10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 5 thread

@Darren_Welch you will probably find if you get on scales tomorrow it’s a different story, I was 217lbs one day, after a lot of carbs that day was up to 220 and after one clean day back to 217 again?!? But you’re right, a loss is a loss and you’ve done great!

@Chocoholic I’m dreading the first week I lose nothing because I know it will make me want to eat everything in sight! It will come good in the end, don’t give up :+1:t2:

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Good day yesterday, finished on 1750 calories, scales moving in the right direction again.

Thanks mate, I’ve had weeks where I’ve not lost anything or even gained, but they didnt affect me like this week. Because this week I ate really well and did some exercise and sports that I’d not done in years or ever. So was hoping for a good loss. Cheers for the support, hopefully I’ve “lost inches” instead lol!

I’m a way off that yet mate. Would love to lose a stone from here, but if I could shift 10lbs as an end goal (and maintain it) I’d be very happy with that

Missed breakfast after getting up late.
Made up for it with a sweet chilli chicken bap from the butchers. Not had one for ages…

Looks bloody good, what do you reckon it comes to in calories?

Chicken breast sliced into 3, grilled, sweet chilli marinade, some spicy mayo, salad, all in a large bap. I estimated 600 calories.

Tuna salad this evening & yogurt. Decent day still.

Good day today, did an hour’s cycling before afternoon sleep as on night shift tonight, just need to avoid snacking all night :crossed_fingers:t2: I’ve allowed for a decent bowl of shreddies to keep the hunger at bay

Skipped breakfast
Lunch - Ham Bagels (New York bagel thins are a godsend!)
Dinner - chicken stir fry
Snacks - bag of 99cal crisps

Evening, gents. Hit the gym for the first time after racking up 12k steps on the excursion. Smashed Couch to 5k week 3 run 1, really felt good doing it even though there was no air conditioning in the gym.

I think I’m eating too much which is always a hazard with a buffet restaurant, but my portions aren’t over the top so I’m hopefully still under my TDEE. We’ll find out on Tuesday I guess!

B: Cereal with milk, 2 fried eggs, tomatoes, beans, French toast, small bread roll, slice of bread.
L: Tomatoes and cucumber with grated cheese, soup and a bread roll, risotto, strained yoghurt with jam.
D: Salad with cheese, soup, slice of bread, small slice of pizza, mushroom stew, potato stew, deep fried potato ball, ratatouille, pasta.
S: N/A
E: Couch to 5k week 3 run 1 (over 19k steps).
W: Over 5 litres.

Might skip lunch tomorrow as I’m half board so that should make it easy enough. Hope you’re all keeping well!


Went a little over yesterday, had a friend round in the evening and cooked oven fish and chips, turns out they were surprisingly high calories. I’d been good before that though so certainly under 2500 for the day. Aiming for 1750 for the next few days to get back on track.

We have a ’spinathon’ at work today which I’ve decided to sign up for, I’ve no idea what to expect but I think it’s something to do with cycling. Anyone done one before?

I do spinning but not that but from what I know it’s a spin bike relay between all the staff doing x amount of minutes each

Ok folks. How are we getting on. Bit quiet round here recently. Group sometimes takes up a lot and life so try get on when I can. What do we want to do from 27th. Any ideas? Anyone want to implement anything they learned from groups @ANT how are you getting on? Big trip soon

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Turns out it was a full spin class which was great! Enjoyed it so much I got talked into doing a second session straight after… it was grim. Overall though definitely a great workout.

I’ve found these groups really helpful so would be keen to do another. Half a stone by midsummers day (24th June) or would people rather go longer?

I’m feeling down about my weight to be honest and just eaten crap recently. Not going to take part in the new group because I’ve got my holiday in a few weeks, a little over a stone over where I would’ve liked to have been though :angry:

I start my new job 22nd July, so maybe an 8 week challenge to there?

Hoping to get down to 90-95kg by then…

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Ok I say July as this one was over quick enough. @Josh use this as a springboard to get that mojo back. It’s the accountability that gets us there or get urself into a group. Reset and move on. You’ve ur holiday to lose it for.

Are we happy enough how we are doing it? Not even sure we can change it anyway. same format for all the challenges.


Congratulations :+1:t2:

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