10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 1 thread

Hey guys I am cr@p at sleeping - always have been. Quite often stay up to midnight then go to bed, but if not tired will read for an hour. Then turn off the light. Rarely drop off - sometimes still wide awake and read some more (record is 300 pages in a night - yep that was 6 hours!!). Often see every hour pass by on the clock, with just a few minutes each hour of sleep. This bizarrely seems to work for me. Imagine my joy at having slept through for the last two nights, long enough to have and remember weird dreams. Yet despite sleeping longer and seemingly better I feel more knackered and less rested. Spend ages with sh!t going through my head. I already have a scented candle that burns for a couple of hours. Any Ideas on ‘how to stop thinking’ and start sleeping?? Cheers guys.

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Have a read of Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker, mate, it’s an incredible book with invaluable tips in.


Thanks mate, will check it out. It just seems bizarre that having slept more in the last few days I feel worse for it - I know there is a theory that as you get older you need less sleep… but this is taking the p!55 :slight_smile:

That’s nonsense as confirmed by the book. The dude loves sleep, really do recommend it.

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Glad to hear it. Have to say I am forming a hibernation mentality. :rofl:

Alas much to the disgust of the other half, I am one of these people who can fall asleep within 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow & then sleep all night.

She often asks why I never lie awake thinking about the events that have occur during the day, but why would I? If it’s anything important, it can be dealt with tomorrow…

I swear down am not bein funny u can tell me 2 eff off if u want thp, r u sure u eatin enuf mate? It just seems a fair bit less n we dont want u ill

I ate what i said i was gonna except 4 tea i had pasta n tomato sauce not pie. Also afew jaffa cakes

Last day of it tomorrow, mate, honestly. I’m probably not eating enough, no, but I’m getting top scorer this season and it finishes tomorrow.

Once the season is over, I’m joining a gym and eating more. Appreciate the concern, mate, if I was excessively hungry, I’d have eaten. You’re a good egg.

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New thread for week 2, gents!