10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 3 thread



10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 2 thread

Good week for me as I’m reporting a loss of 2.6lb. Calorie deficits and increase in activity has played its part here. Tracking everything. And I’ve not splurged. Hopefully with Ramadan this will keep dropping.
Leaves me 6.1lb down for the challenge.


Down 1lb and into the 200lbs category for the first time in forever! Not sure I deserve the loss after this week but I’ll take it, I was definitely on plan more than I was off it I think.

299.75lbs is the registered weight, hey 200s!


Well done. Well surprised at that. Good feeling isn’t it


Morning all, not a great day for me yesterday. Bread roll for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta bake for dinner, that’s all fine but added in a load of biscuits. Probably came in only slightly under TDEE. Oh well I will make sure today is better!


No one is more surprised than I am! Great feeling marred with guilt.


Can’t believe I managed a STS - weight and %body fat. So expected a gain!


Stayed same. Slightly disappointed as thought I’d done enough for a small loss.

Not to worry. Smashed the gym pre-breakfast this morning. Eggs, spinach and beans post workout. Whizzed up a protein shake for lunch later


Back to starting weight of 97.9kg after going up last week. Aim to keep in track now, avoiding a few bottles of beer at the end of the day is the focus for me this week. Last night was good but start getting urges around 9.00pm.


Weighed yesterday with a 1.1lbs loss.

Also found out this morning that I nailed my interview a few weeks ago, so looks like a job change will be taking place soon.

More money, on my feet moving a lot more.


Good work and congrats Darren


Is this free for anyone to join in? Think would be a good starting point before the 30 day group


Yeah work away. Have you urself in for a group.


Not yet, thought I would ease myself into it


Weighed in again, another gain. Not happy but then not really a surprised. Back on it again today.

Breakfast; Porridge and a banana
Lunch; cous cous with chicken
Dinner; salmon with new potatoes
Snacks; pretzels, few berries


I started in January and I’ve found these threads really helpful, definitely a good way in


Diet starts again 2moro i suppose. Gone abit off track


Take your time, @Biffa94. Get stuck in @Lisburn35, will be good to have you with us.

Evening, fellas. Bad day at work but back in the zone. Had clocked 18k steps before even getting to football so I’m knackered now.

B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette, beans, 2 veggie sausages.
L: Salad.
D: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, apple and peanut butter pot.
S: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, protein flapjack, protein milkshake.
E: Man v Fat football (over 27k steps).
W: Over 5 litres.

Off to bed, night lads!


Morning lads, not a great day yesterday, was doing fine until the evening when I just moved through all the food in the house. Going to get some healthy food in so that if I can’t resist a snack I at least have something to go to.


Woke up with rly bad cold. Am callin in sick 2 work. Just hope its the kind of ill what effects my appetite lol