10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 1 thread


Aw sh!t soz that happend with ur neighbour, its obvs wasnt ur fault but course ur gonna worry cos ur a good guy. Am sure it b ok tho


Sorry 2 hear ur havin a hard time like :frowning: ur the last person who deserves 2 have put up with sh!t. Hope whateva it is gets sortd soon. Good on u not lettin it hold u back


Been dead thirsty 4 some reason
Ate cereal yogurt n raisin
2 banana
Soup and 1 1/2 cheese sandwich
2 chocolate digestive
Loooadsa water
Gym sesh


Sorry to hear that mate. A bizarre thing to say here but, it sounds like you’ve not eaten much. Take care. You know we are here.


@Unimatrix0 try https://yogawithadriene.com/. 30 to 35 minute videos on youtube. Easy to follow. Do it at your pace and no feelings of inadequacy when you can’t tuck your legs in behind your ears. She has some great 30 days programmes.


Weighed in for the challenge and I’m up from the end of the Pancake Day challenge…to be expected as my mind was not in the right place. Spent some time re-reading MvF handbook and the Amazing Losers stories. I’ve reset my mind - I have to want this for me. Got 2 week trip to Houston coming up which will be a major challenge but I will get through it but adjusting my behaviours and avoiding the temptations of great craft beer, massive steaks, excellent TexMex and margueritas as big as your head! I will keep those treats for when I am no longer obese.


I hope every1 whos feeling low or ill or whatver feel abit better 2day. If ne1 ever want 2 message me am happy 2 listen yea


In a class mate. I started doing it end of Jan last year. Went every week to start with but then tailed off to once a month or 2. Started last week trying to go weekly again. That’s good you’re considering it mate. I’ve always played a lot of footie so have longstanding injuries, worst one being recurring groin problem. Hoped yoga would help. It probably has a bit. But mainly it’s been good for my mind. My hamstrings and hips are so tight I still can’t touch my toes so I struggle with some of the moves. That was my first 90 minute class yesterday, it’s part meditation and I really enjoyed it.

My advice would be to start at a beginner or easier class. I made the mistake of going to (what I didn’t know was) an advanced class for the first few weeks. But now I try to get out of work for a bit in the daytime so I can go to the easier classes. Also try a few videos at home. Check out doyouyoga on youtube. And the biggest thing is don’t worry that everyone is watching or judging you. They’re too busy trying to get into or hold the pose to worry about what you’re doing! That’s what I tell myself anyway :slight_smile:


Kicked off with some decent exercise , been rowing and also swimming at the health club today. Only eaten around 500 cals so far . Dont count exercise calories as a norm but probably neutral for the days so far. That said having a chinese takeway for tea I think but as it will be chow mein probably not too bad


Picked up an extra hour of football tonight, just dinner when I get home later to track, which will be a ready meal around 250 to 350 calories plus a yogurt.


Branflakes n yoghurt breakfast
1 banana, 2 chocolate wafer bar things
Chipstick crisps. Vegan sausage roll
Luckily the stirfry sh!t i bought needs ate or i reckon theres a big chance i woud of gone 4 burger n chips or whateva. Mite gan 4 a wee treat 2moro tho


Evening, gents. Thanks for your kind words yesterday, it didn’t go unnoticed. Work is still hectic and life is still tough but some good news - if I lose weight at football next week, I’m guaranteed top scorer, so nothing will stop me getting that!

B: Porridge with golden syrup.
L: Soup, falafel with salsa, potato salad and pitta.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: Over 16k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

A solid day of intermittent fasting, increased activity and solid water consumption. If I manage to lose 2.9kg this week, I’ll hit 20% loss this season which will be epic, can’t see me getting that big a loss but it won’t stop me trying!

Hope you’re all doing well, apologies if I’m distant a little, trying to hold it together as best as I can. Keep fighting the good fight, lads!


Am rly sorry things is hard right now, u got nowt 2b sorry 4. Ah u on the intermittent fast hype eh! Iv knockd it on the head me, its was agood thing 2 help me not eat to much tho


Cheers, mate. Just doing it to keep a lid on the calories, it’s the easiest way for me.


And you can overcome both these problems.:+1:


Aye that was how come i done it an all. Make sure u eating enuf tho yea? Am not bein funny just checking


Thanks mate. I looked at the doyouyoga website, and have rashly signed up for their free 30 day challenge… Then realised I can only watch the videos on the PC which is in the small spare room, with no space to do the exercises. So today’s challenge is to figure out how to be able to watch the videos in the lounge, the only room with enough space. I do have an old laptop that I could use, but the sound card is dead, so not ideal. :thinking:


Fairly good day yesterday

Breakfast, porridge and peanut butter
Lunch, leftover stir fry
Dinner, jacket potato with tuna and salad
Snack - 2 x digestive bisquits and a few empanadas (my new guilty pleasure!)

30 mins on cross trainer.

about 1600 cals in and 400 active cals burned


Good to see you are still going strong @Biffa94


Oh no!! Hope you find a solution for some space.

Yes! I did that 30 day yoga challenge. I seem to remember they’re short videos so I did 2 or 3 a day via youtube rather than the website. Repeated a few of the ones I enjoyed too. Really helped me improve in class actually

Good luck mate, let us know how you go