10lb by Easter challenge week 3


I’m definitely in mate. This group is helping me big time.
Had an okay day today, about 2k calories. Slightly over what I would have hoped for but should still be a deficit and it’s a Saturday so not too bad really.

Breakfast; Scrambled Egg & Avocado on toast
Lunch; protein bar and half of my girlfriends wrap
Dinner; Chicken wrapped in houmous with mixed veg and stuffed mushrooms
Snack; Maltesers and a bag of popcorn.


Bit of a calorie overload today, undone by chocolate biscuits. About 1000 calories worth at lunchtime & nothing else. When offset against the week so far, I find myself still about 1000 calories below the combined daily allowances, but I must not let that happen again…

Went for a run this evening & scored a new best time for 3km, so not all bad.


Decent day food wise, skipped breakfast, toast 4 lunch, ckicken fajita salad n rice thing 4 tea.

Had abit of a funny moment tho. Like for a fair while i had a horrible feeling like i can rly strongly feel my heart beating like it was gona explode but it felt slow. Uuh. It didnt feel like anxiety heart racing it was different. Dunno what that was about, probs 2 much caffine or summit, it passed after abit but it made me hav a mini fear like scary 2 feel wrong in ur heart. In made me think about it mite scare me if i ended up with health problems cos of my weight. Iv never rly worried about my health in that way b4 so i suppose thays another reason 2 stick with the diet


Evening, all, danced from Hyde Park to Parliament Square today in the People’s Vote March. Had an absolute ball of a day, loved it!

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, apple and peanut butter pot.
L: Banana.
D: Vegan burger with sweet potato fries, coleslaw and hummus.
S: Banana.
E: People’s Vote March - 34k steps.
W: Over 5 litres, 1 black decaf coffee, 1 alcohol free beer.

@Biffa94 - keep an eye on your heart, mate, if you get anything else like that, get to the out of hours doctors.


I’m here ! Gotta bust through this plateau. Its doing y head in . Cals at or under 2000 . May have to shoot for 1500 for a few weeks but have increased exercise and that has me ravenous after my run or long walks .


I’m on the dreaded plateau right now. Scales don’t seem to be moving. I’m sticking to the 16/8 IF but I do find I have a sugar craving late afternoon…Being at work is OK as there are no temptations but it’s amazing what I can find at home to gorge on when the need hits. Plan is to go for fruits more rather than Hobnobs and Bounties - obvious really.
Hoping to break though the 21st barrier for good this week.


Morning, gents. Scales looked exceedingly good this morning, a 7lbs swing from yesterday which is bizarre. Fingers crossed the swing is in my favour on Tuesday!

After this week, I’ll stop weighing daily as it plays with my head, was just concerned after showing a gain last Tuesday. All is well though! Have a good day!


Aye ill keep an eye on it. Its a tricky 1 cos part of me is think oh this mite b bad. But another part think ah its probs nowt. An i worry cos ppl always go on about ppl wasting the nhs by go 4 not good reason so then ill b guilty of that so its hard 2 kno what do 4 the best , i am always v aware of being a burden which i hav been in my life


Thats not Bizzare thats Dark Magic


I would go either way. You just never know. At least get checked out


It’s what it’s there for, mate. I’ve been a few times because of my palpitations and I’m glad I did, it’s (almost) confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with my heart which has put me at ease

If you get any more, go to the doctors, mate.


Mad, isn’t it? I’ll probably be up 5lbs tomorrow. :joy:


Despite the ‘little’ lapse yesterday, sneak peek suggests still heading downwards…


Aye yous r right, theres nowt wrong in seein the dr on a genuine concern even if it turns out nothin.
Glad things is lookin up 4 u healthwise @atb88

Havin a toastie in a bit. Thinkin pasta 4 tea


The moment has come, I’ve had an ice cream. The whippy man came round today for the first time this year and I couldn’t resist. This will be my downfall this summer I know it, on a hot day ice cream is my kryptonite


Have you tried Halo Top, or Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria?

Both on offer for £3 & £2.50 at the moment.


So this week’s core ‘vegetables in a sauce’ is…

Sweet chilli & garlic. 2 packets of this stir fry sauce cost less than a quid.

This time ingredients were
360g beansprouts
2 large portobello mushrooms
1 medium onion
200g peppers
tin of tomatoes.

632 calories in total, so divided in 4 = 158 per portion.

Add rice or some chicken breast as you see fit.
Or like me, use as a quick low calorie lunch in the microwave as it is.


Ee i had that exact 1 the other nite sweet chilli n garlic. It was decent


Yeah I’ve tried it mate. I quite like it but nothing beats a good 99 with a flake, or even better some proper clotted cream ice cream from my local farm shop, any ice cream in a tub just doesn’t cut it, looking forward to trying the Halo top on a stick though once it’s a reasonable price


Then i discovered I had left the frozen peppers out so they had defrosted…

…so a batch of sticky pineapple & chilli veg was also made…

Used 400g peppers, 2 portobello mushrooms an onion & beansprouts. Tomato wouldn’t be right for this dish. 3 batches this time. 641 calories, so approx 214 per portion. The sauce is little bit higher in calories but so worth it.