10lb by Easter challenge week 5


I’ll get this one going. My scales show me down 10lbs… then 8lbs… then 9.75lbs…

I’m in a different hotel and the floor surface is different so I’m gonna weigh in at football tonight to see what the actual difference is before deciding on a weight. Might just jump on again and see if it picks one!

Have a good one all.

10lb by Easter challenge week 4

Blimey well if its close to any of those thats a great week! Im down 3.8, pretty happy with that, getting me near the 2.5 stone mark for the year, just got to keep going.


Take the lowest, plenty in reserve for next week & it will balance out in the long run.

Whichever you choose, you have had another astounding week.

2.87lbs loss here, nearly 6lbs for the challenge so far. Happy with that.


As for birthday calories, here’s my thinking.

My lose it app is assuming I lose 2.2lbs in a week at the figures it provides. So even if I ate an extra 3500 calories today, on top of the daily allowance, I should have still lost weight a week from now. Bring on the cake.

Right now we are having a Quorn Spag Bol with tear & share tomato & garlic bread for lunch.
Missus is under the weather, so I am happy to cook still.

And yes, I still calculated the content. 522 calories including the bread & sprinkling of cheese.


Happy birthday @Darren_Welch. Can’t deny the logic of your calculations. Enjoy your day :tada:

Today I was 175.0 lbs. At the end of the last challenge I was 174.2, so not massively worried (as I previously said I was trying to do ‘normal’ ), particularly considering my epic efforts to eat up all of the sh!t food I had recently bought by the weekend. That having been said that’s equivalent to about 17 lbs a year gain - and the light bulb comes on!!

For me the biggest victory is my % body fat and water. When I started trying to lose weight my body fat was 34.something %. Not sure what my water content was but has always been mid 50s I think. As of today my %fat is 17.8, and my water over 62%. Well chuffed. Might get that 6 pack before I die after all - or end up looking like skeletor :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Astounded (and disappointed) with the scales this morning. Weighed in yesterday and it said I was on to lose 0.8lbs which I was content with. Yet today it said up 1lb! Can’t be a 1.8lb swing in 24 hours!

That could have sent me spiralling down (or to the shop for choccy) but not letting it happen. 16000 steps so far today and eaten really well

Happy birthday @Darren_Welch enjoy your day mate


1.8 lbs is less than a kilo. A litre of water weighs a kilo (right??). So if you were dehydrated yesterday and then drank ‘normally’ today that could more than account for it.

I know we have had the daily vs weekly weigh in argument on here for ever, but IMHO by w/i daily you can average out, whereas if you only w/i once a week you are dependant on only the previous day not screwing you over, and can’t pinpoint areas where things went wrong so easily.


Sorry, should have said I weighed in 3 or 4 times over the week - and each day it was the same weight. Except today when it was 1.8lbs heavier!

But you’re right - it evens itself out in the end. I’ve not been disciplined enough lately. I can do it for a day or 2 then slip. Whereas on the pancake challenge there were a lot more “good” eating days (and the results speak for themselves) There have been reasons, but I know I can do better. Like I have today so far


Then well done on today mate!

We all struggle from time to time. I know I can have a ‘perfect’ day, then the munchies hit - and it’s bl00dy hard to not give in (trust me - my old ‘goto’ was pie n chips,with a battered sausage).

I’m not gonna profess to know what will help you, but for me having Raspberries, Cherries, Blueberries etc in the freezer is great. I also have 0fat greek yogurt in the fridge. If I get the munchies I’ll either have a bowl of frozen fruit (cools you down, tastes great, low cal) or I’ll mix and match with yogurt to make a ‘frozen’ smoothie. Seriously nice. Seriously low Cal. Seriously filling. Just my thoughts pal. Hope it helps a bit :grinning:


Thanks mate I appreciate that

Yep I have berries in the freezer, chuck them on my porridge most mornings. Definitely a winner

Pie and chips… PLUS a battered sausage? :scream: must admit, that sounds bloody lovely right now haha


Results back from the echocardiogram… ALL CLEAR!

My heart is fine so I’m gonna throw myself about the pitch tonight. :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Nice one mate!!!


ahh mate. You take the top off the chicken and mushroom pie, then use the sausage to scoop out the insides. Once done the crust can be folded over chips to create a chip pie!

Seriously?? How can you not know this :rofl:


Hahaha! Very creative I must say


Had a crap day today, eaten everything in sight. I’ve gone and pulled my groin and not likely to play next week so I feel like I have an excuse to eat crap until the next time I weigh in. I’m trying to eat well but my subconscious is winning!

On the plus side, I’ve lost 2lb.


3300 calories and I feel absolutely sick. Seriously, my body is not used to this & saying WTF. Going to bed.


Whats the secret @atb88 ? Thats an awesome loss for the week . I went up just over 3lbs . That chocolate bar was my undoing, that and the chips etc etc .

Might have to go Vegetarian ?

Nahhhh !!!


Go through an emotional ordeal and eat nothing.


Only ate 2 digestive untill evening then had 4 birdseye spicy chicken fillets in bread, fair few cherry tomatos, couple more biscuits
No exercise exept walk, got me class 2moro


Thats my life except the eat nothing part :wink: