10lb by Easter challenge week 4


Cheers, lads. Results next week so fingers crossed until then!

Glad to have you back with us, @Unimatrix0, hopefully breathe a bit of life into the thread!


Sorry I’ve not posted the past few days. Had some sad news end of last week and missus is poorly again, so been busy trying to balance a lot of things.

Also been bit down in the dumps with my weight/eating. Saying that I’ve been slightly better eating so far this week and still keeping the exercise up (3 x gym visits so far this week, weights and swimming) plus lots of long walks.

Hope you’re all having a good week. And welcome back @Unimatrix0


Just caught up on the thread and looks like you boys are smashing it this week!


You know it helps to contribute here. You can give alot to those here. And I know a lot of us took a lot from the Xmas one. Welcome back.


Evening lads. Home from brunch which involved food and beer at a hotel for hours and then to the pub for more. It is that it is. All are in bed and I’m sitting having a beer. Food wise much of the same planned with beer in there somewhere. I’m the only man and they’ve invited me to a ladies night. No better man I’d say so we’ll see how that goes later in the week. Only thing is they drink
For free. C)n*%.
Haven’t seen the visitors for years and my weight has been the talk. And looks to be giving people a boost when they go back. As I said in my thread a few weeks back if I can anyone can and this is fact. Ireland in the summer is a bit a way so that’s the goal.
Keep it up lads


Good day today, hit my targets and good gym session. I’ve struggled a bit with the weekends recently so will spend this evening coming up with a sensible plan for tomorrow.


Morning, gents. Apologies again for the late post, I’ve had a crazy few days, but I’m keeping up with all your posts as best I can. I said at the start that I’d struggle to keep going, sorry boys!

B: N/A
L: Veg katsu curry with rice, veg gyoza.
D: 1/2 vegetable pizza.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres.

Met a former colleague for lunch at Wagamama yesterday and was shocked to learn that my food had nearly 1,400 calories and over 150g of carbs… I’ll be looking at menus in advance for nutritional information going forward.

In other news, my parents bought me the away Everton shirt in 3xl… and it fits! It’s the slightest bit snug, but I haven’t gotten into a football shirt since I was 19, so I’m absolutely over the moon!

Bought some new boots which fit perfectly too for half price on Sports Direct! Looking forward to busting them out on Tuesday night. Just gotta pray that I don’t get addicted to buying boots like I do trainers!

Hope you all have a strong weekend, gents, I’ll try and pick up my posting a little bit!


Ha I went through a phase of buying different pairs of boots, only have 2 pairs at the moment (Nike Tiempo & Adidas Copa)… trainers however, well I don’t have as many as I used to but let’s just say I have bought 4 pairs since new year and already eyeing up another running pair, that are simply a different colour to a pair I already have. :rofl:

Mind you here’s a few of the boots in my saved for later on Amazon…

2 years ago it was £250 a month on smokes & £100-200 on takeways, but both long since consigned to history… so go on… have those trainers or boots. :+1:


Not a great day yesterday.

Loads of food left that I had bought to prove I can eat ‘normally’ - bread, cheese, potatoes, wine. All things that trigger me to eat more. Will try to use up over the next couple of days so that I can start ‘clean’ on Tuesday. Coupled with only managing to walk about 5 miles and spending a couple of hours working in the garden (replacing fence panels and hacking down nature), I feel bloated and have backache. Who wants to be ‘normal’ anyway :grinning:


Absolutely right. Rewarding yourself for achievements that don’t mean returning to old patterns is the key I think (ie not saying “I’ve lost half a stone so ill have a pizza fest” - who would do such a thing :thinking:).

Interesting pic. So they only have one red boot and one blue boot… could be a new trend I guess. :rofl:

I need to get some new walking shoes/boots. I’m dreading it. My current pair took about 6 months of occasional walking to wear in, and after about a year of regular walking are starting to fall apart, but are now really comfortable even over long distances (18 miles+). I have another pair that I am trying to break in, but even on distances of around 5 miles result in blooded toes, so may abandon them for something more comfortable.


11 a side done, the whole 80 minutes.

Really pleased with my gameplay today.
And look at the ground covered.


Same. I only wish i actually added up how much i use 2 spend on fags n takeaways so i cud apprecite it properly. But its alot less nowadays thats all i kno. Id love 2 treat meself 2 some new trainers. Not 4 the gym just 2 look cool hahaha


Am out 4 a meal 2nite, not plannin 2 go mad or owt but just has soup n a couple of biscuits all day so hopefully got a bit room :slight_smile:

Massively overdone it on the coffee, had it breakfast n snacks, feel like am on the whizz omg


Bit of weekly batch cooking.

Spiced kebab Oumph! (decided to give it another go) with stir fry veg & chinese BBQ sauce.

And the calories, divided into 3 makes it 230 calories a portion.


My head has shrunk even more. Haven’t used these headphones for a little while but my bluetooth ones went flat earlier. Don’t need expanding anymore!

Last time:



Pretty good day today, about 400 calories fruit and veg, 750 calories pasta, 700 calorie soup and a 250 calorie ice cream. Probably could have done without the ice cream as its put me 100 calories over budget, will aim for more control tomorrow.


Am done for the day, was about 60 calories over yesterday more than covered by today.

Same today, as ventured into doughnut territory but after running my socks off at football, there was room for manoeuvre.

Certainly hoping for at least 2-3 lbs by tuesday.


Evening, all. Bit tired so will keep this short.

B: N/A
L: 4 egg cheese, onion and pepper omelette with sriracha, tomatoes and 3 small slices of garlic bread.
D: Rumbledethumps.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’re all having a good one!


I’ve had a crap day today. Went to the gym but I just can’t stop eating tonight, anyone else get that when you want to eat everything but nothing will satisfy you?


Hey @josh yep get that whenever I do carbs. Even a skanky bag of crisps at 20 grams is enough to start the downfall. A Jacket potato or a sandwich just lead to mindless vacuuming of everything in the cupboards and fridge. Hence my low carb ‘reboot’ starting as soon as this sh!t has gone, hopefully back to ‘low carb’ by Monday.