10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 3 thread


Nice one mate!


@Unimatrix0 I’ve suffered with sleep issues in recent years. Went on a course for it and the advice is to get out of bed after 15 mins or so, rather than stay there trying to sleep. Go downstairs, read a book or do something relaxing until you feel (key word) “sleepy” as opposed to tired. Then you go back to bed. Rinse and repeat. Hope that helps mate


Decent day yesterday. Average day eating but did over 15000 steps again and also a weights sesh in gym.

Off to do the food shop myself now, so I know it will be a healthy trolley


Sneak peek on scales and still heading downwards… :+1:


@Unimatrix0 one thing I can vouch for as well is green tea. I used to wake up a few times during the night but I literally started with green tea a few days ago and it’s really helped (and added bonus it supposedly boosts your metabolism so should help with weight loss)


Sorry I haven’t been too active on this recently lads. I have been busy but that’s not really an excuse. Main reason is the diet has been out the window so I haven’t even bothered (sorry again). I really need to push on as I’ve got my holiday in 4 weeks


And knackered…

That’s it for Saturdays until St James’ Park, 2 weeks from now…


@Chocoholic Thanks for that. I’ll give it a go.

@Josh Thanks. Do you know if it is only green tea? I have some mint tea which I like, but rarely drink, and I have some ginger tea which I hate (hence still half a box in the cupboard 3 years after sell by). I will try these first and add green tea to my shopping list.

I think maybe I should start using ear plugs again too. I stopped after I lost my partner 3 years ago thinking ‘there will be no noise in the house’… but I hear the central heating, the neighbours closing a bedroom door and the fecking church bell every 15 minutes. None of these things are loud enough to wake me, but each is enough to destroy the ‘almost dropped off’ feeling.


Sorry for your loss mate.

Ear plugs are good idea if the noises are stopping you dropping off. I swear by an eye mask and black out blind, especially with the lighter mornings. Also on the course they told us to get up at same time every single day. And that’s what I’ve done every day since


How’s everyone getting on this weekend? Staying on plan? I’ve had a lot of carbs but not too many calories overall (so far)


Gave in to chocolate, but the missus doesn’t know. M&M mini eggs were 50p a packet to clear…

In the scheme of today, all good still though. Had all meals for the day, played football 3 dog walks…


Evening, gents. Mixed day but still well within my TDEE (2,800). Roughly consumed 1,900 - 2,000 calories so pleased with that.

I got my tits out and went swimming for the first time properly in about 15 years! This is excluding the time I got pushed in a pool fully clothed when drunk in Lanzarote!

B: N/A
L: Jacket potato with cheese, beans and side salad.
D: Potato and egg salad with salad cream, jackfruit wrap.
S: 4 Krispy Kreme glazed bites, 1.5 filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
E: Over 12k steps, 30 lengths swimming.
W: Over 3 litres, 500ml Fanta pink grapefruit (sugar free), 3 black decaf coffees.

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the gym first thing in the morning for my induction, will aim to learn about weights and stretching before completing week 1 of Couch to 5k. Hoping that my left hip and right ankle aren’t too sore!

Hope you’ve all had a good day, gents. Make sure you’re posting even if you’ve had a shit day!


Morning all, terrible day on Friday, was already at my limit then had a huge Turkish takeaway. I had a much better day yesterday, stuck to around 1500 calories, aiming for the same for the next two days, will hopefully come in with a loss for the week and hit that 20 stone target.


Bet it feels good to be hitting the gym and pool again mate :muscle: it’s good for the mind too, so hopefully that’ll help as you said you had some bad stuff going on atm


You know when you do something stupid and you know it? Like sign up for a 6 a side team? WTF HAVE I DONE!! :joy::astonished:


I feel awful right now. Literally at the stage where my awful food choices and weight gain is affecting my mood. I’ve gained about half a stone in about a month when I was doing so well and my holiday is really close…
Why did I allow myself to ruin all this ffs
(Sorry for the woe is me post but I had to get it out)


Most of this is mental mate, honestly. The cravings for the crap food, then the guilt and feeling bad after, which leads to eating more bad food. It’s a negative cycle and a very hard one to break.

Good that you’ve spoken out, now time to break that cycle. I wish you luck buddy


Definitely, mate, cheers for that!


Evening, gents. Ended up walking 5 miles to the launderette as the buses were off due to Run Gatwick. Knackered now!

B: N/A
L: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, goat’s cheese stuffed peppers, apple and peanut butter pot.
D: Spicy tofu with rice, 3 pumpkin koroke.
S: N/A
E: One set of mobility and resistance programme, week 1 run 3 Couch to 5k, 5 mile walk (over 23k steps).
W: Over 4 litres + 1 alcohol free beer.

Calories will be well under the TDEE… I’m tempted to raise my activity levels in the calculation if I’m feeling particularly hungry now that I’m increasing my exercise. We’ll see!


I don’t do MvF Football these days.

But I do play Tuesdays, some Thursdays & some Saturdays.

What’s the problem?