10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 3 thread


Thanks mate. I will do that. Actually just watching a youtube thing about resisting sugar. (which is obv what I’m addicted to)

Overall I’m eating much healthier this year, doing a lot more steps a day and increased and varying my exercise. So it’s stupid to be ruining that potential weight loss by eating a mammoth lunch a few times a week. I’ve done it a few times after breakfast too, but not as often as I do with lunch. Have a perfectly good brekkie, followed by 3 or 4 biscuits. Extra pointless calories.


Don’t buy them if you can help it. I find that if I buy a multipack of something, I’ll eat the lot. If I buy one of something, that’s all I’ll have. Might help?


Very true mate. We’ve cut a lot of crap out of our weekly food shop, and my local shop trips (used to be several times a week) is down to 1, 2 at most. But needs to stop completely. I even tried making home made protein bars, but I’ll eat half a batch at a time rather than 1 a day


Evening or morning fellas as its gone midnight here.

Spin class in the morning which I struggled with. After a good class Monday the back had a slight twinge so I rested for a few days. Hard class but good.
Breakfast sandwich baps. Chicken and cheese. Prob my down fall as I’ve had maybe 3 baps a day for a few days.
Lunch sandwich. More bread

Dinner chicken and rice. Hit and spicy mix from a packet for the chicken.

Had to collect T-shirt’s for our walk tomorrow and they are like a pile of shite. They are like cycling jerseys only made a size too small for every size. Anyway we will be walking in the morning (sat) at 415am for mental health and suicide awareness. Darkness into light. Not sure if in Uk but I know there’s a walk in :ireland:
Collection was in a bar so a few cheeky Guinness beside the burj al Arab was in order.


Ah that sounds rly good stuff. I recently lost some1 that way. I suppose sadly its something so many of us will kno :frowning:


It’s too common lad. I used to read every other week of someone jumping in to the river in Derry and that’s just the ones we knew about. It’s the close ones that hurt. Lives in Dublin and found out a childhood friend of mine did it.
It’s good to talk.


Aye. Sorry 4 ur loss. It makes me so sad thinkin about it, i honestly never thought at just 24 years old i would of lost so many ppl who i knew or whatever. Its terrible. Course we dont get use 2 it, it dont get easier…but it almost stops suprising u when there so many ppl doesnt it :frowning: Society rly needs 2 do something n encouraging ppl 2 able 2 talk about it gotta b a good thing


Morning gents, slightly better day for me yesterday. Around 2500 calories, still not ideal but an improvement on the last couple of days, also enjoying my new weightlifting, aiming to keep that up 6 days a week, rest on Sundays. In other news, only 8 weeks now till the baby is due. Starting to feel pretty terrified if I’m honest!


Is it the first. Life changer as some will testify. But also the best time of your life.


Morning everyone. Bit of a bad day yesterday, had some cereal and toast before bed after nightshift, then ended up splitting a curry with the wife for dinner and eating a couple packets of crisps and a biscuit late in the evening (definitely my danger zone!). I never really gave too much thought to what I ate for meals so long as I didn’t snack in between and not eat in evening time but from reading all your posts I can see that ain’t really gonna cut it to shift this weight. Need to seriously up my exercise and plan my meals better!

Congrats on the impending baby, it’s scary alright but you find your own way!


What app are you using??


Cheers guys, yes indeed it’s the first for both of us. My wife is very relaxed about it all, Im a nervous wreck!


Lose It. Similar to My Fitness Pal, but I prefer this one.


Thanks will look into it!


Evening, gents. Heavy food day but still well within calories. Skipped breakfast to make up for the big lunch which I’ve no idea of the calories, but I’d expect to be under 1,000. Dinner was just over 900 so a good day was had.

B: N/A
L: Falafel, halloumi and hummus wrap with cheesy chips.
D: Crustless quiche, 2 mini vegetable samosas, 2 sweet potato and red onion bhajis, egg and potato salad with salad cream, Arla protein yoghurt.
S: N/A
E: Couch to 5k week 1 run 2 (over 19k steps).
W: Over 5 litres.

Might go out for a walk in a bit, don’t particularly want to be alone with my thoughts tonight. Have a good one!


Think me illness is passing…feeling alot better. Appetites back tho aw shame. Had cereal, 2 yogurts tuna sandwich, gonna hav chicken wrap , rice n salad 4 tea. Probs hav a cheeky few biscuits but not fags or peeve, not well enuf yet lol
Gonna try n hav abit walk 2moro ease back 2 exercise


So Sorry for the loses you guys are coping with. I know how tough it can be when it is still raw, PM
me if you want to - can’t promise to help, but can promise to listen an understand from my own recent experiences.

Good to hear a lot of you guys are feeling a bit better.

Soz for not being here again… seem to be on a 72 hour sleep cycle at the moment, which I can’t break… awake at 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc thru the night then feel like sh!t. Repeat twice. Then sleep like you are an Olympic sleeping champion. Repeat every 3 days. Tonight should be a sleeper(please).


Still smashing this week.
11 a side tomorrow, that will put a good dent in the calories. :+1:


And here we are @ 4am and still wide awake. Seriously getting fu*ked off with this. Gonna read some more. G’night guys.


Good morning :wink: been out and all doing our walk for suicide awareness. Started 430 and not long in the door. Around 7km