10lb by Easter challenge week 6


Did a lot of exercise yesterday, the usual half hour on the cross trainer in the morning AND had football but just ate crap all day.
Good news is I’ve weighed in and lost a couple of lbs.

Are we starting a new challenge next week? As there’s no football due to bank holiday I need some motivation to keep me away from KFC…


2kg lost anyway, just over 8lbs for the challenge, so will fall just short of the 10lbs…


2lbs is achievable by Easter mate, not going to be easy but you could probably do it.


Im up just over a pound for the week, big push between now and easter, try to get over half a stone for the challenge as a whole.


Wow thats class mate good on u!!! Sorry u was disappointd not 2 finish but its still amazing n means u still hav a goal 4 nxt year eh!!!


Nice 1 pal glad 2 hear ur still in the crosstrainer fan club with me, its an absolute BUZZ!!!


Ceilidh with old pals from Uni - need to be in full on dance mode…


love it mate - people say i would get bored but i hate all other cardio - I have one of the fancy machines at my gym and you get iplayer and that on them so i just watch match of the day listening to music when working out :sunglasses:


Wooo nice, hav 2 bring ur own music at mine, ex council place heh


Av had a wicked day me, good thing happend about time lol. Was quite heavy on the digestives cos they needed used up. Healthy tea chicken rice n peas. Gym just normal work out not class


Evening, all. Had a good day today, don’t eat much before weighing in at footbal then have some high protein snacks to get me ready to play. Need to avoid M&S on the way back to the hotel to keep this as is.

B: Porridge.
L: Soup.
D: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, banana, 2 protein energy bars, protein milkshake.
S: N/A
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 4 litres.


2 bananas. Milk. Probs gona hav quorn sausage mashed potato peas later


Its weird how weightloss doesnt match up exactly with how ur feel about ur body. The brain doesnt kno how ur bodys suppose 2b :confused:


Did we forget week 7?

B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette, beans and 2 veggie sausages.
L: Curried cauliflower soup.
D: Chickpea curry with rice and cauliflower pakora.
S: N/A
E: Over 15k steps.
W: Over 4 litres + 3 alcohol free beers.


There isn’t really. Finishing date was Good Friday I think.


Is that tomorrow?


Yep final day tomo.

Been back to combat class and yoga this week, enjoyed both. Weights and swim sesh tomo. Exercise good but eating not been great still


What’s the plan with the new group then, are we going to do a new one? I’d be really interested if we will.


Must admit i fell back on the cereal bars. Bad planning. Lesson learnt
Veg soup 4 lunch
Was abit worried it was makin us stink 2 much 2 gan 2 gym but gave me head a wobble yea thats a fine excuse!! Havin a bit workout
Dunno whats 4 tea. Mite treat meself 2 chicken burger, rice not chips tho eh
Am hopin 2 get in a group as long as its not 2 big soonish, lookin abit unlikely tho tbh ah well what do


I’m up for another one although there’s not looking like enough appetite for it (excuse the pun) So I’ve put my name down for a MVFIA group just in case, but not heard anything. I see some others from here have too