10lb by Easter challenge week 4


Big day 4 safc 2day am lookin 4ward 2 it, mite hav afew cans while am listening. Gonna try n b sensible otherwise tho


Maybe that was my problem!! I never usually have crisps, if I have a meal deal or whatever I usually have fruit but I thought as it’s a Saturday I’d treat myself, so I actually had 2 bags of crisps when I was at football and since then it went downhill.


Yeah i get that, just got to do what you can to get to the end of the day then make up for it over the next few days


Carbs that are snacks have what scientists call ‘a bliss point’.

They leave you wanting more, because you enjoyed them. Food manufacturers spend a fortune on the science behind this, it was explained in the tv show I was on briefly at the start of the year.

It is why cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets etc don’t actually satiate your hunger & why most cereal bars are just as bad as the above.





It’ll be more than you lot win this season!


We’ll see. Nothing like a bitter toffee.


What was the programme called? Sounds pretty interesting. Can you watch it anywhere online?


Shan lol




So close but Play Up Pompey it seems…
Edit: Damn Mackems have equalised…


It was called Britains Fights Fat, 3 episodes were last year & the final one was this year.

If you find it, I am near the start if episode 4, briefly mentioning jaffa cakes. :rofl:


Am fckin gutted, i just hope it lost me afew pounds, had me sweatin!!!


This days been pure shit from start 2 finish tbh
Ate ok tho. Cheese sandwich n crisps 4 lunch, lentil soup n toast 4 tea, bag of maltesers apple


Unlucky. At least Liverpool won. Another late goalkeeping howler.

Ever have a feeling that your luck keeps on coming? :slight_smile:


I feel the opposite. But am a big optimist so it always takes me by suprise haha


Evening, gents.

B: Two lightly buttered brown toast.
L: Salad, coleslaw, homemade potato salad, 3 boiled eggs.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Good night!


Were u not hungry? Sorry i dont mean 2 criticise i just hoped u were ok n everything


Morning all, ups and downs yesterday, 5 egg omelette, bread roll, that lasted me till dinner then I had a curry followed by popcorn in the evening. Over my calorie goal but hopefully still in deficit. On a more positive note I had a cheeky weigh in this morning, looks like I could be on for a decent loss this week!


A little bit after breakfast but the salad was massive and kept me going until I got to my room. Once I was there, I wasn’t moving. :joy: