10lb by Easter challenge week 6


Hey @greenballs mate, I don’t like the new pic much either… it was the best of dozens of options… all sh!te. I hate pictures of me, so much so, most get destroyed. What can I say - I look better in the flesh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They say the camera never lies - but that is b0ll0cks - either that or I’m naturally fugly… and that can’t be true surely :rofl: Will try again. Problem is I have to take my glasses off to take the pic, then I can’t see what I’m doing. Doh! Vanity is a terrible thing!

Perhaps it’s the difference between how you look and how you think you look (self image)? Having lost over 70 lbs I think I look better now (except in sh!te pictures), but some peeps are telling me ‘I look too thin’. B’stards. :rofl:

Beard was only ever there because I stopped making an effort, so no beard is better in all senses mate, 'cos there’s less grey and shows I kinda started to care again…


Im the same in fact i avoid cameras usually. I dont even think weightloss can help that.
Hope ur ok mate


Propa let meself down yesterday. Only ate a yogurt n 2 slice of toast. Then drank absolutely loads of pints. Not like me. Fcken mortal moy. Takin it easy 2day lol


Cheers @Biffa94.

I think it is more a mental thing that physical. When I talk to people about my weight I say I was always fat, but I recently found an old picture from when I was in my early teens and I look proper ‘normal’ (what ever that is).

Truth be told mate, I eat for so many reasons, but hardly ever because I am hungry or for the enjoyment of the food - it’s a comfort, relieves the boredom, gives me consolation, is something to do,is a crutch etc…

“I am a 54 year old man and I have an eating disorder” - Outed by me. Today. Time to change it.


Aye. Im almost certain i actually was always fat but i also think its mental as much as physical cos i dunno if its normal 2 obsess about it much as i do. But i cannit work out if its classed as bad body image or if its just like how am suppose 2 feel cos im fat n ppl hav told me this many many times. Course am gonna feel down about it.
I think i hav eating problems to. Am glad u was able 2 say it cos i been thinkin alot recently how stuff about eating disorder n body image is VERY VERY taboo with blokes. When i was younger they knew i had eating problems but of course i dont get helpd with it any more NOT that the help worked unfortunately


Been a very merry Easter.
Food, booze, chocolate.

We go again from tomorrow.


Mate, where to begin :confused:.

As we discussed b4, xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx and had no ‘security’. We are our own ‘security blanket’… our own past, present and future.

The only constant that we can rely on is ourselves.

As much as I want to shout ‘I am ME - deal with ME’, I still have to deal with the scunts that created me and walked away in my head.I am getting there but it has taken half a century. Please don’t let it take YOU that long to become the best you you can be my friend.


Aww man thats wise words 4 real. Ur right there eh, life can b hard i suppose it can b a life long thing 2 get peace + happiness. Problems can come out in different ways, some ppl it ends up with body + eating problems. Sumtimes reckon i could hav it worse, and theres plenty who got worse problems. But its still a problem.
U take care, good 2 hear from u