10lb by Easter challenge week 6


Despite waiting for them to dry out, the scales appear to have died this time. RIP scales.

Over to Amazon… and then rearrange the bathroom. Well, put new scales in a different location anyway.

I know what I weighed on monday, so going to take a 2lbs hit for this week & let it level out again next week.


2kg up over the past 2 weeks. Too many visitors and not enough will-power. I’ve managed to drag the weight down over the past few days by cleaning up my act. Last of the guests will be dropped at the airport on Sunday morning and then it’s clean eating, tracking and daily weighing all the way to 5th July.


Yeah those visitors. I just didn’t track at all. Ate what i pleased.


Folks new challenge next week. How do we want to go about it? Same format. Is there any other? 14 weeks at 2ish lb a week. 30 by July 26th when I leave for Ireland give or take a day.
Was successful at Xmas with a few making it over the line. And we all want those beach bods. Chance for a reset and new focus.
Let me know. I’d love a spreadsheet or something to track but I know nothing about excel. And also try get as many people involved as we can.
Proposed start? Easter Monday?
Then some don’t need to lose that much. This is my target either way. Set yourself a target and work to that.


I’m gonna be a pain in the arse and vote for Tuesday, even if you go with a Monday, I’ll still weigh in Tuesdays because I’m not weighing in 3 or 4 times a week.

I’ll try and maintain a spreadsheet but it’ll be hit and miss.


Sounds good to me, though I wont be able to post a start weight until the week after. Off to New York for Easter so may come back a few pounds up!


What happens on the 5th July buddy ? Not much of any importance on the 4th thats for sure :wink:


I’m up for anything . I have to be or should I say want to be under 220lbs by Christmas . Do we dare go that far out ?


I’ll probably go with a monday weighin. It just feels more natural, the calorie tracking app runs monday to sunday, etc.


Tbh, we could just do a weekly weigh in between two dates and that suits everyone. Might be good as well that it keeps interest and motivation up.


July is 3 months away for me personally that’s too long - why don’t we do a couple of smaller challenges if you really want to line it up for your trip to Ireland…

Maybe up till the late May bank holiday 27th May, or if you want a longer one summer solstice on 21st June… Not sure what everyone thinks of that but for me personally I think those dates appeal to more people… Depends what you all think.

Also, I always weigh in on Monday night anyway but post on Tuesday so the weigh in day doesn’t really matter to me


I know what you mean but we could have mini competitions in that time to keep motivation up?


Be my guest and set it up. Try get more people in as well. this is my goal as I’ve something to aim for. We did this at Christmas and had a good team right through to the end. 18 weeks I think we went for


I wasn’t planning on setting anything up? Just giving my opinion, I just feel like if something is too far away people struggle to see the end goal.


The end goal is death… let’s face it. How long it takes us to get there can be improved by getting our weights under control. Here’s hoping all of us last the 18 weeks at least.


Fair enough haha - just giving my opinion like I say… Only a few of us remaining and this was only about an 8 week challenge so I just feel like we will lose a few people, their loss though I guess!

I still stand by the fact that we should pick a more meaningful date that means something to everyone rather than just the day greenballs goes away :laughing:


25th July is my birthday so… it’s good with me. :joy::joy::joy:


Had a good day so far. Back on it today.

Breakfast, Porridge
Lunch; low fat pasta, fridge raiders and bag of walkers baked crisps
Dinner; Low Cal Spag Bol
Snacks; Strawberries and carrot & Houmous.

Off to the gym now - not feeling it though.

Probably going to have a post gym snack. Only 1400kcal consumed so far.


First good day in a while for me, on 1500 calories, got a 500 cal ready meal to come for dinner. I’m doimg the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge this weekend which should be very tough but a great amount of cardio


Two vegetable dishes today, stir fry at lunch and rice with veg this evening, both followed with a yogurt.

Breakfast was overnight oats with berriesx snacks have been bananas x 2, apple & a packet of Worcester sauce french fries…

Sets it up nicely if I want ice cream later. :grin:

Record since monday: this better produce results.