10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 1 thread


Right lads. First weigh in tomorrow. I’ve eaten all my Easter chocolate to put on a few more lbs for an easy start!!

No real rules, just post what you’ve eaten and exercise then weigh in on the Tuesday and log it

Anyone is free to join. If anyone needs any support just say, I’m more than happy to help anyone who wants it (I’m no expert on anything but I’m happy to help with motivation)

Bit of banter is needed I think on this, feel free to give me any constructive abuse, say what you want to me (as long as you follow the forum rules, of course!)

At the moment I have @Greenballs @atb88 @Biffa94 @Chocoholic @Darren_Welch @StevenHaley @Bubba1966 (sorry if I’ve missed anyone but like I say anyone can join)




No rules. Anything goes. I like a bit of abuse hurled at me if I trip up and go to McDonald’s.

Also @Unimatrix0 and @JPLANT


Me please


Fish and chips tonight followed by an easter egg then a bottle of beer to wash it all down. Feel so sick and bloated. Sh*t night sleep ahead now and will have bad guts for couple of days. My own stupid fault.

Cannot wait to start this challenge tomorrow and get back to healthy eating


19th April Good Friday - 223.76lbs (total loss 9.93lbs) close but no cigar

22nd April scales this morning 236.11lbs. THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT???

I’ve eaten & drank everything is sight this weekend, but still… :flushed::flushed::flushed:


I’m In ! Just logged my starting weight .

Perfect timing as I leave for our Euro tour on the 31st .


Tuesday 23rd April here. 97.9kg (215.38lbs) so looking at circa 93kg (205lbs).


In please. 17.5 stone after Easter weekend and need to get back on track.


Thats impossible mate! If that’s on your new scales I’d be sending them back lol


I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

Apart from numerous chocolate eggs, alcohol, hot cross buns, BBQ… I don’t have the willpower at times of celebration it seems.

Some serious water retention there lol


Perfect timing as I go on family holiday to Lindos for a wedding on 28th so count me in

Starting off at 214lbs so 204lbs will be nice


Okay, so i have gained a LOT over Easter. I am determined to complete this challenge now. I have to lose about half of this in a week to ensure I lose ready for my next MVF game on Monday :rofl:


Dreading my weigh in…hands, feet and i wanna even say lips swollen up, mad water retention. Was dead hungry this morning


I fogot, is there a part of this website were u can recommend like good books or podcasts etc especially like inspirational whatever? Just come across sumthing


Ok let’s do this. starting at 275 which for me is not much movement since the start of the year. I’m fluctuating and I need to clamp down on this. Big weekend past with the wife bday and I’m for a boxing event Friday. Then it’s plain sailing to whole month of May. No activity this week as I’m dying from man flu.


Crack on and post here mate. I’m always looking for inspiration.


Well i listen sumtimes 2 this amercan life podcast just 2 like relax or pass time when i exercise. Well they re released this 1 called tell me im fat. I mean its ALL rly interesting honestly afew times when i had 2 pause it just think about what was said cos it was so deep. But the bit about the woman called eleanor who lost loadsa weight n realised how the world tret her more nicely after, it rly got me thinking


This is the link to log your starting weight lads. Let’s do this!!! :muscle:


Decent first day:

B - Porridge w/almond milk, berries and shredded coconut
Sn - Protein shake. 2 squares of chocolate
L - Bacon (fat trimmed) & egg roll & spinach. grapes, 2 biscuits
Sn - Apple
D - (later) Chicken, potatoes, 3 x veg
Pud - (later) 2 squares of dark chocolate

Exercise - 2 x dog walks. 1 x weight sesh at gym