10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 4 thread

Decided at last minute this evening to play football tonight as there was space.

Tempted to sneak a 200 calorie chocolate in but so far, so good. Had 2 pink & whites though, sweet fix @ 50 calories each.

Anyway, still going well.

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At 196 calories an hour, be better off going for a run :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So how things ended up…

B : Half cup bran flakes and semi skin milk (300) - great!
L : Chicken and rice (600)
S: fanta lemon (60), ginger beer (200)
D : Vegetable pasta (600)
S : Wine (200), Chocolate biscuit (200), satsumas (100), flapjack bites (200),
E : Did ■■■■ all!

Total Aciual Calories : 2460
Actual deficit : 500.

Hmm. So I still came under, but pretty massive difference from my plan and actual. I just can’t stop the snacks … think I need to build a fruit stash up in the house and take fruit to work too…

Plus carve out time for exercise.

Definitely worth switching to diet softdrinks, based on the above you’d save around 250 a day, half a pound a week, that’s nearly 2 stone over the year


Good day yesterday, stuck to my calorie goals, having a 200 calorie breakfast was a massive help with that. Also managed to work in a short walk and a weights session. Aiming to do the same today then stay sensible over the weekend.

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Predictably I’ve ignored my own advice and had a 500 calorie breakfast. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

As @JPLANT says - you need to bin the fizzy drinks mate. Swap for water, low cal squash or diet versions. Maybe set yourself a number of days you’ll have the vino too, Fri-Sun only perhaps. That will help too :slight_smile: You’ll be cutting out a lot of empty calories just with those 2 changes

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Injuries a bit sore this morning after footie, but surprisingly don’t ache all over as I’d expected. Think all the walking and gym work has helped prep me for it.

Slept terribly - probably the adrenaline from the game, so been craving carbs like a demon this morning. Had 3 biscuits after my porridge this morning, but stopped myself having more. Nothing since, and just whizzed up a protein shake to have at work shortly.

Afternoon all. Went a bit mad on the whiskey and coke last night so taking it easy today. No gym disappointingly but it’s on the plan for tomorrow. Weight is looking good and glad to say I’ve smashed the 10lb target with room to spare. At my lowest for years and broke into the 18stone yesterday. Uncharted territory for me as every lb lost is a new lowest weight.
Just had waffles with eggs this morning with some beans. I recorded as 500 cals but prob much lower than that


If you mean potato waffles… 2 of them will be 200 ish or more, 2 eggs about 150 & half a can of beans around 180… so possibly more than you think…

Yeah potato waffles. Was less than half can so calculations seem spot on.

So instead of using porridge sachets, bought a bag of rolled oats, used almost twice as much in weight & used more yogurt.

Why? To try & feel fuller from first thing in the morning.

So far so good…

Including this evening’s meal of a smallish fish fillet baked in chilli flakes, a flat mushroom stuffed with 50% less fat garlic & herb soft cheese, served with mushrooms, peppers, onions & tomatoes in a sweet chilli & pineapple sauce.

Still only 400 calories on the plate.

Think I’m going to give up on these challenges. I’m always here for support etc I just don’t have time to post on here every day.

It takes a few minutes to post.

Don’t give up, think of the long term health.

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Then post when you have time with a round up. Don’t give up, mate, you’ll thank yourself later.

Evening, gents. Hectic day today hence the lack of posting. Hit the gym this morning and smashed out week 2 run 2 of Couch to 5k. Found it really tough mentally and physically after yesterday morning’s resistance session, but powered on and got through.

Was going to avoid breakfast but was hungry so ate, I put the hash browns down though. Lunch was the best choice with not a lot on offer and dinner was just grabbed from the supermarket. Going to start packing tonight as I’m heading to Bulgaria on Monday. Need some headspace so can’t wait!

B: 2 fried eggs, 2 brown toast, beans, mushrooms.
L: Egg mayonnaise and salad on a brown baguette.
D: BBQ jackfruit wrap, sweet potato pakora salad.
S: N/A
E: Couch to 5k week 2 run 2 (over 20k steps).
W: Over 6 litres.

Scales weren’t looking good this morning but I’m not too fussed at the minute while I adjust to a new level of exercise. Plan is to hit the gym in the morning and maybe meet a friend later on, not too sure but I’ll keep the calories down as I’ll be weighing on Sunday due to the holiday.

Have a good evening, gents!

Appreciate the support guys but I don’t really think posting on here helps me that much (sorry to sound negative but that’s just me) I’ll stick around for the weight etc and post sporadically, still sticking with tracking myself though

Nice work lads. Don’t give up @Josh. Only takes a minute or 2 a day to post on here.

Had another good day until tonight. Missus (who never usually cooks) whipped up some amazing chilli beef nachos, washed down with bottle of beer and some chocolate. This was over an hour ago and I’m still stuffed.

Worst thing I’ve eaten in probably 8 or 9 days though so not going to be too hard on myself. Healthy break then gym tomo morning so all good

You need to get your head in the game again. You fell off now get back on. You’ve been posting a bit now you need to get that focus back. I’m sure there’s a few here who wouldn’t have lost weight if not posting. It’s the accountability that gets you. Reset and reboot.

Porridge with banana for brek. Weight sesh followed by few lengths of the pool. Then got half way home and the army had closed off the road. Chaos. Abandoned the car and walked 40 mins home to a protein shake!!! :rofl: