10lb by Easter challenge week 4


Knew i was gona eat loads 2day. Just hungry n burnt out.Already had 2 bowls of cereal n a pasty (low cal 1 tho). Just tryna keep it healthy as possible


Took my mum out for a carvery yesterday, it was cheat day (but more controlled than before, apart from that I had quite a good day, only other food was a bowl of granola)

Smack bang on it again today. I did go in the gym both days of the weekend though


Aah ur a good lad, i think that gets a pass


what are the low cal pasties called? i looove pasties but i try and avoid them due to the calories/carbs.


Its called balanced choice ones at greggs, theyr under 300 cals :grinning:


Oh nice have seen the balanced choice sandwiches but not pasties


So are they just smaller or something?

Today I have had a bacon & sausage panini with chips plus jaffa cakes and couldn’t give a f***. :+1: Hard work done for the week & tomorrow is my birthday, even taking the day off work!. :grin:


Nah, am wise 2 that trick haha, these i think its a different kind of pastry what must b lower fat n they hav different filling like curry which i suppose can b healthy


Offset earlier with an evening meal full of vegetables and under 200 calories on the plate. Yes it probably looks a weird combo in a chilli sauce but I like all the ingredients.

And the figures are still decent.

Didn’t want a big chocolate cake for my birthday but will be have a little of both of these tomorrow.

Weighin in the morning, even if I have lost a decent amount, it will all be declared, no holding any back to cover for birthday cake…


Happy birthday mate


Happy birthday for tomorrow, red!

Another good day and the scales are looking ridiculous… not sure if it’s the floor in the hotel room, but football will confirm it tomorrow night.

B: Porridge with golden syrup, yogurt, granola and strawberry compote.
L: Black bean tostata with guacamole.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

I guess I’m intermittent fasting at the minute… strange. It works though. Massive calorie deficit no doubt.


Not going to weigh in until Thursday - no scales in my cheap hotel…I know there’ll be some great results from you guys this week. Not long to go till Easter. Who’s planning the next challenge? It will be exactly 2 months from Easter to Summer Solstice - is a 9 week challenge too long?


New one’s up, lads.