10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 4 thread

Attended a party sunday afternoon, didn’t go too mad on the buffet & wasn’t drinking anyway.

Now have manflu, barely managed to get dressed this morning after sleeping for 12 hours solid.

Forgot to step on scales, will do it in the morning…

Weighed in Friday morning and was on for a very good number (for me) this week. Weighed this morning and not! 3 bad evenings eating in a row. Very frustrating as eaten and exercised perfectly otherwise all day, all week. Yet 3 bad meals/puds ruin it ffs.

Anyway, great day again today so far, and let’s see what the scales bring tomo:
B - Porridge, almond milk, berries
Sn - protein shake, small banana
Lunch - egg and bacon (fat trimmed) seeded roll, pom bears, grapes, peanut butter protein bar
Sn - 3 sqaures dark choc
D (later) - homemade chicken curry
Pud (later) - dark choc or nothing

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Evening, gents. Fairly good day although my choice for lunch was a bit suspect. Under 500 calories though so I’m not worried.

B: Egg mayo and cress bagel, 2 protein flapjacks.
L: 2 Kitkat chunky.
D: Soup with croutons, salad with feta, stuffed pepper, rice, mashed potato, small slice of pizza, sauteed potatoes.
S: N/A
E: Over 12k steps.
W: Over 4 litres + 3 alcohol free beers.

Will be hitting the hotel gym in the morning!

Evening everyone! Breakfast was shreddies, lunch ham and chicken roll (those low calorie ones!) Dinner was some chips from hospital canteen (ironically the lowest calorie option on the menu!) And snacked on a KitKat and two packets 99cal crisps. Not too bad for me on a work day, scales in the morning! Night all

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FGood luck on the scales today lads. Those that are still here. I know we’ve a few that are on the weigh in thread so good luck for the last week

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