10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 5 thread

100% mate I’ll get in a group once I’m off my holiday. My problem is if it’s the week before a bank holiday because there’s no weigh in on the Monday I’ve lost my accountability.

You need to be accountable to yourself, mate. Relying on others isn’t going to get you results. It’s a hard truth that I’ve had to learn.

B: Cereal with milk, scrambled eggs with peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes with cheese, beans, Bulgarian egg thing, two small slices of bread.
L: N/A
D: Salad, egg, slice of cheese, rice stuffed vine leaves, small slice of pizza, carrots and cauliflower, potato wedges, roasted pepper with tomato sauce, 4 tiny cakes.
S: N/A
E: Over 24k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

It’s a lot of food but activity levels are still up and the portions of everything were small. And I’m on holiday!

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Been a while since I posted food porn.

Chicken & coconut adobo with a little helping of vegetable rice. 340 calories.

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Getting there . Wont get 10lb but closer to 7 . Head off in exactly a week and 4 hours ! .

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The excitement. :grimacing:

Really pleased with how yesterday went. Not only got through the double spin class, also managed to stick to just 1750 calories. Cheeky look at the scales this morning, on course for a good loss if I can keep it together over the next three days.

I’d say you had a good calorie burn yesterday.

Cheeky look this morning had me down another lb. lots of food this morning already as was up early travelling. 2 chicken baps then some food from a petrol station on the way back. Should be ok til dinner but pizza has been mentioned. I’ll have to get that idea out of the way. Then i prob have the room for a few slices with a few days to recover from it.

@Bubba1966 you still with us and the rest.

Sorry mate.

I hadn’t checked the w/i thread (honestly it keeps disappearing more often than ‘brigadoon’) - I thought we were both pretty much there.

My ‘smart phone’ isn’t that smart. You have done so well though. Stick with it pal, you WILL get there :grinning:

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B: Cereal with milk, French toast, 2 poached eggs, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, roasted vegetables, 2 small slices of bread.
L: N/A
D: Salad, cheese, rice with vegetables, baby potatoes, carrot mash, mushrooms and onions.
S: Pombear crisps.
E: Couch to 5k week 3 run 2 (over 14k steps).
W: Over 4 litres + 5 alcohol free beers.



Popped to the shop for lettuce, came back with
300g mushrooms for 10p
Cherry tomatoes 10p
3 red onions 9p

Love a bargain me, even if I have to do some unplanned cooking.

So anyway, added 4 cheap chicken breasts from freezer, approx £1.40 worth & a 75p jar of spanish chicken sauce from the cupboard…

4 portions in freezer for less than 65p each.
Calories less than 250 calories a portion.
Maybe serve with rice but for now they will head to the freezer…

Oh and tomorrow, we play 11 a side at St James’ Park!


Terrible day yesterday, was going ok until the evening then I ended up eating a load of wraps and houmous. Finished around 750 calories over my TDEE. Need to make it up over the next couple of days before weigh in.

Evening all. Few beers last night winding down so woke up a bit worse for wear this morning

Breakfast ended up with a chicken bap.

Lunch I didn’t have any as wasn’t hungry so decided on an early dinner. Chips sausages mushy peas and a fried egg.

That’s it for the day. May have some goodies later or a beer while winding down with a film. Checked the scales today and slightly down.

Tried on some of my bag of clothes I have and got another few fitting T-shirt’s and smaller shorts. So it’s been a good day.
Hoping to hit 260 this week then the next one is 250, Which could be end of group or next one.

Great news my friend! I have to say I don’t have a ‘bag’, I have 3 'kin bedrooms… all the clothes in all the sizes… All ‘so last century darhling’ :rofl:

Bored sh!tless so might do something ‘funfashionable’ …

B: 2 poached eggs, pepper tortilla, a slice of Bulgarian egg and cheese bake, beans, roasted vegetables, tomato and mushrooms.
L: N/A
D: Salad, coleslaw, cheese, stuffed vine leaves, piperade, vegetables, mash, wedges, rice with olives.
S: Caramel and peanut chocolate bar.
E: Couch to 5k week 3 run 3 (over 14k steps).
W: Over 5 litres.

Pretty good couple of days, 21k steps today and deficit of around 1500 calories for the week so far from allowance. Really hoping to hit 215lbs or lower this week :crossed_fingers:t2:

Decent match at St James’ Park. We won 6-3 which statistically means I am better than Alan Shearer as I have never lost a match at St James’ Park.

You know, I thought I had done OK getting down to large size, but looking at today’s match pics I still look as fat as ■■■■.

1kg a week for the next 8 weeks is the aim now.

Dear Uni, well done on the weight loss. I joined in 2015 but suddenly realised that I have never looked on the site since then.
You have lost a lot of weight in your journey. I am the same weight and waist size I was in 2015 last time I checked so looking for inspiration again. well done you for 12 stone. Mark

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