10lb by Easter challenge week 6


New thread lads

10lb by Easter challenge week 5

Morning all
Few pound up on 2 weeks ago but I’ve noticed it has dropped from a high at the start of the week. Lost what I could for the visitors for a buffer and seems to have paid off. Back in the zone and ready to keep going to the summer before Ireland visit


-4.75lbs for the week.


5lbs down this week . Somethings going right !

Down past Nemesis weight . Tying my foot to the accelerator and keeping it flat to the floor, no backing off .


Despite a dreadful week I have come out with a 0.3 pound loss. Last big push before Easter, may still make that 10 pounds!


Finally posted a loss!!

Aiming to eat even better this week as there was quite a bit of choccy and biscuits involved last week, as well as lots of good meals/snacks.


Am I reading this right, 25lbs lost in a month???

You’re putting us all to shame :rofl:


Is that 25 for the challenge? Thats insane! You’ll have caught me up in no time!


Fell asleep in bath last night, scales drowned when getting out.

The scales will work when they dry out (done this before) but at the moment they think that I have gained about 35kg in a week. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Needless to say, weighin may be tomorrow…


Looks like 25lbs since the start, yep.

I’m not putting anyone to shame, we’ve all got different start weights and we’ve all got our struggles. I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone and wouldn’t expect any of you to either.

As long as you’re losing, that’s all that matters.


I know mate that was just a tongue in cheek comment! But fair play you have done well.


Week after week you’re doing amazingly @atb88 :muscle:

Nice work @ANT Big loss this week


Anyway, mackerel salad for dinner tonight and football for an hour as well as the dog walk.

Making up for last week anyway.


How does one drown their scales. :crazy_face:


By overfilling the bath & then splashing water onto the tiled floor, the battery operated scales don’t like getting water inside, but always work again when dried out.

I should move the scales really. It’s fine, wont be posting a loss this week anyway.


Some peeps say that every week yet magically lose after all. So you might be surprised! :blush:


Nope, I know how the week went :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This week however, I am back to 3 matches of football.

Grabbed a cheese & tomato roll & dairylea dunker snack indoors before I left for football, along with an apple & banana for the journey home.

Mackerel salad later still (included in figures) & we’ll be done.


On way to football & this pops up in my notifications.

Next time you think salads are boring…


Slight loss this week. I’ll take that as I thought I had an awful week. Not going to complete the target of 10lbs as I need to drop 5.5 in a week and a half :joy:, still really happy with where I’m
at though.


Evening, gents. Still 2nd in the top scorer league at football but only by percentage lost, so gotta keep up the losses for another 3 weeks to stay in with a chance!

Really loving football now, I’m still shite but I’m getting around a lot better than I used to. If you’re not part of a league, I’d highly recommend checking to see if there’s one in your area.

Today was the standard famine before football and feast after. I normally go nuts on a Wednesday but I think I’m going to tone it down for the next 3 weeks to give myself the best chance of getting top scorer although we’ll see how hungry I am tomorrow I guess!

B: Yoghurt with granola and strawberry compote.
L: Soup.
D: Banana, salt and vinegar chickpeas, 2 protein energy flapjacks, protein milkshake.
S: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, chocolate flapjack.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 3 litres.

Hope you’re all doing well, good to see some losses posted, let’s keep this up until the next challenge!