10lb by Easter challenge week 4


Morning, gents, sorry for the late update. Hit 10% at football which was great, been wanting it for 3 weeks so it was nice that it finally came!

We played the best team in the league and got beat 4 - 0, but we had to borrow 2 players as we had many absentees, so it was a great result for us in the grand scheme of things. I’m getting positive comments on my mobility improvements which really does give me a boost!

B: N/A
L: Soup.
D: Banana, 2 protein energy bars, 2 packs of salt and vinegar chickpeas.
S: Egg and cress sandwich, chocolate flapjack.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 4 litres.

I seem to be past the injuries now so looking forward to getting my steps up again!


Yesterday was a great day food-wise and had a decent day with exercise too.

Breakfast; Porridge & a banana
Lunch; Sushi, fridge raiders and an apple
Dinner; Turmeric chicken ready meal and muller light yoghurt
Snacks; Walkers fusion crisps and fibre one bar

Exercise - 30 mins on cross trainer


Just realised if I complete this challenge I will be under 100kg which would be amazing


Posted on wrong week

Evening all. Today marks the end of controlled eating. Visitors for the next week and half and it’s out everyday. Be it buffet breakfasts buffet lunches(mother’s day) brunch all drink and eat. It’ll be impossible to keep track but we’ll see. No gym today as I’ve been running about preparing for impending arrival in the morning.
Breakfast today was a good start toast and boiled eggs
Lunch baps with chicken and cheese
Dinner we had dish and chips and it was a waste of calories. Went to a place we been to before and they did fish and chips like back home. Just wasn’t at the races today and it felt like a waste. Anwyay it’s on the blacklist now. Haven’t drank as much water so I’ll ger in that now.

Snacks some Oreo and some cheese crackers.

Looks like a big day for me today. Counted around 2200 calories which as you know is a lot more than I usually eat.

On the plus weight was down today to 266 which is another lowest. Nearly hit 18 stone for the first time in I don’t know how long. I’ll get this week and a bit out of the way and then all systems go to the summer.


Today’s numbers.

Had a good swim earlier. Trying to stop eating late but with new job which I love is proving hard


Poorly today, 3 trips the loo before I even went to work, finally slowed up as the day progressed but assume was a bug rather than consumption.

Having a rest night, sandwich between 2 football nights.


Breakfast; Porridge & Peanut Butter with banana & apple bit later
Lunch; Duck noodle salad
Dinner; shepherds pie (homemade by my Nan, so as expected a massive portion!)
Snack; pepperami and half a share bag of starburst.
Exercise; 30mins cross trainer

Started off fine but then as usual my Nan overfed me! Had quite a few starburst and an extra portion of dinner but I don’t think it was too bad


Morning, gents. Yesterday’s effort:

B: 2 dry brown toast, 2 veggie sausages, beans, protein bar.
L: Soup, veggie curry, rice and naan bread.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap, salad, small piece of cheese.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres.

Have a great day! Make better choices and do yourself proud.


Morning all, good day for me yesterday, lots of fruit for breakfast and snacks, meal deal for lunch and protein shake in the evening. Came to 1800 calories.

Exercise 20 minutes HIIT, 40 minutes weights.

Plan for today is the same calorieswise, 30 minutes steady state cardio.


@Greenballs Same here - kids back from Uni for Spring Break. Plenty of socialising but I’m going to try and stay off the booze. BBQ and salads for me I think. Just hope the weather picks up…


Mackerel Salad & Oppo ice cream later, after an hour at Soccerworld. All accounted for in these figures.

Lunch is only 296 calories.


You know the score. Good luck with bbq after yesterday’s weather. Should be ok for 6 months now :metal:t2:


Healthy defeciet on calories, 18000 steps, a 2.5 mile run. All in all a good day


I indulged in a chocolatey treat and actually ended up on 1950 ish calories.

Still a deficit of over 500 due to football though.

Week to date looking good, obvs Friday isn’t fully input yet.


B: N/A
L: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes.
D: N/A
S: Sesame seed and acai berry square.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 2 black decaf coffees.


Decent day yesterday, lots of fruit and veg in the morning. Meal deal lunch, protein shake in the evening. I had space in my calories so treated myself to a bag of crisps and a creme egg on the way home. Not a problem as a one off but snacking on the way home is a habit I would like to kick. Also I didnt make it to the gym, I find it very hard to motivate myself on days when I’m not planning to do weights. From next week I’ll be killing two birds with one stone by replacing gym cardio with walking to a station a but further away with no shops.

Plan for today, 500ish calories of fruit and veg. Out for lunch with a friend 1000 calories, evening protein shake 450 calories. Also have a weights session in the gym this eve. Good luck all, happy Friday!


Morning, fellas. Lot going on yesterday, sorry for the short, late post.

Off to my echocardiogram, fingers crossed there’s nothing wrong with my heart! Have a good day!


Sneaky peek on the scales at almost halftime in the week & smashing it… need to keep it up over the weekend, playing 11 a side tomorrow will help, 3rd match of any kind in 5 days…


Good luck @atb88.

Hi Guys, not been around for this challenge as I figured I didn’t need to lose 10 lbs more, and wanted to experiment with ‘normalising’ going forward. I have to say putting on and losing weight are both relatively easy - you just consume more or less calories… but balancing to stay the same requires much tighter control. I have struggled over the last 3 weeks, and a chat with @atb persuaded me that rather than just lurking and watching the impressive results you guys are making, maybe I should get involved again.

As of this morning I am 0.2lbs above where I was at the end of the last challenge/start of this one. On the face of it a 0.2 lb fluctuation over 3 weeks sounds good, but belies the intermediate range of -0.6 to +6.8 lbs (why are the pluses always bigger than the minuses :thinking:). So back on the plan for a few weeks to try and ‘stabilise’ again.


Not sure if you’ve had it yet mate but good luck if you haven’t.