10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 1 thread


Didn’t have a great day today, probably in a deficit but not as much as I would have liked.

Breakfast - panini
Lunch - chicken salad sandwich, puft crisps and a smoothie
Dinner - chicken with sweet potato fries and beans and then a twirl.

About 2000 calories consumed but no real exercise done


I’ve got better hair. :joy:


So here endeth the week; I am weighing in tomorrow morning. Highly confident that the return to the tactics of sept-dec 2017 are going to produce results.


105.2kg this morning, in old money that’s just over 4lbs lost. Cracking start.


Good work Darren.
I am now back after a week sick. Man flu had struck and I was ordering the coffin.
Back at the gym yesterday and today for spin class and I’ve nailed it both days. My daily calorie allowance is around 2240 but I never eat that so I’m always under so I think. I just try clawing back gains of social events and birthdays where I let loose for a bit.

Breakfast today 3 boiled eggs and brown bread toast with coffee. Been up since 5am as GOT was on and it was quite the show.
It’s nearly 12 so there won’t be a lunch. I’ll work on a dinner later but shouldn’t be too much. May over indulge in the eggs today and have an omelette. Nice and easy.

I know il down on last week it’s just by how much :+1:t2:


Nice one mate. I’ve told myself for this challenge I won’t weigh in before weigh day as I fluctuate too much during the week but that’s impressive.


Morning all, Ive been away for a while as I’ve been on a weeks holiday in the US, but it seems like you’ve all done great in my absence! A weeks indulgence has taken its toll, I’m up to 289.9, but the break has been great for motivation, feeling as up for this as I was at the start of the year.

My personal goal is to get down to 19 stone by the time my son is born, 10 weeks to due date, could not be more excited!




Had a couple of scotch pancakes. Probs soup 4 lunch. Thinkin vegetarian pie thing n chips 4 tea. Gonna go 2 gym later. Am not working 2day, off out later 2 see me personal adviser person. Still knackered after been up all sat nite

Btw if ne1 is feeling like ppl (not on here, just in general) is always bein rude + ignorant + horrible well sadly its just how most of them is sumtimes. They just luv 2 laugh at ppl or try 2 fight them or spread rumours, shout abuse etc etc. People


It was doing my head in on tuesdays. My app goes mon to sun. Monday is a new week, that’s when the new weight should start from for me, anything else felt alien.


Good Luck Buddy


And here you are :joy:


Kinda looking forward to tomorrows w/i… Reckon I’m on track - but like many of yous have said can fluctuate so much… could be well off. Smart money says a reasonable loss though, so as long as I don’t hit the tatties tonight should be ok. See y’all on the other side :slight_smile: … PS well done on all the new ‘skinny’ pics - will try to do one soon.


Nice work lads. Could be some good results tomo.

Mixed bag of a weekend for me. Some good food choices but some bad ones too. Been a good day so far today:

B - porridge, almond milks, blueberries
Snack - banana, cereal bar
L - left over spag bol (small portion of pasta, homemade sauce, no cheese. Lean mince)
Snack - 2 cookies, cadbury fudge finger
D - (later) roast chicken, no yorkshires, not many spuds, loads of veg
Pud - strawberries. Maybe a square of dark choc

Exercise 3 x 30 min dog walks


Wow. Gotta love your resolve… unless of course the square is 8 x 8. LOL :wink:


Haha! Its my saviour tbh. If its milk chocolate I will eat a whole bag/box/large bar easily. 1000 calories or more, no bother. But dark choc just a couple of squares is enough. Its not the same of course


Just had my man v fat football game. I should be happy with my weigh in but to be honest I’m really not!
I’m 2lbs down from the start of the challenge but when I started the challenge I was 4lb up from the week before so a gain for the week.
Before this week I was 3rd in the top scorer league, I’m obviously not going to be now.

I really want to end the season top scorer and this has got me down big time… bloody Easter!!


Plenty of time to make it up, mate, don’t be disheartened. I thought I’d blown it on holiday but I just need to lose weight tomorrow and it’s mine. Good luck!


Dinner tonight is
not gourmet produce, but not bad for 90p & only 323 calories.

Gonna top out at about 1800 calories today (I tried some bourneville chocolate buttons, what can I say) but hope you all get a decent result on the scales.

The battle resumes…


Evening, gents. Huge day tomorrow… if I lose weight at football, I get top scorer and the scales are currently showing a loss. Couldn’t be more nervous and excited.

Today was good, ate very little and I’m not really hungry. Drank loads of water and I’m feeling good.

B: Porridge with golden syrup.
L: Salad.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 6 litres.

Everything crossed for tomorrow please, boys! Hope you’re all well and expecting a good result!