did 40 mins instead of 30, don’t think I’ve sweated so much in my life!!!