10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 2 thread


I think the key to doing exercise (and sticking to it) is to make it something you enjoy. E.g. no point in pounding away on treadmill if you hate it or dread it. As its not sustainable

Maybe take up a new sport or type of exercise mate? Or go back to something you used to do and enjoy?


Day 3 back on the diet and another good one, around 2000 calories. Had a cheeky look at the scales and it looks like the holiday weight has dropped off already which is great. Ive made the controversial step of cancelling my gym membership and investing in some home equipment, I’m taking 10 weeks off over the summer for shared parental leave so hopefully should have time to make good use of it.


Hi Darren,

Thanks for your comment - at first I didn’t get where you were coming from, but now think I do… I was pointing out how low ‘low’ was, but didn’t reference ‘high’ …

as of today:


As you can see, anywhere in the 9 st 11 to 13 st 3 is great. I suppose it depends which side you are headed from - If you have always been big then the bottom figure seems ridiculously low, but if you struggle to put on weight the high end must seem equally ridiculous.

The only note of caution I would moot is that when I joined WW several years back, I was told my target could be anything within ‘the range’. I foolishly set it to the top of the range (Hey, that 5stone+ was gonna take enough shifting!). So you hit target. You ease up.Guess what you’ve no ‘wiggle room’.

So this time my target is ‘healthy’ mid point. 11 st 7. Seriously struggling as I have less cals to play with, but when I get there I’ll have a stone+ leeway on either side, so worth fighting for I think. :thinking:


I have yet to make the green. 88kg apparently. Lowest I hit was 98.8kg, currently 105.2kg.

I"m 6ft 2 fgs, already down to size L, feel slim, look a lot better than 2 years ago, yet apparently need to lose almost the same amount that I already have… the struggle is real :grin:


Copied from my group, sorry lads, typing things out twice is laborious:

Evening, lads. Stomach has been rough today and that wasn’t helped by my lunch. There was Quorn in it which I’m intolerant to, I took what I could out but there must have been small bits left in. Wasn’t too bad though.

B: N/A
L: Vegetable wellington with potato cubes and gravy.
D: Vegan salad, 2 boiled eggs with spinach, vegetable samosa, large pack of Popchips.
S: Lindt chocolate ball.
E: N/A
W: Over 6 litres + 1 black decaf coffee.

Not the best of days if I’m honest, but under my TDEE so all good. Knackered now, will hopefully get an early night and a good sleep and be back in the game tomorrow.

Have a good one!


Morning all, another good day yesterday, stuck to 2000 calories. Twice on the way home last night I wandered into a shop to buy a snack but, inspired by @atb88 walking away from the chocolate aisle, I was able to turn round and walk away. Going out for dinner tonight so hoping to stick to 750 calories for the day beforehand then will choose something healthy.


Feeling good. Weighing in at a steady 210lbs this week and heading the right way.

Set myself a challenge of 500,000m on the Concept 2 rower for the 2020 season (runs 1/5/19 to 30/4/2) . Did the first 5k today in a modest 21.57.7 , well outside my PB , but at least it has got me started and only another 495,000 to go!!


Everyone alright?

Evening, fellas, just home from Goodison, knackered. Not a great day food wise. Didn’t get to the lunch place so just grabbed a couple of bits of quiche from the canteen. Got food on the train, was given two chocolate cookies but only had one.

Got to Goodison and decided as it’s the last game of the season, I’ll have a pie and if I’m honest, it wasn’t that great. Got home and there was half a small pizza in the fridge which I inhaled as well as a hash brown which I’m a bit disappointed about.

B: N/A
L: Quiche.
D: Egg and cress sandwich, Uglies chocolate cookie, banana.
S: Bombay vegetable pie, 1/2 vegetable pizza, hash brown.
E: Over 16k steps.
W: Over 6 litres.

I’ll be back in the zone tomorrow as I don’t want to gain or maintain even though there’s a break in the football. Going backwards even a small amount would be disappointing so need to remember that before stuffing my face.

Hope you’re all well!


Quiet day for me yesterday if you want to call it that. Up at 6am with the young one on her day off. Then went to beach for most of the day. Burnt to a crisp I am.
Fried egg bap in the morning with coffee
No lunch as we were out. Back home and had a Tesco choc ice thing. 130 cals I think so decent for the heat.
Dinner chips sausages with some beans. All recorded and under the daily limit.
even treated myself to a beer later on our balcony, As we will be off it when Ramadan starts and there will be none in the gaff.

No exercise only 3/4km stroll on the beach.

Let’s get posting folks.


11 a side again today. Planned to take it easy as the thigh has been niggling for 3 weeks now.

Tiger Balm, Deep Heat & covered more ground than ever…

Was rather reckless yesterday so need the weekend to make it up…


Alright all. Quiet day for me.
Swimming lessons with the child this morning and then a trip to the supermarket.

Was supposed to do nothing then decided on a spin class for 3pm. Good class and ready for another tomorrow.

Breakfast fried egg and 2 sausage bap.
Lunch chicken and cheese sandwich with crisps on the side
Dinner garlic Parmesan pasta.

Late snack. Chip butty as feeling hungry.

I’d say well with in recommended calories limit but over my own unofficial one.
Water 4litres


Need everyone posting lads otherwise what’s the point.
Good or bad days. Get on it


Made a balls of it today.

B: N/A
L: 2 cheese and cherry tomato bread rolls with mayo.
D: Stir fry with 2 eggs and sriracha hot sauce.
S: 2 hash browns, Yorkie bar, 3 McVitie’s Gold bars, Walkers cheese and onion crisps, 2 multipack Mars bars, 3 one finger Time Out bars.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres.


You & me both. About 3000 calories, partly because of football… Newcastle v Liverpool… oh well, what’s done is done.


Sorry I haven’t been posting much lads. I’ve just sort of fallen apart recently, I keep meaning to eat well and then something manages to stop me.
Yesterday all I had was a slice of toast and a foot long sub but was drinking near enough all day (bank holiday weekends I can’t help myself!!)

Now all I want to do is to eat my own body weight to cure this hangover. Does anyone have any tips to beat a hangover that doesn’t involve consuming a ridiculous amount of calories??


Drinking a ton of water then doing something to get a sweat on tends to work for me


Poor day on Friday, lots of snacks then a large steak at dinner time (in a steak restaurant, just couldn’t resist. Saturday much better though, at least from a calorie point of view. Was rushed off my feet all day so didn’t eat anything until 10pm when I had a small shish kebab. Not the healthiest option but under a 1000 calories for the day which offsets Fridays indulgence.


Scales checked this morning & still heading for a loss, just not as much as it could have been, I suspect.


Yeah, I couldn’t resist so I had a dirty big breakfast roll with brown sauce. So bad for me but tasted soooooo good.


Some good advice here. (First result on google)