10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 3 thread


Had my daily 10k steps done by 5pm after taking the dog over the local lakes.

Watched Liverpool win but ultimately fail to win the league, so put the unopened Moet away again for yet another year.

Did a 100g bar of Galaxy darker milk, will be over food calories for the day, under after the dog walks. To be honest, if this app was set to lose only 1lb a week, I’d be under the food calories still, so not too concerned. I know I am on course for a loss tomorrow.

I suppose I should be disappointed that I broke my chocolate ban but I’m not if I’m honest.

And for the entire week:


I played footie all my life - Every weekend (during season) for over 20 years. Plus mid week training and often 5 a side too. But stopped a few years ago due to ill health.

So the problem is I’m a stone and a half fatter than then, fitness terrible, and a few year older!


I’m 45. Sept 2017, you would have seen me gasping for oxygen after 10 minutes of a 5 a side match (my first MvF fixture). Compare that to yesterday, 90 minutes, nearly 6km covered.

You’ll be fine.


Nice one you’re doing well :muscle:

Thanks mate, just waiting to hear when first game is. Dug my long abandoned astros and shinnies out of the garage earlier, was a weirdly nice feeling


@Josh just allow yourself to feel it mate. It’s crap when you see things heading the wrong direction but you can turn it around again. This time last year I only had 7lb to hit target weight and then ended up putting 21lbs on again and I’m back at square one! Could literally punch myself but I’m determined to get back there, give yourself a set amount of time to feel disappointed and then make a conscious decision to put it behind you and start fresh :+1:t2:


Got the bike out tonight, had a pretty crap weekend of eating so not even gonna get into it but have at least finished on a positive with some exercise, can’t feel my legs and think I might vomit but it was good!


Cheers mate. Appreciate the support. I’ve been telling myself that although I’m not tracking I’m
still making the right decisions myself and then I looked at myself in the mirror, realised how fat I looked and also realised how much I’ve actually put on (2lbs a week isn’t too bad really until you realise it’s been for about 6 weeks and it’s about a stone)

I just hope now that I’ve actually written it down and admitted that I’ve gone off the rails, I can actually do something about it.


Hell yeah, lowest I got to was 98.8kg, still chasing my tail to get there, not even a healthy BMI when I get to that!


Have to say it, get tracking. You know it works.


I’ve never tracked before, anytime I wanted to lose weight before I cut out snacks but ate whatever I wanted for meals and nothing after 7pm and it usually worked. Metabolism is clearly dying as it’s not cutting it this time so I’m giving it a go, been using that app you suggested and it is scary to see how little food makes up your daily allowance and things you think are low calorie really aren’t!


I know mate but it’s just remembering to do it if you’re out and about, or if you’re given food at work or whatever and you can’t measure it, although it’s not ideal I use stupid excuses not to track and that’s how I start my downfall.


Evening all, pretty good day for me today, stuck to around 1500 calories I think (I’m staying at my parents so hard to track exactly what is going into meals). Also played a decent 9 holes of golf with my dad, nice gentle exercise, particularly if you’re as crap as I am and you spend half your time wandering through the trees trying to find lost balls. Not going to be with my scales tomorrow morning so weighing in on Tuesday. Good luck to everyone weighing in tomorrow!


Your daily allowance? Mine is 1798 until weighin tomorrow.

It’s easy to keep under it if you think about things. Here was my full friday this week, for example:
Breakfast 406 calories: Porridge with milk, peanut butter & a banana
Elevenses 161 calories: Banana & Kanzi Apple
Lunch 348 calories: Roasted red pepper & tomato soup, Black Forest Yogurt, French Fries crisps
Dinner 448 calories: Fish Pie & mushrooms in chilli flakes, Activia vanilla yogurt
Other snacks throughout day 422 calories: 2 packets of cheese curls, 2 Kanzi apples, Dairylea Dunker

Not saying I eat super healthy, but I like to eat quite a few times during the day… yet that is only 1785 calories… as I get lighter, the odd snack may have to go to stay under… some days I still have chocolate, probably because I’ve had a 200 calories salad or something… you basically need to look at what you can replace with a low calorie version, or what needs replacing completely.


Plan ahead as much as possible. I know the night before what I’m planning to have for lunch, or what similar (in calories) alternatives I can choose. I have a 2 week food plan full of food I like, the calories all written out. But if I deviate from that it’s fine, as I am scanning the app & can see how my day is going.

I currently work in a place where the chef puts home baking in reception. You just need to learn to say no, and I sometimes fail at that… oh well, 2 months from now I will have left for a job that will burn more calories… once I am used to the shift pattern I will revise my plan to fit.


A bit of a bizarre weekend for me.

Friday exercise was good (10 mile walk), food not so good probably over calorie limit and included pizza and red wine.

Sat/Sun no exercise either day and ate loads, but all ‘clean’ stuff - chicken, eggs, rice, bottled cook in sauce, 0fat yogurt, loads of fruit and veg.

Hoping for a ‘best of both’ tomorrow before tuesday w/i.


Daily allowance is 1900. I know that once I make real changes that is plenty to get a decent days food but I really have a crap diet to start with and am a fussy eater to boot so it seems like a big uphill climb.

My biggest issue is when I’m at work, I’m a paramedic so I literally eat whenever I get a chance and that’s not necessarily in the station so bringing stuff in to eat usually goes untouched. More often than not lunch is out of a service station 7 hours into a 12 hour shift and you’re lucky to get a dinner break at all so I get home 9-10pm and could eat everything in the house.

That being said I can definitely make improvements and exercise is gonna have to be a big part of it to make up for poor eating in work.


0.9kg loss for the week, 1.98lbs in old money.

Just over 7lbs for the challenge so far, might achieve this one!


Did a Body Pump class for first time ever this morning. I often lift weights so I made a rookie mistake of putting too much weight on the barbell thinking it would be easy! 3 sets of 8 with a minute rest is a bit different to doing dozens of reps non stop! Was the only bloke in a class of women too so that was a bit embarrassing. Good workout though, I was dripping in sweat after


I’ve 4.2lbs off which is great but then 1st week always sees the biggest drop so will be interested to see what next week has in store! Well done everyone!


Good start to a new week, raided the freezer for previously made food rather than a ready meal.

Opted for Oumph! Kebab this evening. As the calories overall were quite low, double up on veg in Hunters sauce too!

45 min walk around the local lakes again too…

Might have some low calorie ice cream before bed yet, but you get the drift.