10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 1 thread


Here we go then, lads! Bit late posting as today’s been a nightmare, but pleased to report a starting weight of 303lbs, which is a loss of 5.5lbs since last week!

Will be over the moon to hit the 10lbs loss as it’ll take me into the 200lbs category for the first time in God knows how long and I’ll be into the 20st category too as I’m currently 21st 9lbs! Exciting times ahead, hope we can all smash this group!

Today I skipped breakfast, had soup for lunch and will have a banana, 2 packs of Sainsbury’s salt and vinegar chickpeas (amazing), a protein milkshake and 2 Trek flapjacks after weighing in and before playing at football.

Aim is not to buy any food from the train station on the way back from football even though I could probably fit it into my calories. Last week of the season and I’m currently 2nd based on percentage only for top scorer, so I’m determined to get that! Will let you know next week how I get on!

Let’s grab this challenge by the balls, lads. No excuses, no giving into temptation, no disappointment. You’ve all got it in you and I’m here if you need any support or motivation.


Well I knew had been lazy, look at the past 7 days step count.

Combined with extra indulgence oh my. Did 12,000 yesterday whilst we went round the local country park (hadn’t been there before in over 2 years and it’s literally walking distance away!)

Anyway, gonna try and make every second outside of work count for things that matter, so there will be less cooking this time round and more reliance on what worked in the early days, healthy ready meals etc, somebody else has done all the hard work etc.

Football at Soccerworld tonight but I don’t have any more matches for a week after tonight.


Like many of you I had also put on weight 4.4 lbs, and that was in 24 hours - hopefully mostly water. Back with a vengeance today though…

B - Banana
L - n/a
D - Slim Choice Chicken and Prawn Paella with extra veg (have to say, not the greatest); Bluberries and 0fat greek yogurt.
S - grapes
W - 3 litres
E - First long walk in a couple of weeks (16.8 miles).

According to my phone I burnt 1800 cals, and MFP says I’ve only consumed 800. One day down 34 to go!


Had a good day today (although it always starts great!!)
Started off going to the gym, eased myself into it today only did 20mins rather than the usual half hour as I’ve just been recovering from an injury.
Food wise
Breakfast - Protein Bar
Lunch - Quinoa Couscous and fridge raiders
Dinner - Chicken & Bacon carbonara
Snacks - snack a jack, mixed berries and a can of Vimto.

1300 odd calories consumed and about 300 active calories burned. Let’s see if I can keep it up.


I think startd afew steps behind since i had water weight an all but my hands n feet gone down abit.
Was soooo hungry 1st thing, had 2 bananas n a egg sandwich. Then i done a healthy shop. Got me tuna pasta bake on the go now
Im abit down this week cos i feel like every1 in the world exept me is gan 2 this conference, wotta loser. Am hoping i can take my mind off it by goin super hard at the gym.n this challenge in general


I’m not going, mate. Keep your head up, you’ll get there next year.


Lol thats true not every1 ha. Aye ur right, i like thinking where i mite b this time next yr, who knows eh


Focus on being him, mate. You’re a good lad and you’ve a lot of good to give to the world. Stick to your guns and don’t give up. Never give up.


Ah cheers pal means alot :slight_smile:


Exercise for today:
Body combat power kata - 45.00.
Dumbbells - 15.00.
100 push ups/squats Week 1 day 2.
Might get out for a walk after class.


So how’s everyone finding day 2 so far?


Quiet day for as still overcoming flu. Hopefully be in a place tomorrow to get some sort of exercise. Haven’t been eating much.


Get well soon mate


Decent day so far. 2 dog walks, 90 mins yoga (legs in bits). Porridge, protein shake, chicken and beans, apple, 3 biscuits. Will be making sure I don’t blow it with beer and snacks when footie on later!


Hope you feel better soon @Greenballs.

I take my elderly (83) neighbour shopping on the fourth Tuesday of the month, but saw her last week and she asked if we could go on Wednesday this week. I thought I had said I’d check my calendar and let her know if I couldn’t do it… She phoned yesterday evening saying she hadn’t heard from me so could we go next week instead. I said I thought we we going today as I hadn’t said I couldn’t. Total misunderstanding but I felt really bad about letting her down (don’t worry she has plenty of food until next week)).

Had to go shopping myself today and they were flogging leftover Easter eggs cheep (lol)… Put one in the trolley, but recovered resolve before the checkout and put it back…

Have to say the wine proved more difficult to prise out of my hands, but technically had already covered on exercise yesterday. Still feel sh!t for giving in on only day 2 though. Other than that loads of fresh fruit and veg, and 4 ‘diet’ ready meals - all 500gr and less than 400 cals each, as well as some frozen chicken and salmon fillets. Still confident for the week.

Good luck guys.


Wowsers mate. Do you do this in a class or at home. I seriously tried getting into this a few years ago at a class, but felt so inadequate,as well as aching afterwards vowed not to go again… I am still interested in learning the basic techniques though. Any advice where to start for an out of shape beginner? DVDs, blogs etc?? Cheers


Hey lads
Very poor food choices today.
Crisps, cereal bar, chips and bread roll, 4 mini burgers no bun and kofta kebab. Also had a double decker.

Didnt start until 12 going to TRY not to eat for the rest of the night… Wish me luck

Also going to weigh in every day. I know it’s not recommended but when I’ve done it recently it had helped me focus… Need that back in my life


Evening, all. Terrible day at work, worse in my personal life… not letting it affect me though as I’m not giving up.

B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette, 2 veggie sausages, beans.
L: Soup.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: Over 12k steps.
W: Over 4 litres + 1 black decaf coffee.

Have a good evening, all, stay strong.


Good day today so far, now got to avoid the late night snacking.

Started off in the gym, about 400cals burned on the treadmill today.

Breakfast was porridge and peanut butter
Lunch chow mein ready meal
Dinner was duck stir fry
Snack - walkers baked crisps

1300 odd calories consumed, 400 odd burned. Great day.


56 ready meals delivered for myself & the missus, that’s the next 4 weeks lunchtimes sorted. Planned for every lunch in a fortnight to be different. Might not be fine dining but somebody has done most of the work in making & calorie calculations. Evenings are mainly salad for me & the missus is going for Slimfast.

Just had mackerel salad & a yogurt, still only at 1353 calories for today. Feel like I am finally back with the motivation I had in 2017 but starting at roughly the same weight that I had dropped to by that point.