10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 4 thread


New thread lads

10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 3 thread

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Congrats both on smashing those milestones today! Great feelings I bet! :trophy:

Really chuffed personally with my week’s exercise, eating and the result on scales today :slight_smile:


5.25lbs lost this week, happy with that! Weight is now 294.5lbs so I’m leaving the 300s behind and attacking the 200s with intent!


Now over my start on this thread by half a lb - not good but I’m back on it today.

Breakfast, Porridge
Lunch, Cheese & Pasta - snacked on a peperami

Not sure about the rest of the day yet - have a few meals I can choose from.


Weighed in today at 267.4 which was 1.5 down on last week. So 7.6 for the challenge. Target is 245 before end July so may get there see how it goes. Dominos on Saturday wouldn’t have helped but got back on it last few days and had a good deficit. Few spin classes also put me in the right frame of mind


That’s great, don’t know how you keep smashing it out every week, must take a lot of will power to stay that consistent!


No two ways about it, it does, mate. There’s no way I’m being a good boy every day, but everything is measured and accounted for. If I go over one day, I’m under for however long it takes to make up for it.

It isn’t easy with my head being wrecked for a number of reasons at the minute, however, I’m thankful that I’ve managed to form a number of habits which stick with me, even on the darkest of days.

Joining Man v Fat football has been such an accountability boost that it’s kept me in check since September. It’s genuinely changed my life.


Cheers for your words last week about my snacking. It’s stuff I obviously knew, but having someone else say it to you - especially someone doing so well on their own journey - has really helped.

I’ve probably halved the snacks I was having since then. Just by asking myself “do I need it?” and “is this good for me?” So thanks dude


Good to hear, mate. Really great news. Keep it up and you’ll get the results you want. :muscle:t2:


Yep good start on the scales this week. Was doing so many good things, with the exercise and nutrition, but in simple terms was still eating too many calories in those binges and snacks

Literally been taking stuff out of the fridge or cupboard, sitting down to eat it then saying “no” and getting up and putting it back!! :joy: :blush:


Love reading that, mate. Really do, it’s amazing and I’m proud of you!


And then along comes Darren with a crazy deficit for the day…

Oh we are so in the groove…


B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette, beans, 2 hash browns.
L: Soup, chickpea curry with rice and an onion bhaji, protein bar.
D: 2 packs of salt and vinegar chickpeas, 2 protein energy bars, protein milkshake.
S: 4 small bags of mini cookies.
E: Over 15k steps.
W: Over 6 litres.


Thanks my friend.

It is quite bizarre. I never thought I would get here - literally having some weeks where I have lost half a stone, others where I’ve gained as much (and shamefully more).

I have gone from XXXL t-shirts through XXL,XL,L,M and splashed out on a £1.80 T at Primark last week at S - it’s looking a bit big! Ditto trousers - 44, 42, 40, 38, 36. Now my 34s are hanging in the youthful way that drops to show my pants waistband (must upgrade my pants LOL). I do have 1 pair of 32s which are OK waist wise, but I fear if I sit down in them I may cut off my circulation - or something more critical :hushed:

I have learned so much about food, nutrition and exercise - I can’t believe how uninformed I was before… or maybe I just chose to ignore the information (LA LA LA I can’t hear you so it isn’t true).

Seriously guys, if I can do this you can all do this. Will try to find some ‘then’ pics (generally banned) to do a ‘then and now’.

Keep on it guys, you WILL get there.


Sorry been away boys but twin group posting kills me so now Team water is wrapping up and I head off on Tour to your part of the world in just over two weeks 31st to be exact . This group will take me close enough to that date .
So the challenge is on ! I need to drop almost 6lbs in 2 weeks and 2 days . Going to give it a crack because when I’m on Tour it will be eat whatever !
Although having taken up the running gig has helped amazingly and will continue to do that while on our trip .
Probably a good thing to get out early run around for 5km then walk all day . Should keep the waistline in maintenance mode while devouring Gelato etc .
Anyway sprint to the 27th


Good to have you back!


Good start to the week for me, stuck to what I’d planned to eat more or less. sandwich for breakfast, pasta for lunch and dinner, a few sweets as snacks. Not sure of the exact calorie count but definitely within my allowance of 2000. Also worked in a 2 mile walk and a weights session. Target for this week is just to hit my eating and exercise consistently, see if I can get close to an @atb88 result.


Ended up with a chicken curry type thing.

Need to stop the late night snacking - I start then I can’t stop, I don’t even eat dinner until about 8 so I can’t even be hungry…


Day is going well so far, protein shake for breakfast, pasta for lunch. Managed to fit in a 30 minute walk in my lunch break, now just need to avoid snacking this afternoon.


Breakfast, elevenses, lunch & dinner all accounted for. Will probably have a snack at some point in the evening but there’s room in the allowance!