10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 4 thread


Nice work lads :+1:

Another good day so far here. 3 long walks.
B - Toast and fruit
L - chicken roll for lunch (homemade, salsa instead of mayo) apple, pom bears.
Snacks- protein shake A.M, protein bar p.m.
D later - jacket spud with chicken and baked beans. Dark choc square for afters

Still aching all over from body pump class, but not as bad as yesterday, looking forward to long soak in the bath


That’s brilliant all those clothes size drops. Hope you kept an old set to compare to now? £1.80 t-shirt? Love it! Yep sounds like you need some sparkly new 50p primark pants now too :rofl:

I still can’t get my head around some of the fluctuations (half a stone or more a week) that some of you lighter guys experience. I seem to put it on steadily, but equally it only shifts slowly too. Put on an average of half a stone every year the past few years, and that’s despite me being mindful of the weight increase and cutting down etc.

Congrats again on hitting your goal mate :muscle:


Cheers mate.

Its just a shame it has taken me 55 years to get to the point where I can drop my trousers without wasting time on the buttons. Unfortunately this important life skill hasn’t been called for in living memory :rofl:

I think that this time I have finally learnt what makes me get fat (eating/drinking to much obvs) and have made changes that will hopefully be sustainable rather than in previous attempts where I’ve lost weight then gone back to my ‘normal’ routine. I can have pizza and whiskey, but maybe once a week instead of 3 times a week. I can pig out once in a while, so long as I ‘rebalance’ before/after.

I’ve learnt to cook healthy meals. I still struggle with portion control but at least now my plate is piled with chicken and veg, as opposed to chips (I haven’t used my deep fat fryer in 3 years). When I start to feel like I am losing it I go back to calorie counted ready meals. I genuinely feel in control for the first time and think I am ready to be released back into the wild (ie no longer ‘consciously’ thinking about it all, as it is now second nature).

Next target: Get me some muscles. Gotta say with all the walking my legs look 'kin gr8. But everything north has gone a bit south if you get my drift. And I’m of an age where my skin hasn’t yet forgiven me for being so stretched for so many years. Wrinkly arms and belly. Is 55 too old to aim for a 6 pack?


It’s handy when you’re taking an emergency poo.
My 36" waist trousers can do that now. :grin:


Change of plan tonight; opted for a hybrid of smokey chicken & prawn paella & added a batch of veg in sauce from the freezer.

Tops out the evening at 653 calories but still under 1500 for the day…

As Unimatrix just said, at least it’s piled with chicken & veg.


I have joined this thread today partially so for me the target is to drop 2 lbs by 27th May. Will post my calorie and exercise count tomorrow! Look forward to it.


Yep. Like yourself more sh!t moments than sh@g moments. C’est lavvy :rofl:


B: 2 brown toast with peanut butter.
L: Soup and salad.
D: Falafel and hummus wrap, potato and egg salad with salad cream.
S: N/A
E: Couch to 5k week 2 run 1 (over 20k steps).
W: Over 6 litres.


Seems like positive vibes all round yeah nice1
I had 2 apples, 6 rice cakes, 6 slice of wafer thin ham, 3 chocolate digestives, fish cips n peas (done at home not takeaway)

Gym sesaion. Was v hard cos its been quite hot, sweating cobs ah well


Speak for yourself, the missus wants to break records by trying for a playmate for the 8 month old. Don’t get much rest at night… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Make sure to record that activity on lose it🤭


I always record it as ‘active & vigourous’ too. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yesterday ended up not being as good as I’d hoped, ended up having a snack at the train station. Finished the day around 4/500 calories up. Having a 200 calorie breakfast for the next two days to get me back in line. Also hoping the weather holds so so can get some more walking in.


Okay - already 2.2 lighter, I guess because of adjustment of what’s in my system. Therefore will revise my target down to 209lbs (95kg) by 27th May.

Rather than putting what I have eaten at end of day I will put in what I plan to eat then see how I compare to that in a post at end of day.

B : Half cup bran flakes and semi skin milk (300)
L : 400 calorie salad (400)
S: Banana (200)
D : My wife cooks this and I don’t really want to constrain her… She does tend to be quite healthy anyway. It’s more an issue of quantity rather than quality. I just need to look at whatever she does and ask “how do I consume around 600 calories of that” rather than having two or three plates of it. Then avoid the snack fest that comes after dinner which can easily get to another 1000 calories which is my single biggest issue. (600)
S : Banana (200)
E : 3k run (-200)

Total Calories : 1500
Predicted deficit : 1500

That’s the theory anyway! Let’s see how it actually goes…


That’s great, sounds like a new healthy attitude towards food to me.

Yes mate perhaps you should now start to think about introducing more protein and some weight lifting/weight bearing exercises. So it’s about changing body composition now, rather than just shedding pounds. If you don’t know anything about macro’s I’d read up on that :slight_smile:


Sorry been MIA for a few days at work! Tried really hard to eat well though, planned ahead and took stuff in with me to avoid buying junk food and didn’t snack, which is just as well because I ended up making up for it at home in the evening! It’s a habit I can’t seem to break but at least I stayed within my calorie allowance. It’s just frustrating cos I’m easily adding in another 200-300 calories right before bed that I’ve avoided during the day, I need a good slap!


Survived the footie tonight. 30 mins of 7 a side. Doesn’t sound like much but I haven’t kicked a ball for 2 years! Left hammy a bit sore and right foot but otherwise okay :muscle::soccer:

Decent day of eating too

How are you boys doing?


Evening, gents. Not a great day but I enjoyed it and will work it off over the weekend.

B: 3 egg onion and jalapeno omelette with beans and 2 hash browns, protein bar.
L: Spinach and ricotta canneloni with garlic bread.
D: Ravioli with vegetables, sweet potato Sri Lankan curry with rice, half a blackcurrant cheesecake (very small portion).
S: N/A
E: Resistance and mobility programme.
W: Over 7 litres + fresh fruit juice.

Couch to 5k week 2 run 2 in the morning!


Looking for the record that says horsing :grimacing:


I went under the 19 stone for the first time in history now evaluating everything