10lb by Easter challenge week 4


New week lads. 3 and half weeks to go

10lb by Easter challenge week 3

Alright all. Posting a 2.6lb loss today. Brings me to 4.6lb for the challenge. Good day yesterday for me and a few calories deficit days have helped me in my way.
Good luck folks
I updated this as I had an @atb and the weight changed👍🏻


Are you calling me a shit?

-10lbs this week… challenge over, I’m off for a pizza.

I’m not really, I’ve got football tonight and I’m hoping that loss stays with me throughout the day. Last week’s gain was clearly fluid retention so this definitely isn’t 10lbs of fat loss in one week!

Have a great day, gents. Hope the gods of the @pooballs are with you and you have a fair result on the scales.


Went backwards this week by 2 & a bit lbs.

It’ll be the weekend, it’ll be a bit of water retention. We go again.


2nd toilet trip of the morning!


Lowest before I leave for work counts…


Morning all, sorry for the lack of posting, its been a busy and fairly lax weekend. I was off work yesterday and today which hasnt helped my drive, need to work on staying morivated even without the structure of the working day. Having said that a 2.5 pound loss for the week which puts me to 30 for the year as a whole! I would have liked more after last weeks gain but im still very pleased to have reached this milestone. Big push from now until Easter, lets see where we end up!


2.5lb gain for the week, not that surprising since I ate out Friday/Saturday/Sunday and was expecting a bit of a rebound anyway after dropping 6+ last week.

I find a gain less frustrating when I can look back at what I’ve been doing and see a clear reason for it, so although I’m not exactly happy with it, I find it much easier to just crack on after that than when I feel like I’ve done everything right and I’m not seeing progress.

Still 5lb down for the challenge so far so pretty much on target for the 10lb by easter and seeing the other side of 200.


Biggest one I know. Well done on getting back on track


Not for much longer. :wink:


I’m not going to change my data for the week.
It is what it is, it will level itself out again next week.


Gym done again this morning. Really struggled doing it the day after football. The Mrs is spending the weekend with the in-laws so house to myself. I’m planning on spending every morning this week in the gym as I’ll probably get bored without her around, but also without having to worry about what I’m eating around her, and the fact that I have to cook my own meals, I hope I don’t end up binging on takeaways.


Lads try this see if it works

It’s the weekly weigh in sheet that mike Christopher puts on. I don’t even know how I got access. Let me know if it works. It’s sheet 1. I use google sheets. Lots of info on that


Makings of a good day.

Quick snack then Soccerworld & a late dinner to go. Tuna salad maybe.


Going through a ridiculously frustrating period of weight plateau, where I’m just hovering between a gap of about 5lb, and which has been running for nearly 6 weeks now.

Today’s weigh in has me back up close to the starting weight for the challenge (a 0.4lb total loss so far).

I’m still tracking and posting regularly in my MVFIA group, and trying to weight patiently for the losses to kick in again.


Ahah !!! I have found your problem @Riffman117 . Instead of “Waiting” patiently for Weight losses to kick in you have been " Weight ing " and therein lies your problem .
Dad jokes , I love em .

Yesterday I had an Atrial fibrillation all day and well into the night . Had to take a medication to revert my heart and that knocks you out big time . Today is nothing day , no work no run ( was looking forward to W2D1 ) nudda. Tomorrow I should be ok and will do my W2D1 then Saturday morning will do my first ParkRun .
Let’s keep punching !


1st of 3 football sessions between now and saturday done. Can tell I played mostly in defence tonight, decent game though & got in a lot of blocks. Covered 2.90km so slightly less than normal, pacing myself ha ha!

Probably won’t do any dog & jog this week, mutt will have to make do with just walkies.

Tuna salad when I get back, also going to treat myself to 3 coconut mallows when I get home, and the other 3 after football on thursday.

With everything accounted for it’s still a good day.


Not a bad day for me today, protein shake, bread roll, creme egg then vegetable cottage pie. Around 2000 calories so a sound start to the week, aiming for that every day from now on, hopefully increase my exercise too starting with gym after work tomorrow.


Just a little 0.5lb weight loss this week. Plateau time is annoying but the scales are still heading downwards if at a very slow rate. I will re-evaluate my TDEE and make sure I’m accurately tracking and maintaining a 1000 cal deficit.


Loss of 1lb for the week and a good start to the week that even covered enough space for a beer. Whilst weight loss isn’t ever as much as I hope it’s becoming easier to make good decisions


If I level off for more than 2/3 week I normally drop 100cals from my allowance and see if that fires things up again, if you’ve lost a decent amount of weight since you first did your calculations or your activity levels have changed it might be worth doing the calculations again just to double check you’re in the right area.

I’m daily weighing again at the moment as I’m just off the back of a a very high calorie cycle so trying to get a handle on what my body needs now. I don’t really recommend daily weighs as is it can be mess with your head a bit but it certainly helps you see what impacts different things you do impact your weight. For example Monday was heavy squats +2lb Tuesday, last night running intervals -2.5lb this morning, I ate exactly the same food each day (meal prep life :man_facepalming:) so even though long term what you eat makes the changes what you do definitely can have a significant impact on the scale.