10lb by Easter challenge week 6


Ate 2day tomato soup, yogurt granola pot thing, am doin tuna pasta with tomato sauce, wee bit cheese, couple of slices of bread cos i got no garlic bread. Couple of cans of lager which iv not had as yet. Went 4 a walk looking if i can see good grafitti. Didnt much but burnt some cals i suppose


150g chicken breast dipped in flour, beaten egg, cornflakes & repeat. Then baked in the oven & served with 125g of seasoned potato wedges & 30ml lighter than light mayo.

428 calories.

Slightly over today in food (way under still due to football) but in the scheme of the week I have had it shouldn’t matter.


… but i think healthy weightloss mite b 1 of my talents. That means i must b up2 at least 3 talents by now. Good times. Some talents ur born with some u learn. This is defo a learning 1 cos i used 2 pretty uselesa at it. Funny how times change. Not that am the only 1 in that boat
Well done all of u on a all ur hardwork, cos i kno it takes hardwork yea


Iv got a new sub goal starting 2moro

I am goin 2 note down literally EVERYTHING i spend cos i need 2 work out exactly what the fck am spendin all me money on. Its not like i ever hav owt 2 show 4 it :roll_eyes: My adviser is gonna help me with budgetting, its abit of a mess tbh

Up 4 that, bring it on, get in control. Am hoping i will work out some spare money 2 spend on summit good hopefully whats gonna help 2do with weightloss/fitness


Bad day yesterday and so far today. Was missus big birthday party last night. I only had 3 pints and handful of crisps from buffet but then terrible sleep at the in laws in ridiculously hot room (heating on all night, windows locked!) Today been craving carbs like a monster! Not my usual sweet things but eaten loads crisps and bread.

We were going to order pizza tonight but my willpower finally kicked in and i said no :open_mouth: going to make something healthy instead


@Darren_Welch you are smashing this week fella. I want to get back on the footie pitch. Been 18 months since I last kicked a ball. Used to play all the time until a few years ago

@Biffa94 Sounds like they’re complimenting you mate, shows you’re heading in the right direction :blush:


Aye am an ungrateful begger me lol. I suppose thats another way 2 see it, sign of progress. I actually seen a good thread on twitter on saturday by coincidence. Goes 2 show differnt ppl take it differently eh

Eh now am wonderin if i come across as the ignorant 1 for NOT bringin up ppls weight/weightloss unless they do 1st hahaha


You do worry about things a lot mate bless ya. I’m a bit like that so I understand. I’m a lot better than i used to be, comes with age and experience (good and bad) I guess.

Yeah I genuinely think those people saying you’ve lost weight mean well buddy. People usually love to be negative or have little digs, so take the good words when they come :blush:


For real it wudnt b the 1st, 2nd etc etc time i got the wrong end of the stick :upside_down_face: haa glad am not the only 1 i suppose.
Yeah u probs right. Think from now on ill just tell ppl not 2 say it in future instead of whinging on


B: N/A
L: Egg mayonnaise sandwich, Mr Tom’s peanut bar.
D: Spicy bean and cheese wrap, salad, Walkers baked crisps.
S: N/A
E: 10 mile walk (28k steps total).
W: Over 4 litres.


B 4 digestives 1 banana
L lentil soup 2x slice of bread n butter
T veg stirfry , few prawn crackers
Snack sugar free energy drink, 2 more digestives
Exercise not in particular


Life can b so beautiful even in hard times.

Had a cheese + onion pasty not v healthy but i ‘saved up’ 4 it by being careful


B: Porridge with golden syrup.
L: Soup.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 3 black decaf coffees.

Not much eaten today, was a bit late for dinner so just decided to go to bed.


I’ll be sacking off these challenges for a little while after this one.

Will be eating healthily etc but I need to concentrate on what I want to do with my work situation etc for a little while as not happy where I am.

Hopefully some irons currently in the fire come good.


Best of luck mate hope ur find the carreer 4 u

Thank u 4 always been inspiration and help to ever1 here. It means alot


I’ll still be about, just going to do things a bit more casually.

Interview tomorrow for a career change & a decent payrise. Might not get it but then again, I might. Also playing at St James’ Park in a few weeks & think that I need to concentrate on fitness levels more until then, the legs were shot after 11 a side on Saturday. Just about recovered for 5 a side tomorrow night. Oh & 7 a side on thursday lol

Like I said, will still be eating healthily. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.


Do what you gotta do Darren. It’s quiet enough in this one so may leave the next challenge and people can express interest if they like. Maybe a few weeks break before the push to the summer. I’m gonna end my challenge today having failed to get there and I’ve a group starting.
Keep fighting the good fight lads


Good luck with the interview!!! But it sounds like u got the right attitude if not. There will b plenty more chances.
Well done on the football an all


Apologies for not postong in a while guys, ibe had a busy weekend, been up in the dales attempting the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge. I managed the first two ok but by that point I had blisters the size of walnuts so had to drop out. Frustrating but i’ll try again next year, as meatloaf said ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’


Still an achievement, mate, well done!