10lb by Easter challenge week 6


Random question mate but why do you use loseit over MyFitnessPal? I’d never heard of it before you used it


A friend used it and said to try it. Never used any of them until then, just used to keep track in my head each day. Hated it at first, so stopped using then tried again about a month later…

Have since tried MFP and Lifesum. MFP would sync into my Garmin Connect account… and I would have to upgrade LoseIt to plan days in advance… but quite simply, I prefer the layout of LoseIt.


B: 3 egg jalapeno and onion omelette, 2 hash browns and beans.
L: Pakora sandwich, Walkers baked crisps.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap and salad.
S: Hot cross bun.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres.


Maybe not the right place to ask but only just joined I’m looking for info group for Liverpool league all signed up to attend next week’s session




Meeting ran late today so didn’t get ‘lunch’ until 3pm.

Football for an hour tonight so these figures are everything except dinner later. Feeling this is going to be a decent week.


Had a good day, had porridge as usual this morning, lunch was paella ready meal and some fridge raiders and pork chops and new potatoes for dinner.
30 mins on cross trainer, was bloody hard today.

Got to try not to snack tonight, usually the evenings are my real downfall…


Todays been a decent day. Been struggling alot with sickness so i just had soup, toast and fruit cos i thought that will help. Also tried 2 deal with some.problems with the council cos i think thats partly why i was sick. Well i got my assistant 2 do it lol. Was at my gym class yesterday. I think am gettin better at it. Slept loads, needed it


Same. I try 2 keep busy eg gym 2 stop me eat


Think I’m coming down with a bug or something. May be coming down with a dose of the @atb88’s
Got to spin class tonight as was comfortable the whole class. Still stayed til the end.
Breakfast today 2 bowls cornflakes. Hungry today for some reason
Lunch turkey slices and cheese sandwich. Went to a play centre and someone bought pizza so I was able to refuse.
Dinner fried eggs on toast.
Good week for me and activity is definitely up. Booked for an instructor led spin class on Saturday.


You’re suffering from consistent and incredible weight loss? About time.


Nice 1 mate. Good on u powering thru ur illness


I think am gonna do weigh in on mondays… iv been avoiding it abit so it mite b good 4 me 2 see how its going from that angle

I think easters in about 2 weeks or summit like that


With you there mate . Evenings bring out the worst in my eating habits .


What do yous tend 2 do? Any good tips?


Eat dinner as late as possible, make sure you have low calorie things in to snack on.
Apples, under 100 calorie crisps (and only have ONE packet!).

If all else fails, grab a tin of soup.


Nothing works for me mate. I only really have fairly healthy snacks but I’ll eat loads of them. For me it’s just about addressing my cravings rather than ignoring them, I know that’s not the right thing to do though.


Ah right. What does addressing cravings mean?
My tips is keep busy , do things with ur hands (no jokes yous!! Ha) cos then u cant eat
If u rly dont think u can resist i suppose u cid compensate by hardly eating during the day, warning tho i dont think thats always a good tip cos u will b rly hungry n thats not fun n in my experience it can make it worse, starve allday makes it more likely binge at nite tbh


To be honest mate, and this is not good advice this is just what i do, I just eat what I want at night - but then I am doing half hour cardio every day and not eating those calories so I save that for when I have the cravings - I know that isnt a good way to do things but aat least i’m honest about it


Aye i mean the cardio has 2b doin good whatever else