10lb by Easter challenge week 6


Poor day for me yesterday, went out for dinner and couldnt resist a side of chips, pushed me up towards 3000 calories, today should be better though, and I’ve got a lot of exercise planned for the weekend.


Breakfast today porridge when 2 slices of brown bread toast with 1 side of cheese. Toasted cheese sandwich then :neutral_face:
Just had an apple before I start raiding the cupboards.
We are heading to an Irish pub to meet a friend from Bahrain visiting. Limiting myself to a Guinness if anything as I’ve decided to drive. Then to a place called famous daves for a bit of dinner.
That should be it for the day after that. Then I’ll have to get some water into me over the day and it’s pushing 38 here nowadays. Calorie wise prob around 17/1800 maybe a little more. I find if I eat more I’ll feel bloated and uncomfortable.


Had to stop my workout early today, felt a real pain in my knee and didn’t want to do myself an injury carrying on. Seems fine now normally but hurts when straining it (ie walking up stairs)


Ah, nightmare mate, definitely worth resting it until its fully recovered


Sorry lads been away for few days for missus big birthday. Turkish restaurant, indian the next night, booze, choc and cake galore… Argh! No tbf only the indian was bad, the turkish was mostly protein. Eaten pretty well otherwise. Hit gym this morn.

Good to see some of you back :blush:


As for next challenge, I agree with some of the others that its too long. Maybe split into 2 x 6 weeks (or whatever length). I’m away on a weekend break June 9th so going to have a big push after Easter until then. Determined to shift some weight for summer!

Dont mind what day we weigh in


Ended up at nearly 1800 calories consumed for the day after football. The moophoria ice cream after mackerel salad felt deserved.

Think 3.6km is most I have covered in an hour of football (not the same as normal running obviously). Garmin says over 900 calories burnt, LoseIt says 650 ish. That’s why exercise calories are an estimate & a risky game if you eat them.

2700 under mon to thur, that’s under the allowance to already lose 1kg/2.2lbs.

Oumph! spiced kebab with mushrooms & noodles in a hot sauce.

440 calories for everything in pic.


It was some1s birthday so i had abit cake but thats all i had all day, had a bad stomach in anyways. Gona do gym later. Pasta or stirfry 4 tea


I kno av said it before n i shud just ignore it but i dunno if ne1 else found themself in this awkward situation of being still definitely overweight but also noticibly lost weight. So u get rude comments from both sides ie. That ur fat but also about the weightloss. Blaah feels like u cannit win sumtimes. I dunno why ppl cant just mind there business me!!


Morning, gents. Last couple of days:

11th April

B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette, beans, 1 brown toast with Marmite.
L: Sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice, naan bread and onion bhaji.
D: Falafel and hummus wrap, salad, Walkers baked crisps.
S: N/A
E: Over 12k steps.
W: Over 4 litres.

12th April

B: 2 fried eggs, tomato, mushrooms, 2 veggie sausages, 2 hash browns, beans.
L: Quiche with peas.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: Over 15k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

Have a good weekend!


Why would you get rude comments about actually having lost weight?

Such as?

Sometimes it feels like you are looking for reasons not to bother… hope I am wrong because you are doing this for 3 people.

You, you & you.

Ignore what people say, forget what’s been said & concentrate on doing this for you.


I’ve had loads of negative comments about losing weight. It’s shit but don’t worry about it @Biffa94 most of them are just jealous mate.


I’ve had none, only positive. Wouldn’t associate with anyone who tried to put me down for improving my life.


80 minutes 11 a side football. That’s over 3 hours in 5 days & boy do the legs feel it.

Hit 5km in today’s match & that was with the last 15 minutes in goal.

Gotta do the same 3 matches next week too.


People who don’t appreciate you for whatever size shouldn’t matter. I’d be telling them to take a few fcuk off pills. All positive for me while I’m losing and it gives that wee boost.

Anyway new challenge. I’ve my own dates I’m aiming for in the short term but happy to go end June if you want or decide on a date. One month is pointless as I’m in a MVFIA anwyay and that does that.

Ramadan here in a few weeks to the urge to eat out etc during the day is gone as we don’t do that here.


Like for example i seen some1 i havent seen in a while n they asked about it (something like ‘u lost weight/hav u lost weight’ or whatever) infront of every1 so that was embarrassing. Luckily they let it drop quite quickly. Iv even had it said by a health professional (this was at appointment nothing 2 do with weight n it wasnt like a comment after they weighed me, just on lookin at me). Made me think id b classed as innappropriate if i commented on there body (which i NEVER wud, weeeew!!) But somehow its ok 2do it 2 me. Just dont get why ppl feel the need 2 comment on other ppls weight/weight loss/weight gain. I think its different if some1 brings it up themself but unless they do its not very polite thing 2 bring up.Am glad other ppl havnt had 2 put up with this put im not the only 1 cos @Josh said hes had it an all. Probs right tho yea, mebbes part of them is jealous or something.

I dunno if u mean ppl in general make excuses not 2 bother or me personally, i cant rly think of any times iv done that tho so mebbes u mean ppl in general. I think its just like ok 2 talk about the struggles n pitfalls on the way cos i think it helps if ppl can talk about it cos chances r at least some other ppl has had the same thing.

Thanx 4 the wise words. At the end of the day yea we doin it 4 ourselves. I suppose if other ppl got summit 2 say thats there problem not mine. Ppl always got stuff 2 say its human nature haha


Oh trust me I take it with a pinch of salt. It’s not people I respect much, I’ve been called boring and stuff for not going out. Also been told that I would look weird any thinner (I’ve always been massive but now I’m a lot thinner)


@Josh On a slightly more serious thing … yea its funny how ppl react. Av not had the boring comment cos personally i still go out just set myself limits food/drink wise. But i kno u sometimes find it easier not 2 go. I think ppl who say that dont rly understand. Am assuming here so soz if wrong but i kno ur about my age so am guessing like me most of ur pals dont hav this problem. So they dont get it. Makes it easy 4 them 2 say aah why u botherin with thay? Cos they dont struggle with it. Its not always like u wanna explain fully how it feels, wish ppl just exept we all got our own struggles n ways of dealing with it.

As 4 the u wud look funny thin… ah its weird its it. I partly agree i wud cos iv been big my whole life. So even i will probs think i lool weird at 1st haha. Ppl just dont like change i suppose. Part od me thinks it comes from a good place, ur there mate, they like ur how u r. They r facing literally havin less of u! I suppose weightloss effects the ppl round us 2 in some ways as in they hav 2 adjust how they see u. But at the end of the day they will get use 2 it and good mates will want 2b happy. Im sure non of us rly will look ‘weird’ just different. Its just difficult 2 imagine exactly. Stay strong pal :slight_smile:


It’s not really people being rude though, it’s people noticing that you are looking better in yourself.


Yea ur probs right they dont MEAN 2b rude alot of the time, just makes me think that cos it seems obvious 2me i wont like it. Like i dont see why they hav 2 share there opinion on how they think my body looks best. The only person whos opinion matters on that is me, and my partner if i had 1 which i dont.
I do like some comments 4 example i told ppl about my gym class n ppl was like ah yea nice 1 good 4 u, smash it etc. I liked that. But body comments…just abit 2 personal 4 me. Mebbes i need 2 bite the bullet n just ask ppl not 2, ur right they probably will b sorry if they thought they was bothering me