10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 4 thread

Anyone still out there?

Hey my friend! Was just about to type up the latest missive… about hating shopping on Saturdays, and Tesco’s right now.

Done pretty well this week - the occasional wobble (is that what an occasional table with a gammy leg does?) :rofl:

It seems all the mentalists are out on the road at the moment. You know those speed ‘calming’ f’koff metal and concrete posts they put up? So ‘princess’ decides to stop - having crossed the major road because she’s not good with judging size (shut up). Took several minutes to negotiate the obstacle then stopped dead. Her ‘sister’ was behind her and did the same. So now we have 2 cars behind her with nowhere to go because she got worried about the paintwork and they are blocking the exit to the real world (and the A30).

Tesco on the other hand is dropping prices to reflect it’s 100 years on the street (?). Did we have ristorante pizza 100 years ago - hey @ £1.20 don’t care I’ll take the last 2 pollo’s (thin base obvs). Kitkats 9 (2xfingers) bars for 90p (‘mint’ as well - LOL- best grab 2 packs of those then @ 10p a go! And then we get to the welsh cheese, and the scotch whiskey both on offer. Ba5tard5 -how dare you give me good deals on things I WANT when I so don’t ‘NEED’.

Soz guys. beaten by advertising again ;{)

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Busy day here and haven’t checked in all day even on group.
Treated myself to a baguette today at home with turkey and cheese. Felt full all day. Made some bolognese for the week so froze a few portions.
Prob my highest calorie day today for a ping time so I took myself to a spin class to burn off a few. Gave it a good go and now feeling good.
Nearly in the zone for more smaller T-shirt’s and I need a newer smaller belt. This weight loss malarkey is costing me money

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M8, don’t know how you manage to do so many classes. Good on’ya pal.

but ain’t it gr8 my friend???

I only have 1 pair of trousers/jeans that fit now… but luckily I have a hole punching ‘thing’ wot punches holes in belts. So ‘not punching above my weight anymore’ DOH!!! LOL

Yeah on the last hole of the newer belts I got.
The classes when I don’t run the wife everywhere for work are at a good time for me. I still do the 10.30 am ones when I can as the kid is at school til 1. I usually can only handle 3 in a row then I break for a day or two. Then I enjoy it too but I’m gonna change it up soon for body pump as I think doing weights would bore the sh!t out of me.

I know what you mean about weights - I got my weights bench out of the garage a year ago and set it up in the spare (computer) room. It is quite an efficient filing cabinet now. :rofl:

“I usually can only handle 3 in a row”. SERIOUSLY, mate that is great. I have tried various gym classes but wimp out before all of the ‘old’ ladies. WTF are they made of??

Includes the traditional tikka masala with half a naan this evening, even a chocolate bar, shhhhh

Went for a walk earlier only 3km but all helps.

Other thing is yesterday I noticed I was over a kg heavier than monday, this morning half a kg lighter than monday, that’s some fluctuation…

B: N/A
L: Jacket potato with cheese, beans and salad, 99 calorie puffed crisps.
D: Falafel and hummus wrap, egg and potato salad with salad cream.
S: Protein bar, 4 Krispy Kreme bites.
E: 45 minute swim and over 15k steps.
W: Over 3 litres + 3 black decaf coffees.

Been bad today, had cereal for breakfast and then McDonald’s for lunch with the kids :confounded:. On the plus side had two kids birthday parties and avoided cake and ice cream which is not easy for me, I’d happily die eating ice cream! Dinner was bacon and scrambled eggs and only snack was packet of 99 calorie crisps. No idea of overall calorie intake, I’d rather just put it behind me!

I’m always amazed at the amount of exercise some of you manage. I know they say it’s the oldest excuse but I never seem to have a minute to myself between work and the kids!

I have work. And an 8month old. I also own a PS4 and have been on it only twice in 2019. I have games that are still shrinkwrapped. That is what I don’t have time for.

When you have a dog, it needs walking. I play football tuesdays, some thursdays & some saturdays (but next weekend is last one, at St James’ Park). If I don’t have much football in a week, the dog goes jogging.

Do you watch tv? Get an exercise bike, pedal whilst you view.

Anyway, weightloss is 80% what you eat & drink.

Have a look at HIIT, 15 minute workouts which get the heart rate soaring and the sweat pouring.

Doesn’t sound too bad overall for a days intake. Don’t let that de-rail you mate

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Another big dinner last night, and choc after. Although not as big a meal, and only 1 bar of choc. So at least 600 calories less than the previous eve.

Porridge and berries this morning and a lot of gardening/mowing lawn. Planning on eggs for lunch. Don’t want to ruin a whole week’s progress with a couple of bad evenings at the weekend.

B: N/A
L: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, apple and peanut butter pot.
D: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, vegan chickpea wrap, nutty cocoa bircher.
S: N/A
E: Couch to 5k week 2 run 3 (over 18k steps).
W: Over 4 litres + 1 black decaf coffee.

Things are looking downwards which is always good. Spin class this morning I didn’t think I’d get to so good start to the day. Should have good choices today.
Challenge ends next week shall we continue for summer.
Pick a date

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So after three good days to start the week I’ve then lost all discipline, ended up 4 pounds up on last week as of this morning. Feel utterly disgusted with myself. We pick ourselves up and go again. I’m definitely up for another challenge, one date that is coming up that’s meaningful for me is 5th of July which is when my baby is due, but happy to aim for whenever.

Well that went well. Planned to get to the spin class but car ended up with a flat battery so that derailed all morning plans. Gonna try get one in this evening that’s not in the schedule. The joy of virtual classes

Fight back underway, 250 calories of fruit and veg for breakfast.

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