10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 1 thread


Weird couple of days. Lot of good but some bad. Been munching on the bloody easter eggs :disappointed_relieved: but meals have been really good choices. Porridge, eggs, Chicken, salad. e.g. Tonight is home made burger (lean mince) with salad. No roll or chips. Exercise been great too. 3 x gym sesh this week and lots of walking. Just need to kick the naughty snacks

How’s everyone else getting on?


I love this site - I learn about so many ‘new’ foods that I’ve never tried (googled this and they look like little pasties if anyone, like me, didn’t know).

For my part, dinner tonight will be a ‘Jackfruit Biryani’. It looks great and was half price (although that is a ‘Waitrose Vegetarian Jackfruit Biryani’ (typed in an erotic sans 10 font - LOL) so probably only half this price elsewhere normally :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) I’ll let you know what I think later … will probably need to fill up on veggies too … although perhaps not those ‘sexy’ M&S veg - who doesn’t like a knobly carrot anyway?? :rofl:


Scales looked a lot better this morning than monday… just need to keep this up over the weekend.

Dinner is the only thing left to track, might have hunters chicken & wedges for 448 calories seeing as opted for soup at lunchtime, taking it to 1355…


Evening, fellas. Still in a rough patch but managed to get a half an hour walk in at lunch and a 4 mile walk in this evening, ate relatively well too. Big breakfast, no lunch and a solid dinner.

B: 2 veggie sausages, 2 hash brown, 2 fried eggs, beans.
L: N/A
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap and salad.
S: N/A
E: Over 20k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

Gonna read a book for a bit then bed. Palace away tomorrow then going to attempt another 10 mile walk on Sunday. Take it easy!


Had a crap day today. Didn’t even get the chance to look at this thread once.

Had a great week but today it all went downhill

Breakfast was porridge as usual
Lunch I had a sausage roll and a pork pie
Dinner chow mein and a few pork balls from Chinese
But then I ate a whole Easter egg!!! Not proud of myself but at least I’ve had. A good week to make up for it


Overnight oats with a chopped banana in a mullerlight yogurt & mixed berries for breakfast, packet of cheese curls at elevenses (Tesco version of Quavers) and the bacon omelette deluxe has reappeared for lunch… barely 300 calories.

Being roped into a 2 hour football session tomorrow, currently undecided about it, as been carrying a thigh injury for 2 weeks & I know I’ve been struggling as cover 0.5km less per hour on the pitch ever since. Plus it’s only 4 weeks until I play at St James’ Park…

P.S. the Smarties egg in the background isn’t mine.


Nice work lads.

I did the food shop solo this morning so skipped the choccy and crisps aisles completely.

Eaten a muffin today but otherwise been a pretty healthy start to the weekend.


Fakeaway tikka masala, with minimal effort:

500g tikka masala between 2 people, pilau rice between 2, and here’s the important bit, HALF a naan. Not a whole naan, show some discipline. Stick the other one in the freezer for next weekend.

502 calories each, probably the highest total of any meal either me or the missus have eaten this week, but it is saturday.

Currently at 1550 for the day so room for supper still. And to be honest, with a 2 hour footiefest tomorrow, I have some room for manoeuvre this weekend. :slight_smile:


Today’s gone okay. Could be better but could have been a lot worse.

Started really well, I went to the gym and didn’t stop! I was on the cross trainer for 45 minutes and stopped (not because I was knackered but because I didn’t want to hurt myself if my body isn’t used to it) - shows how much a decent playlist helps!

Breakfast was just a protein shake
I ended up having two lunches because I had leftover chow mein but there was none left for the mrs so she had a subway and I couldn’t resist a 6 inch (no jokes, come on lads we’re better than that!!) and I had a cookie
Just had dinner, lamb and new potatoes with some veg.

Not a great day food wise but I think the gym made up for it.


Evening, gents. My day changed slightly as I was hungry by the time I got to the train station so I switched it up a bit and had breakfast.

Went to Lillywhites and took a little while before finding a hoodie and some tracksuit bottoms I liked the look of in 3xl. Found the changing room, tried them on and they were too big! Ended up getting them both in 2xl and having come down from jackets in 6xl / 7xl and tracksuits in 4xl / 5xl, it’s fair to say I was absolutely elated!

Had a few alcohol free beers and some lunch before the game and decided when I got to Palace that I’d try the turnstile… only went and fit through it which was another positive for the day! A 2 mile walk and a few more alcohol free beers after the game and I avoided food even though the lads I was with were tucking into some awesome looking pizza and arancini!

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m still quite down but today cemented in my head why I’m doing this and why I can’t give in regardless of how I’m feeling or how tempted I am to indulge. I’m firmly in the zone and with the last game of the season coming up on Tuesday, meaning there are effectively two weeks off until the next season, I need to use this challenge to keep me on track.

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, apple and peanut butter pot.
L: Falafel salad with halloumi fries.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: Over 17k steps.
W: Over 4 litres + 5 alcohol free beers.

Keep up the good work, gents, eyes on the prize and don’t let anything stop you from achieving what it is you’ve set out to achieve.


Sensing plagiarism here from a post in Team Water :wink:


Similar thing this week, L t-shirts have fit for a while, but tracksuits not quite, just that bit snug. Wearing a size L tracksuit today that I recently bought.

So well done, you’re only a couple of sizes from where I am, never forget how far you have come!

On a different note, sacked off the 2 hour footie invite, need to rest this thigh a bit. Oh and ‘she who must be obeyed’ has made other plans for us. :smile:

  1. Correct.
  2. It saved me from typing the same message twice.
  3. It saved you from reading the same message twice just written slightly differently.
  4. There were a lot of words!


Just thought I’d pop up a picture of me in my 2xl clothing.

Super proud of myself which I don’t tell myself often enough.

@ANT - no plagiarism this time, you happy? :joy:


Bloody hell mate. Looking good, it’s only when you see pics like this you realise how much people have lost. I knew you lost a lot but seeing a pic now really shows it. Keep it up lad.


Cheers, mate. Need to keep smiling and this is doing it for me.


Quiet on here today, hope we’re all good.

Low calorie day and a 3.5 mile walk included. Praying for a loss on Tuesday now!

B: N/A
L: Soup with small bread roll.
D: Potato and egg salad with salad cream, 2 boiled eggs with spinach, 1/2 halloumi wrap with cous cous and chickpeas.
S: N/A
E: Over 12k steps.
W: Over 3 litres, 2 black decaf coffees.

Lunch and dinner totalled 1,200 calories or so, good day by my standards!


Good news mate, hope that has helped ur mood at least abit. U take care


Soz i not been on in afew days, iv still been on the diet just like iv been feeling abit funny cos i not been 2 this conference n it actually looked class n i wish i been n ppl said so then i felt guilty etc. Even an Mp said it 2 me which make me feel abit important (ha) but also double guilty. Then went full on daft at the weekend last nite i nearly got in a fight n all that, abuse + neglect my body, i thought why am i doin this waaah mad few days, back on it 2moro eh, enuf of this


It will be the same pics in Team Water just Photoshopped with Bard Pitts face on them .